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November 24th, 2008

Page 27

Of course the bears aren’t the only animals in the zoo and there will be more interaction/abuse of some of their neighbors, the giraffe twins being up first.  These guys don’t have names yet though.

I am much looking forward to drawing other animals besides the bears – if you hadn’t already guessed, I like animals :D


  1. Mara

    The last panel made me snort. (laughing, I mean.)

  2. EvilRabbit

    evil bear is such a legend, he looks cute while cursing snooty giraffes!! And tanked bear has some funny experssions to! definetly addicted to this now.

  3. Ramona

    Awesome xD . . . I understood the ‘I’m watching you >I’ immediately.. but perhaps I was wrong? Did he do it because giraffes have no vocal cords and yet they’re talking?

  4. Kisara

    I absolutely adore Evil’s face. :D

  5. sneakers

    Evil looks cute and menacing, which is always an interesting combination.

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