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November 28th, 2008

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Helmets are mandatory in my province if you’re under 16! (I wouldn’t want to be accused of promoting unsafetyness… though I do seem to be promoting the improper use of words).  A few posts ago someone mentioned they could picture the bears throwing rocks through windows… I had to laugh :D  Evil is a little more creative than that.

If you missed it click back for yesterday’s bonus Thanksgiving post-bring on the holidays!  Now I have to go shovel my driveway.


  1. Aaron T.

    xD Whoopsadaisy, there goes Tanked, leading the way into the world of happy pills. 8D

    Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving Day, I know I did. :]

    Did ANYONE else get Rickrolled during the parade in the morning?

  2. Kylie Ann

    There is something seriously wrong with the happiness on Lech’s face as he and Evil throw Tanked through the window.
    And poor Crack bear, he ated his hands.
    Did anyone tell Tanked what the plan was? Poor little bear. I’m assuming something happened to Nerd’s glasses, because they’ve been missing for a little while.

  3. CyberCorn Entropic

    That’s going to make for an interesting news headline. “Drug Store Raided by Midget Bears – Security Camera checked into rehab.”

    Kylie – Somehow, I don’t see telling Tanked the plan would make much of a difference. Does he even hear the other bears, much less understand what they’re saying? It does seem to make him an excellent battering ram – er, bear.

  4. Peter!

    hehe.. Tanks face is very funny in the last frame

  5. Nastee

    Hahahah, it was me mentioning Evil & bricks. Glad I actually gave you an idea. :)
    Tanked seems sort of confused while they strap on the helmet… I wonder why Evil bothered with it, would be more natural for him to just launch him through with no concern.
    Crack bear is not comfortable with that. He just wanted a cookie. :D
    Yeah, and what about Nerd’s glasses?

  6. paula

    they are the cutest

  7. Ian

    Every strip makes me almost fall from my chair from laughting…

    Evil is the best.

  8. £Ø§Ð

    Tank’s Expression of, “Ummm, I dont Agree with This” is blissful.

  9. Bastardo_Kamonohashi

    Considering Evil Bear’s standards you have to give him some credit for providing a helmet for tanked at all…

  10. admin

    Nerdy’s glasses will generally come off when he’s outside their little cave, or Evil broke them, or I got tired of drawing them as they sometimes obscure the expressions I’m going for.
    Plus to give Evil some credit, as Bastardo mentioned, he’d never actually try to permanently damage T… at least any more than T has done to himself. I wonder if a bear’s liver is stronger than a humans?

  11. Wolfie

    i love nerdys tuck and roll advice lol

  12. Q

    The expressions in the 3rd-6th frames are just absolutely hilarious. Tanked ALMOST looks sober in frame 4.

    I’m so glad I came across this.

  13. Kylie Ann

    Admin – ah, okay then. I figured that was the case. He just doesn’t look very nerdy without them.

    And of course Evil Bear would give Tanked a helmet. He’s his number 1 “play-pal”. Nerd Bear is number 2. He wouldn’t risk actually hurting him beyond repair.
    I think he actually has a soft spot for Tanked really. It’s like that saying about little boys/girls at school, “you throw rocks at/pull hair of/tease a person you really like just to get their attention” – LOL. Evil would be lost without Tanked. In fact that’d be a storyline I’d like to see – Tanked actually gets sick (possibly from something Evil may have done/given him) and Evil has to deal with Tanked maybe not getting better. But of course in the end everything will be alright and they’ll all go back to normal. You can’t have a huge deviation in Evil’s character for too long. That’d be wrong.

  14. felixmarcus

    Tanked’s rare expression of near-sobriety in the fourth cell just made my day! *click* “Wait… what?”

  15. Kristen

    Those final four panels are PERFECT!!!!!!

  16. TwistedInside

    I don’t think the “tuck and roll” works so well when being flung through a window… someone tell T that before oh nevermind

  17. Charlie

    I didn’t get the expression “tuck and roll” properly :/ my first language is portuguese, you see…
    and sometimes the dictionary just won’t help me out! nhe. but T’s expressions there made the joke anyway :P

  18. CyberCorn Entropic

    Kylie – I think you’re right about Evil and Tanked. The thing about evil characters is not that they don’t care. They do care about whatever it is they’re being evil about, but they show it in twisted ways.

  19. qtsushigirl

    I ALMOST feel sorry for Tanked except this is hilarious…

  20. RagingDragon

    I agree with qtsushigirl. I wonder if poor Tanked has any idea of what’s even going on. X3

  21. alecho

    hahahahahaha! funny! :)

  22. G-man

    death bear totally needs a cloak

  23. stranger

    you know nerd bear must be tough to get beat all the time by evil bear

  24. Mara

    Hehe, Tanked’s expressions in 2-5… love them.

  25. Kitsunekage

    The way they treat Tanked remindes me of a kids show I used to watch called Dave the Barbarian….. It had a “mindless” character called Faffy. He was my faverite….

  26. blackbevil

    i feel sorry for T when they throw him but it was still funy.

  27. Puck

    I laugh so hard at this strip every time — but the last four panels just make me about die. Haha.
    It just begs for animation.

  28. Dusk Hunter713

    Okay but imagine the screaming goats on that last panel

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