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November 21st, 2008

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Unfortunately, you can’t take Crack Bear anywhere.


  1. Emily

    Ohhh, snap. Who’s going to catch them? :D

  2. choupower

    who knew death bear could smile?

    amazing art as always

  3. Kiel

    I adore Crack Bear’s face in the last panel in the second row. He looks really happy to me for some reason…

  4. KT

    Oh Gay Bear…. hahaha
    It would be Gucci, and Tanked would have to chew on it huh?

  5. Nastee

    Yeah, he looks happy to me too… The middle panel, last row = perfect! :)
    Also, in the panel where they’re aneaking and have little dots for eyes, they’re adorable.

  6. King Todo

    This comic brightened my Mondays, and now it brighten me up TWICE a week!

  7. King Todo

    Oops, I meant ‘brightens’.

  8. Tooby

    Mmmm, “Gucci” does kind of sound tasty…

  9. Roni

    I Love your comic! Twice a week too, is this a permanent thing or were you feeling generous?
    Nerd bear is awesome
    You should do like figurines I could use something slightly unbalanced for my cube

  10. sasukewuff

    I love how Tanked face-planted getting out of the pen… And I feel very bad for Gay Bear, that hat must have cost a fortune, and now it has beer-laden slobber on it. Oh well… I look forward to the ‘lesser animals’ of which Death speaks.

  11. £Ø§Ð

    “GUCCI!”? Is That Like “WIIILLLSSSOOONNNN!!!???” … And HAY! Look’s Like Tanked is Coming around out of his Stooper.

  12. Sarah

    Death Bear is so cuuuute when he smiles!

  13. Cres

    heh, poor gay bears accessories. Though, i didnt think it was Gucci ..I was thinking Burberry :P And I think I love Death Bear to ..well death. *squees*

  14. admin

    Cres – I actually did pattern it off Burberry – I thought those colors would go well with Gay :D… but then I figured Gucci was a more recognizable name.
    king – I’m so glad I can brighten your day x2, I liked the idea of bookending the workweek with random bear craziness
    Sasuke – Being some of the largest predators, I think the bears are all a little species biased in who they think is ‘lesser’… pretty much everyone :D

  15. Letheyann Elethendyl

    omg,the gucci hat!!!!this comic is so fab!!!keep on doing this great job!!is so FAB!!

  16. Kristen

    You write some of the best well placed one-liners that I have ever seen. I mean, your jokes don’t have to take an entire comic to be effective. I am awed and humbled by this talent. I wish I could write comedy this well. My Gucci hats off to you, Alison!!!!!

  17. PomPom

    I love this strip more each time i read it :)

    Death Bear looks like he’s in his element, he’s all “follow me into the dark” *evin grin* “muuua ha ha ha”. This excapade will surely make his day :p

    PS- am loving the bears expressions, all of them are great and make me giggle. ^.^
    Any chance of some wallpaper? ;)

  18. Mr. Rogers

    It Looks Like Tanked Bear Was Thrown Over The Wall By Gay Bear….
    Never Mess With Another Mans GUCCI!!!!!!

  19. Evil2.0

    Where is Gay getting the money for Gucci!!?

    Also to mr. Rogers above, it is Evil bear that’s pushing Tanked over the wall.

  20. iki

    mr. rogers- if you look, you could see evils palm behind tanked in that panel…mayhaps gay just asked him too?

  21. iki

    woops, evil just said that…


    Poor crack bear. Stubbing your toe sucks.

  23. Mara

    Tanked in the sixth panel= hilarious!

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