Thanksgiving 2008
November 27th, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

I missed Canadian Thanksgiving back in early Oct, so this post is going up for the US holiday instead: Happy Thanksgiving everyone, wether it’s belated or on time!

I’ve now gotten a few emails and questions on these subjects so I’m asking you guys as my terrible web ignorance is rearing it’s ugly head again; I can do wallpapers, but what’s the best way of getting them to you guys?  I’m toying with the idea of a Paypal donation button but I’m still not sure how I feel about that… though it would be nice if the comic could pay for itself supplies and bandwidth wise.  So what’s the easiest way to present multiple wall papers for people to choose from and then download?

I also don’t imagine we’ll be able to do much BN merchandising for a bit… perhaps once we build an audience I’ll pay someone to make an online store for me :D  Jimmy and I will be at Mega Con in Florida this coming Feb where we’ll have BN button sets and mini prints, but that’s the only con we’ve scheduled so far for 2009.  If you’re looking for some unique Christmas gifts we do have online stores for prints and tees featuring characters from our Melee series:

You can find those images in my Dooomcat gallery: 

or my deviantart gallery:


  1. Peter!

    Yay. I would totally buy a Bear Nuts shirt. That would be awesome.

  2. Q

    Yeah, BN merch would be awesome. I’d want a Death Bear shirt or hoodie.

    What MIGHT work, would be to sell iron-on designs, in various designs and sizes, and let people buy them and basically put together their own BN shirt, hoodie, or imprint of their favorite bear on the seat of their pants. :P

  3. Sarah

    That thanksgiving pic is so cute! Gimpy’s expression is adorable! He’s all worried about tanked! XD
    Death Bear’s use of his scythe is completely fantastic too. Great idea XD

  4. C

    I love this its so cute and I’ll be looking for you at Mega come Feb. Keep up the good work!^-^

  5. wolfen

    This comic is shaping up to be great! I love it so far!

    Hey Doom, how about some slogan suggestions for some of the bears from the fans?

  6. Lexi

    Tanked bear is so cute!

  7. Kylie Ann

    Unfortunately I’m in Australia, which makes getting to an American comic convention just a teensy bit difficult.

    Yes, you have an Australian audience too!

    I’d also have to get a PayPal account if that’s the only way to buy merchandise.

    Is it weird that I totally want the pumpkin based candle holder? And who sat Nerd Bear next to Evil Bear? You need to put him between Death Bear and Prozac Bear (let’s see Evil Bear try anything with them around him – lol)

    Another brilliant strip

  8. admin

    Thanks for the suggestions guys :D
    C – we’ll see you there; I can’t wait, I’ve never been to Florida before! What’s better: the Disney park or Universal??
    Wolfen – what did you have in mind? I’m curious!
    Kylie – I’ve always wanted to go to Australia… very expensive though. I agree that the seating plan was not well thought out :D

  9. HappyG

    Well I do know of an Indie store that is always looking for new artists, I am certain that if you constructed some samples of your merchandise they would be happy to post it…. The site is ShanaLogic, they supply anything from hair-ties and jewellry to belts, ties and cuff-links not to mention plush toys, bags and shirts/clothes.

    If you produced a ‘Bear Nuts’ range it would just be a matter of selling stuff through the site, the site lets out a regular catalogue of all new items and deals and seperates all items into categories for easy selection and sale. [I can make many of the crafty things that would sell there so I can always give you a tip or two for making something unique!]

    All you need is a designer, artist and some form of arrangement to mass-produce. Doing things like little painted ceramic 3D brooches and earrings for the ladies and bag-badges or shirts would all be really easy things to churn out as a starting point.

    Hope that helped!

    X HappyG

  10. HappyG

    Ahh another not, I am also from Australia [Just like Kylie Ann] but would still be happy with playing around with some designs for products with you at some point if ever you need a little help.

    X HappyG


    Poor Nerd. But Evil’s eyes are awesome

  12. zombie matt

    lol happy g your hot sorry

  13. EJAK5199

    I love how Lech is just eating directly outta the mashed potatoes bowl.

  14. Kay


    btw… Is evil albino?

  15. J.C.

    @Kay: Evil is slightly grey (excluding his chest, which is like that for all of the bears seen so far).

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