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November 17th, 2008

Page 25

It’s quite simple and undramatic, but I think panel 2 is one of my favorite Evil Bear moments :D


  1. Kristen

    Oh, the bears in the city at night. This should be GOOOOOD!

  2. DominicanKing614

    BUT I’M AFRAID OF THE DARK !!! …. the other guys are right … Cracked Bear has some funy ass one liners lol … and man Evil Bear is sooo wrong lol … keep up the good work

  3. Nastee

    Whoa, Tanked must be even more messed up than usual with Evil making that mix.
    Can’t wait to see Evil throwing bricks through the windows of some pharmacy. :)
    Also, watch out for Crack stocking up on some stuff for himself. Little guy would probably feel like he’s in heaven. :D

  4. Lugidog

    I hate being the person to say this, but I noticed a small typo, when Death says ‘couldn’t’ he says ‘colldn’t’… No big deal, just pointing it out.

    Either way, this is hilarious^^

  5. Noob

    That isn’t Death!
    Joke’s on you!

  6. sasukewuff

    That typo is a bit hard to notice with the font >.>… But oh well, same awesome stuff as always, and uh… Yeah, I feel really bad for Tanked bear now after seeing the pill and beer concoction

  7. admin

    Typo fixed! Thank you very much Luigi for pointing that one out :D

  8. £Ø§Ð

    Well…that explains Tank… and Evils mixed Face of, “Oh Crap, im Cought”, and “Tee hee hee, that was funny.” is poster worthy. =^.^=

  9. DominicanKing614

    maybe Tanked is only that way BECAUSE of the mix of drugs and alcohol …. maybe if he had regular beer he wouldnt be so DUR …. lol that would be cool to randomly hear him say something smart one day lol ….. or just say something …. lol

  10. Jesse

    Hehe Dom, it’d be like the one of Silent Bob’s revelations: “He’s Chasing Amy.” “WTF?!”

  11. Chill

    Death Bear has a SYTHE? AWESOME!

  12. qtsushigirl

    It’s so touching to see them all working together to help him… at first I was afraid this comic would be really morbid and dark (not that I would hate it if it was, I would just get a bit depressed reading it) so it makes me ubber happy to see that there are some really sweet parts of this comic too. <3

  13. Xu-kitty

    Heh heh, *during* the dramatic pause, Evil swictes from pummeling Nerd (previous comic) to Tanked…> XD

  14. Heather

    Was Evil’s flashback a foreshadowing for ‘tea time with tanked’ I wonder?

  15. J.A.C.!

    Just reading through, don’t mind me… But why does Evil even bother picking on Tanked to begin with? It’s not that hard to do, considering that the poor thing can’t even form sentences…

  16. Mara

    “But I like suffering.” Makes me laugh every time! Evil is such a petulant, cute, mischievous thing.

    And then Crack’s “But I’m afraid of the dark!” is so MADE by his expression! You’re so great with the expressions.

  17. EvilRabbit

    Ohh…but i like suffering

    Evil bear is a legend!!

  18. J.C.

    Death seems to have great authority and the ability to make everyone cooperate.
    Though this is probably because the other bears fear him (that being [SPOILER ALERT] because of his powers)

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