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December 1st, 2008

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When I was little I wanted a pony… and electro magnetic powers.


  1. 12345

    I really do love this comic :D. Art work is great, characters are made very well (evil bear rox :P). Keep up with the good work , I hope to see many more episodes :P. BTW is it only me or death bear in the last panel looks a little bunny-like ?

  2. Dani


    That is fanstastic! And I just love how Drunk Bear looks back and forth between the two, kinda like a dog when they know they’re being talked about… and maybe it’ll end with him getting a treat. lol

  3. paula


  4. Steve Bear

    Death is awesome!!!

  5. Ian

    I think that Evil has presented the best argument to Nerd’s complain. The 2nd frame of the last line is great.

  6. Nastee

    Damn… that glass must hurt. Guess they should’ve put a helmet on his ass too.

  7. King Todo

    That was pretty sweet.

  8. Blue

    I love Tanked in the bottom panels.
    Great comic!

  9. Mickel

    Death Bear will rule you all!

  10. Aubrie

    I wonder how Death Bear got electromagnetic powers. o_O Lost a fight with an abandoned microwave?

    Tanked’s expressions are effin’ hilarious in the bottom panels. xD

  11. Kimra

    I introduced this to a friend… and they think there should be plushies of them! I want Bear Nut plushies now.
    I shall dream of them.

  12. BloodyTrollop

    I ask for a pony every year ever since I was 3 and santa has yet to deliver…. I also asked for world domination … and a cookie… damn fat man never shares

  13. BloodyTrollop

    P.s. I love how only Aubrie questions deaths powers…. everyone else just excepts deaths awesomeness… I like to think death learned to talk to technology due to the over whelming need for an intelligent conversation

  14. L

    I just love this whole page! Keep up the good work!

  15. £Ø§Ð

    Yea…uhh…How in the… Never Mind. I guess Some things are better left un Said.

  16. Q

    The panels with Death staring into the camera and the camera dying should be a 4 panel poster.* That’s epic.

    Also, the argument on the bottom row between Evil and Nerd is rofl.

    *Merch suggestion.

  17. Nastee

    I thought about Death’s powers too, but like other things, it can’t be explained. Why does Evil have horns? Whatever. Who cares. :)
    All I know is what Tanked should get as a christmas present. An ass-helmet. Ass-helmets for everyone! And cookies!

  18. Sarah

    whoa… GO DEATH BEAR! .. if you ever DO manage to make plushies of the bears you should totally put LEDs into his eyes XD

  19. Kristen

    I would love to see some wallpapers. I would decorate the hell out of my computer with them.

  20. admin

    ‘Ass helmets for everyone’ is epic. Thanks for the laugh Nastee :D
    You guys will have to wait for an explanation of Death’s electro powers until I can get around to doing his origin comic… sorry! I definitely don’t endorse sticking your head in a microwave though, but it’s definitely an intriguing idea…
    Sarah – LEDs in the eyes is yet another awesome suggestion; you guys are all so creative :D

  21. Peter!

    Oh I love this comic. Definitely didn’t realize that Death had crazy powers. I can’t wait till you publish this as a comic I can buy!!

  22. Uni

    I was wondering about first panel, where Death puts his hand on Evil’s shoulder, since in Bearbios it says “Death’s strange ability to numbanything he touches with his ‘tingly death touch’ causes the other bears avoid him.” So I guess it’s not an automatical reaction like I expected. Oh well, still, great comic. I really like Death’s glowing eyes screaming of doom.

  23. Q

    Evil should be the one with red LED eyes in a plush. Death would fare better having something else, like the skull on his belly glowing.

    Unless Evil had red LEDs and Death had white ones. That would be awesome.

  24. sasukewuff

    Evil’s reaction to the shattering of glass in the 8th panel is classic… And the ‘death stare’… I can only imagine what will become of anyone on the receiving end of that who ISN’T electronic..

  25. jakethelastninja

    OMG! :O MORE! love this comic!

  26. qtsushigirl

    I think they actually make a really good team… I predict the mission shall be successful. :3 With all sorts of funny mishaps.

  27. Kylie Ann

    I laughed so much I cried at the “argument” between Evil and Nerd. Excellent as usual!!

  28. Scourge90

    Truly this is the most fantastic of comics, the amount of humour conveyed by the art let alone the words makes it “The Daddy”

  29. admin

    Thanks again for all the awesome feedback guys! It always makes it even more enjoyable to work on these pages knowing that people actually look forward to them :D

  30. RagingDragon

    I definitely wouldn’t wanna be on Death’s bad side, if he has one. >.>;

  31. nigel the great


  32. Smoketrix

    Deaht Bear is the Truth, i thought he couldnt touch anyone though

  33. Woden

    Is it just me, or does Tanked in the lower left panel look exactly like the Pokemon Slowpoke?

  34. Mara

    Aww, he’s got glass in his butt. Poor guy. But still, he’s hilarious in the last few panels!

  35. Shadow

    speaking as some one who does carry a high electrical charge (enough to have a flash light on when its in the off positon and battery-less) I would love to learn that trick of death bears =D

  36. iknewthat

    “ass-helmets” – they make those now. saw one at the toy store downtown. o_O

    Nerd’s “I’ve already conceded this point, haven’t I” – yes, yes you have. XD

    DEATH BEAR STARE!! more effective than a Care Bear Stare. ^.^

  37. zombie matt

    death bear is a badass

  38. Rockah12

    How did death do that?
    Also, Tanked is so adorable.

  39. Rockah12

    Considering all the crap Cartoon Network has on there at the moment, this fits like a glove. Then again, you COULD just make it a show on Current. Is Current a channel in Canada?

  40. EJAK5199

    Look at Lech’s cheesy ass smile through the broken glass :D

  41. Kat

    OMG! Crack bear is going to be in HEAVEN!

  42. J.C.

    I have a feeling that it will be awhile before we find out about what’s Death’s deal (mostly his electromagnetic powers).

  43. Camolot the Creator

    I wonder what other abilities Death is hiding.
    Probably access to hammer space; I mean, where else would he store his scythe?

  44. Mvilu Uatusun

    Well, if you’re going to throw someone throw a plate glass window, it should be the most brain damaged one in the group. Right?

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