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November 3rd, 2008

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I’m still not sure why Prozac’s lack of pills causes him to inexplicably grow :)


  1. Seacow

    He’s like the incredible hulk, the more he rages the bigger he gets :p. I love the last panel, kind gives you a feeling of just how much trouble they are in hehe.

  2. TheDeepDark

    I really shouldn’t find this comic as funny as I do. :) Love it!

  3. Paulitta

    I just wonder how are they going to get new pills XD

  4. sasukewuff

    I love how in the second-to-last panel Drunk Bear looks like he is looking for the last pill in there to calm the beast… I mean, who knew he had such intelligence? Well, either that, or he just stumbled and happened to look at the pill bottle, but the first one sounds better :P

  5. Lord Zeon

    Damn, Seacow beat me to it. Prozac is like the Hulk. There’s a thought for ya, will Bruce banner not turn into the Hulk if he’s on prozac?

  6. £Ø§Ð

    The Plot (line) Thickens!

  7. Kristen

    The final panel is classic!!! Just Friggin Classic!!! It’s almost like you should have that dramatic music playing, (You know the tune, just as they find out they don’t have the murderer in custody and that dramatic dun dun DUHHHHH plays. . .yeah, that’s the theme for the final panel)

  8. Colleen Sheehy

    Prozac has some appetite-suppressant properties. When he goes off his meds, the little guy eats more and grows!

  9. qtsushigirl

    I bet his anger makes him grow like The Hulk. Great work! <3

  10. Spinderfly

    And Gay Bear still has not a hair out of place.

  11. admin

    You guys are awesome, I love the Hulk comparison!
    Colleen – thank you for the info on Prozac, I didn’t know about appetite suppression being a factor for some people. I had a friend on these once who was part of the inspiration for P bear, but he never mentioned that as a side effect.

  12. OffTheMeds

    I’m adding this site to my favorites list. You. Are. Awesome.
    But one thing. Death Bear.
    We need moar of it.

  13. Mickel

    Just found your site today and Love it!!! Good job.

  14. Hapajap

    Cool comic! I saw it from an ad you had up on, thanks for the ad!


    dude just what have you been smoking ….. and where can i get some …. ^^

  16. Bullfinch

    Wow, great stuff! Love the art.

  17. Kitsch

    xD this is by far my fav. web comic EVER. keep up the good work!

    and more gimpy bear! he is sooo cute! 8D


    Oh, my GAWD!! Haha, ever since I came across you on DA, I’ve been hooked on the originality of this comic and the overall funniness of it. Keep it up!

  19. Shoji

    I’ve seriously read through this comic about 4 times XD
    I love it, and I can’t wait for the next update.

  20. wit

    Great stuff. I love what you got going on.

  21. Chip


  22. £Ø§Ð

    Wow…22 Coment’s Already… This Comic is growing Fast. Keep up the Awesome Work.

  23. Social_Vermyn

    First time reader…Awesome, awesome strip! Oh….i’ll be back

  24. Nastee

    Wow, I’m surprised that with so many Hulk comments, I’ll be the first to say….

  25. Sarah

    I love this comic! I’m so glad I found it! This will be going on my *to always read list*. I just hope we get to see more of Death Bear!

  26. admin

    Hey everyone and hello to all the new readers! We have a few more comments on this page now and I wanted to say thanks, I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to comment, you guys are awesome. These pages are pretty time-consuming to produce but it gets a lot easier knowing that people will enjoy them :)
    Nastee – Prozac smash indeed!!
    Off the Meds and Sarah – Death Bear does tend to stick to the shadows but he will have a bigger role in the next comic.
    Social_Vermyn – I checked out your comic, so funny. Your original paintings are hilarious though. I wish I had time to paint still! I’d love to do some painted bear portraits some day.
    Shoji – I’m glad BN could keep your attention through 4 read throughs! Sweet!

  27. Jessica

    Oh wow I love this comic. And I really can’t pick a favorite bear, they’re all great ^^

  28. Evil2.0

    Heh, whenever danger strikes adn death is near Gay bear’s motto is every ebar for himself as shown by the panels showing Gay bear ditching Nerd for safety.

  29. Mara

    You know, Tanked kind of reminds me of my brother’s dog. Wide-eyed, eats anything, dumb, easy to amuse… and adorable.

  30. EvilRabbit

    prozac could take on the hulk anyday :D

  31. Owndapwn

    Its because when someone is fucking pissed it makes them seem larger.

    I’m 5’4″ and when I lose my temper (I’m slow to anger, but when I DO anger….) people 6’8″ start to feel small.

  32. TekServer

    You know, several people have made the Hulk comparison, but I think Jekyll and Hyde might fit even better in some ways: Prozac goes off his meds and rages out; Jekyll took his potion to become the monstrous Hyde.


  33. EJAK5199

    Look at the way nerd hides under the table :D

  34. H3X

    They’re like the anti-steroids

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