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November 10th, 2008

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  1. Steve Bear

    Wow! Lech looks like a child molester with that cap x]

  2. Seacow

    Dammit I love the all drunk as hell bear!

  3. Kylie Ann

    Just a question, and not a criticism in any way … why do the bears sometimes has coloured eyes, and sometimes have dots? At first I assumed it was to convey stress or some other “heightened emotional state”, but if you look at Nerd Bear when he’s sitting with Tanked, his eyes are little dots. Just curious if there was some reason for that or if it was just the way they were done.

  4. admin

    -Hi Kylie Ann – You’ve pretty much got it, I generally use the the beady eyes for stronger emotions/expressions, or sometimes just if I want to show that they’re focused on something (like the above Nerd/Tanked exchange). Feel free to question or crit! I have a thick skin and I love feedback :)
    -Steve – child molester? Not exactly the look I was going for :D
    -Seacow! – I love him too! Though I don’t really have a favorite (I can’t choose between my odd little babies) his expressions are always fun to draw.

  5. Julie

    Tanked is the subject of a lot of gags lately!

  6. Kylie Ann

    Well he does make an easy target … oooh, channeling Evil Bear there lol

  7. Nastee

    Even if you point a gun to his head, Tanked can’t do sh1t. I wonder what happens if they run out of booze? Seeing Tanked get Sober-ed or Hungover-ed would be funny for a strip or two. :)

    P.S. Lech wearing the cap is not fab at all. :D

  8. Nastee

    Oh, and wonder what happens if Crack, in his permanent abstinent state gets his hands on some crack. Seems like a good opposite in the spirit of “Prozac without prozac”, “Tanked without booze”, and “Crack with crack, finally”
    heheheheh :D

  9. Nastee

    Bummer… meant to say withdrawal, not abstinent… I always get these two wrong, damn! :) In Bulgarian, “withdrawal” sounds similar to “abstinence”.

  10. WingsBurntBlack

    After seeing his expression in the last panel, I’m wondering how tanked isn’t everyone’s favorite. Excellent work

  11. King Todo

    I can tell that you have a lot of fun drawing Tanked these days… it’s awesome!

  12. £Ø§Ð

    …Mabey a Bank Robber for Lech, Not a Creep. And I think that’s Tank’s way of saying “Thanks for the Appreciation!” And I Bet Tank’s the Smartest one of the Groupe, just always to drunk to show it.

  13. Eodred

    Man, I just LOVE tanked Bear, his expressions are awesome…
    I’d love to have a background of him on my PC…
    Anyway, great comic, I’ve been reading it from near the beginning and they’re jsut awesome.
    It’s one of the few comics that can make me laugh out loud.

  14. Kristen

    Tanked’s vacant expression is perfectly rendered from one panel to the next showing the transition from vacant to absolutely and completely vacant. I don’t even know if there is a word to describe the level of vacancy in Tanked’s face in the final panel. (plus, for the past few days I’ve been answering all ‘what did you do’ questions with “All I wanted was a Cookie.” Thank you for a tag line.)

  15. Chill

    Whoo! bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud!

  16. alecho

    uh… tanked? buddy, you okay? cute comics! ;)

  17. Xu-kitty

    “I’m Tanked, and I approve this message. *thumbsup*”

  18. G-man

    yeah like Nastee said make tank get a hangover!

  19. Smoketrix

    I vote Evil Bear for 2nd in command, or death Bear. And these bears lose a lot of blood. YOu think by now the zoo wouldve been hit up for animal cruelty or sued when someone saw these injuries

  20. Just Another Anonymous

    The last panel is indescribable.

  21. wildFredo

    Hahaha Tanked looks Awesome in the last frame


    “Blow it out your ass fruit loop” lmao XD

  23. PTM

    Tanked would easily be the best leader. Just look at him. BURNING WITH INTELECT AND LEADERSHIP-LIKE QUALITY!

  24. Mara

    Teehee. Tanked cracks me UP!!! He’d definitely win a froth-at-the-mouth competition.

  25. Wererat2000

    no matter how often i see that last line of pannels, i can’t help but lol

  26. iSpazzyKitty

    Best scene ever!

  27. Emma

    My first thought at that last panel was “Somebody’s been eating soap”

  28. Looc64

    Love how Lech is all “There’s no cap of authority,” but he still takes the cap.

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