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November 7th, 2008

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  1. Ashley

    Aw! Gimpy Bear is so nice, I especially love his face in the third panel.
    And poor Crack Bear. D:


  2. Ben ben

    Wow I just read the archives about five times today. This comic is really shiny! My favorite character is the nerdy one.

  3. Neko

    FINALLY! GIMPY BEAR!!! :) love that cute little guy! :)

  4. Peter

    haha.. The gay guy thinks he’s in charge.

  5. Nastee

    FINALLY! CRACK BEAR!!! :) love that cute little guy! :)
    So, who’s the strung out junkie friend? Crack or Prozac? Or both? I say both.

  6. paula

    ahahaha cap of authority ajajajaaja i want one!

  7. Julie

    more death bear! xD This comic is great. The face on Tanked Bear in the first panel is great.

  8. Nastee

    Face of Crack in 2nd and 5th panels are awesome. :)

  9. nealnotneo

    just found this site. IT. IS. AWESOME! poor crack bear. just wanted a cookie, and now he needs plastic surgery for his butt. good thing gimpy and gay are there, huh? :)

  10. King Todo

    Love it! This comic just keeps me coming back fer mahr…

  11. £Ø§Ð

    I like how Evil is Just kind of off into space there. And, bonus points for making the “Cap” and Irish Walking Hat.

  12. qtsushigirl

    Awe, sweet Gimpy Bear! He reminds me of my little brother…

  13. sasukewuff

    I love how Gay Bear considers his ‘Cap of Authority’ utterly fab… Not to mention how it makes him look more like a French artist-golfer-bear than a leader, but eh… Fab’s fab I suppose :P

  14. Kylie Ann

    I found this site through an ad on Girls With Slingshots … so glad I found it!! Just read through all of the archives and comments. Must agree with everyone on here. This is one of the most awesome webcomics I have come across. Must have merchandise stuff. Posters, plush toys, t-shirts, anything. Don’t have a favourite bear … how is it possible to choose amongst them. They’re all soooo cute and twisted. A little bit more of Gimpy Bear and Death Bear would be cool. Can’t wait to see how they get Prozac back to normal … or at least as normal as a drugged up happy little bear can be. Thanks for making such an awesome comic.

  15. Seacow

    Gay bear is looking faaaaabuuuuloouus!

  16. Wolfie

    I wish i had a “Cap of Authority”

  17. RagingDragon

    I’m a big fan of Evil Bear and Gimpy Bear… and Prozac Bear, when he has his pills. X3

  18. CabembarlJawl

    Hello, I can’t understand how to add your blog ( ) in my rss reader

  19. Lorbblini

    yo, great name for site)))

  20. Yog Sothoth

    I love that gimpy bear is just so quietly competent.

  21. Maha Panta

    I want a cookie too!

  22. Puckcub

    Gimpy is sooo me.
    or is that
    I’m So Gimpy!?

    either way, I SOOO TOTALY know whats going through his head while he’s playing doctor. I don’t know how many times i’ve had to do that for friends. lol.

  23. sneakers

    Gimpy is the sweetest one.

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