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November 14th, 2008

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  1. DominicanKing614

    YAY Death Bear finally makes an actual appearance and not just a small cameo behind a couch lol !!!! …. wooooo !!!!

  2. Sarah

    woooo go Death Bear!
    Is it that they’re so scared of him they all stop and listen? XD
    I gotta say I love his scythe

  3. Kylie Ann

    I’m guessing it’s because he rarely comes and associates with them, that when he does, you know it’s gotta be something big. My 2 cents anyway.
    Tell me Tanked puts on the Fab Cap of Authority!!!
    I loved the look on Death Bear’s face as he looks at the cap. Ooh, and Crack’s “I’m not comfortable with that!!” to Evil’s suggestion that he be in charge.
    This is a terrific comic. I love checking it each Monday and Friday.

  4. Julie

    Go Death Bear!

  5. KT

    Death Bear, and his scythe, totally rock socks.

    And I just love the look on all their faces as he walks up. It’s like “Oooh shite….”

  6. Nastee

    What can they do but find more prozac? If they knew that Prozac turns to ProHulk without pills, how come they don’t restock more often? :)
    It would be funny as hell if Tanked actually puts on the hat and says something. But he’ll probably do nothing more than puke in it. :)

  7. Kylie Ann

    Gah! Nastee, now I have images of Gay Bear putting on the puke filled hat!! Eeeeww.

    I’m assuming stockpiling prozac pills would be hard to hide from the zookeepers … actually that’s a question – how do they hide that couch and TV when it’s time for the zookeepers to do whatever it is they do to look after their habitat?

    Ooh, and another question … how long do Crack and Prozac have to go through their withdrawls before they adjusted and became “normal” again? or do they stay perpetually and forever withdrawn?

  8. Nastee

    Crack seems perpetually withdrawn to me. As I said before, he’d be great in a normal/relaxed/drugged state, just for a change, maybe some strips later we’ll see it. :)
    Although he’s great as he is now, but used only as one-liner comic relief(I JUST WANTED A COOKIE!) seems not enough for this great(and possibly my favorite) bear. :D

  9. Kylie Ann

    I find myself very much amused at “I’m not comfortable with that!!” in this strip :D But I would like to see some more of him … hopefully we’ll get more Gimpy Bear too.

    And yeah, we might see it later. There has only been 24 strips so far, so I imagine there’s heaps more to do with them

  10. paula

    death bear fan!!!!!! yaaayyyy

  11. Mickel

    Yes Death Bear!!!! I need a full size plush with scythe. Good job

  12. Steve Bear

    Wooohooo! He’s awesome! x]

  13. Kristen

    OH YEAH, I whole heartedly agree with Mickel. plushies of the bears (all the bears) would be SUPER high up on my birthday list. (and my shelfishly buying myself stuff list. That’s usually the list I go by anyway. :D )

  14. King Todo

    And this is why I love this strip.

  15. Alucardus

    Can we get some Wallpapers? I would love one of Death Bear looking all Badass with the Scythe! Or even the Usual Suspects lineup of the whole gang. Love this Comic!!

  16. Lord Zeon

    I kinda expected Death Bear to look more serious. I was kinda confused as to what he was referring to in the 5th panel because he was all wide eyed.

    Still, love the scythe.

  17. Internet Ninja

    One has to wonder, WHERE did he get the scythe?

  18. sasukewuff

    I see Death Bear talking… I give him a slight British accent in my head… And then I just grin.

    I need to see Tanked in the fab authority cap ^^, puke-filled or not it would be funny… And I’m sure the obvious ‘he can keep it now’ look from Gay bear would be worth it as well ^^

  19. qtsushigirl

    Oh wow, I never thought I’d be fond of Death Bear…. <333

  20. £Ø§Ð

    …How quient thet Gay is On top of letch… … …And, I like Death’s Look of disconcern and impatience. And the Cartoon skull fit’s him.

  21. Neko

    Know who i havent seen, but i saw at Anime North 08?… PMS bear :P should have gotten the pin set when i had the chance… :) i liked her

  22. Kylie Ann

    Oooh yes!! Plush toys. And wallpapers would be cool. Something with the entire cast of bears.

  23. admin

    Hey everyone! I’m glad Death has some fans… even though he really hasn’t done much yet :)

    I myself would love a set of plush bears, but it’s really, really expensive to produce stuff like that (at least at the quality level I’d want) and the minimums are really high. Hence, it’s unlikely that we will be able to do that any time soon… maybe if BN can build up a good audience :) Plus there’s the fact that we’re pretty ignorant about building websites and an online store is so beyond our abilities right now… but I think I can manage wall papers though….
    Neko – The female bears will be coming later; I already have 9 of them bouncing around and I want to establish their characters a little more first. But we may have more button sets next AN.

  24. sasukewuff

    *is a web admin*

    Plushies would be awesome… The only bad thing about them would be choosing which one to buy first >.<

  25. Eggy

    Make sure to ass “Really intolerant, constantly bored” bear to the list of female bears. That’s a big one. Love your comics by the way, great idea. Reminds me a bit of “Under the Lemon Tree”.

  26. Eggy


  27. RagingDragon

    Death Bear = Brilliant! ^w^

  28. Evil2.0

    I agree, Evil should be in charge whose with me!! (crickets chirping) Da*n
    Also i couldn’t stop laughing when Crack yelled he wasnt comfy with that.
    How old is Death bear if he can call them children, or is that a derogatory term because of the way they’re acting.

    Ps.In the first panel when Gay is coming up behind Lech you could just hear the Jaws theme playing.
    PPs. I just noticed that Gay is on top of Lech, haha Gay wins!

  29. Smoketrix

    If you look at Gimp and Crack bear from an angle, in panel 3, they look like theyre doing something wrong

  30. Just Another Anonymous

    Oh yes. Death being a badass.

  31. Anon

    I don’t know why, but I love when Crack yells in panel 2, “I’m not comfortable with that!”. Slaughtered me.

  32. Bastion

    Y’know, I have yet to attend AnimeNorth … but my two friends go and I think I might tag along if only to see the genius behind the Bears!

    As well: Death Bears scythe = awesome.

  33. Mara

    I love Death bear’s expression- “Oh gosh, I have to deal with these idiots again…”

  34. firewolf2007

    i got a bear like that lol but hes blue and has horns

  35. fan#666

    question. Where did he get the scythe? Online?

  36. Zigmal


  37. J.C.

    I just wish that I had his awesomeness, because it seems I don’t. :P

  38. sneakers

    Oh I most forgot Death! He is also so nice. And a bit scary.

  39. Draxodus

    When death speaks, everyone tends to listen…

  40. Camolot the Creator

    It’s interesting how Death addresses the others…
    “Stop squabbling, children.”
    The implications of this being that not only is Death the oldest member of the group, but basically the most mature and emotionally stable next to normal Prozac. In fact, Death might be much, MUCH older than we suspect, as old as 50 or 60.
    Also, I’m pretty sure he’s completely immortal.
    Just gonna throw that one out.

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