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January 5th, 2015

Page 455

Happy New Year guys!  Looking forward to 2015 (it ends with all day kindergarten for the twins, my freedom is approaching!!  Perhaps a bit early to count down the days.)  New Years at the zoo will bring yet more strife; hopefully Pro has a good stash built up.  Don’t forget to follow the comic on Facebook; there’s tee designs, previews, and the title card for the next arc always goes up early.

We almost had a green Christmas, and New Year’s, but thankfully a winter snow/ice/freezing rain storm blew in and fixed that :P  Now I just have to figure out which of my awesome neighbours snow-blowed my driveway for me.  They’re sneaky whoever they are…

Vote incentive: having fun with old (and new again) anime (because this always bugged me about Sailor Moon’s character design).  Also available on a shirt from Neato.


  1. superchocoblue

    EVIL. I CAn’T.

  2. superchocoblue

    And happy New Year to you and your family as well, Allison!

  3. RaRock The Phoenix

    Oh yay, All go crazy again, but this Time it is more
    pure Manly-Stress.
    I hope they have Chance to de-stress therselfs ^^

  4. Shenny

    Prozac’s anger…I can’t read what or why. Mad at Lech for being a dick? Mad at the girls and Gay for putting Lech in that mood?

  5. NAZF

    …Who’d of though Evil was into that sort of thing! XD

    Happy New Year! :3

  6. Chris

    The Drama!

  7. T-Shaw

    Really Evil? And happy new year Alison.

  8. EatingFurniture

    @Shenny; probably Lech’s anger. He’s fine until Lech strikes out.

    Ultra derp from Tanked in panel 7. And I love Evil here!

  9. rugibess

    @NAZF he probably like the color red for obvious reasons

  10. Quant

    Ahahahaha, Evil, you so… LOL :DDD

  11. chase

    @Shenny; he seems to be watching everything that’s going on and gradually growing more and more displeased with everyone’s behavior; Evil just plain scaring the girls, Tanked and Nerd totally crashed the whole picnic and ruined the food, and now Lech is being a loud brute to everyone.
    All in all, not much different from the usual, but I think he was hoping to give a good impression to the girls.

  12. Glowworm

    I lost it when Evil wanted his nails painted–of course he wants them to be blood red.
    Also, that’s a good question about Sailor Moon–why has nobody stepped on her hair or tripped over it? Then again all some of the Scouts fight and run about in high heels.

  13. Alister

    When Evil finds a situation that’s already been screwed over well, he doesn’t go for overkill, just to make things even more uncomfortable I guess.

  14. Erin

    So did your neighbors help your driveway or make it impossible to get out of it? Little confusing when you call them awesome and yet you wanna track them down.

  15. TaggertShare

    Well, Gay is doing a Face Palm. Cara is crying (maybe she needs a Bear Hug). Sara looks Pissed Off, Evil may have found another way to tick her off. I guess she has no Foot Paw Fetish. Lech is acting like any Alpha Male after not getting their way. (My latest Fanfic which will soon be Published deals with Alpha Males and Females). Looks like
    Crack is getting Flipped Off, Nerd is getting the Heck outta there. Vanity is in the wrong place at the wrong time. I guess things are back to normal!

  16. Urago

    Poor Cara.

  17. Michael Sirius

    And so, we were right. Lech was totally jealous of the girls stealing Gay, I mean look at how pissed he is.
    @TaggertShare alpha male not getting his way is only half of it. On another note, more about this fanfiction…?
    Guys, Evil’s not trying to be sinister, he’s just getting in touch with his feminine side

    P.S. Happy (Belated) New Years and Merry (Belated) Christmas Alison

  18. Dire

    Lech smashing the book from Vanity’s hands is particularly hysterical to me.

  19. TaggertShare

    @Michael Sirius: I have had Poems and Stories published under the Pennames TaggertShare and taggertro.
    My latest Care Bears Fanfiction Story is “Lost Without You”. A while back a Reader asked if I could show a little more sympathy for Harmony Bear, one of my least favorite Bears. (I love Surprise Bear and Share Bear.) Harmony and Brave Heart were often depicted as Alphas. I used that as an element in my latest Story.

    My most read stories are “Good Luck’s Wish” and “Understanding Grumpy”. The most blogged one is “Grizzle’s Fall to Grace”. I wrote in a masturbation scene just to see how many complaints there would be about a Care Bear doing that. To date not one Person in any Country has complained! Parts of that Story have been Quoted and Misquoted in some strange places Online.

    Lately my Stories have been getting a lot of “Hits'” in China. Hard to believe. Below is the Link for “Lost Without You”.

  20. superchocoblue

    Lech is having a BF.

  21. EatingFurniture

    Poor Vanity, he isn’t involved in any of this. Crack was at least in the spy group. This is the only appearance of Vanity in this arc and he’s having a book smashed out of his hands. Also, while checking on who was in the spy group, I realized that Tanked just appears on page 448.

    I also feel bad for Nerd. Him and Gay are the only ones really giving them much of a chance (to be shown so far, that is. Death, Gimpy, and Vanity might still support them), and while Gay’s been relatively successful, Nerd’s attempts have just failed. He made the mistake of hanging around with Tanked, who is now back to being a barfing ultra derp.

  22. Vausch

    I know I should be expecting Cera to cry without much provocation but her expression in her last paenl is just so adorably sad. Like, it’s gone just past the overemotional moment and it’s at legitimate sadness now because everything just went to hell so quickly.

  23. Urago

    I just wonder if Alison will make a The Origin of Cara and/or Sara in the future.

  24. Michael Sirius

    Have you seen the new title card? It’s a Gimpy chapter I’m so excited

  25. Cam

    I think the girls are rethinking about staying. Haha XD

  26. Timni

    oh my god lech shut up

  27. Faiz

    What’s gotten to Evil again? And as for Lech, it’s his jealousy again; but uh-oh! Prozac’s popping a vein again! Hide everyone! HIDE!

  28. Faiz

    @Urago, not to forget those, whose origins weren’t yet revealed. I mean look, Gimpy’s origin( it woulb be like he’s always a captive and bound animal), Death’s origin( his would be debatable like his origin lacks logic like how can he ‘numb’ whatever he touches), Crack’s (could be they drugged him), Vanity’s( maybe his ‘endangered’ status will explain), Lech & Gay’s(might be an interesting one like perhaps those two are really bickering brothers) and those two sisters( oh I dunno about those two).

  29. Michael Sirius

    @Faiz, I really do hope Lech and Gay aren’t bickering brothers because of Glech. However a joint origin story sounds fantastic

    Alison, could you make Lech an Gay’s origin story joint together? Because now that I think of it, it sounds like a fantastic idea and something I’d really want o read

  30. EatingFurniture

    @Faiz: With Death, it’s basically like he’s static-charged. It would explain these too:

  31. Nikary

    Evil just wants to humiliate Sarah by making her do his toeclaws.

  32. sherlockxjohn8karkat


  33. EatingFurniture


  34. Hikaru

    Wow. Honestly I hated Sara so much I wished she was shipped away the next day. Now, looking at the story development, I want them to stay, especially since were seeing Lech react this way :3

  35. Raulity

    I dont know about you guys, but i see the origins of lech incoming xD

  36. sherlockxjohn8karkat

    @EatingFurniture NO EVIL STAHP ;-;

  37. Bry

    my, my seems like Gay giving the girls his special muffins really threw Lech for the loop there~ ;P

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