Halloween 2008
October 31st, 2008

Halloween 2008

We interrupt Prozac’s melt down to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!  Fortunately this year, despite the nasty snow storm all Tuesday night that knocked out our power, today is quite nice and perfect for trick or treating in Ottawa.  As we live in a new neighborhood full of young families we get only little kids and their parents, and they’re so cute!  Here are this year’s costume results from my poll of our Little Dragons (age 4-6) class at the dojo I work at: girls are princesses and boys are Batmans :)


  1. Nastee

    Hahah, I wasn’t expecting a halloween special, it’s good. Is Gay Bear’s costume a reference to Brokeback Mountain? ;) Someone should’ve eaten those apples. :D

  2. £Ø§Ð

    Evil Bear as an Angle is to perfect for words.

  3. sasukewuff

    The more I think about it, the more Death Bear as Batman just works in my head… And then I feel the need to jump in front of a bus for putting that much thought into a web comic >.<…

    Great stuff as usual ^^

  4. qtsushigirl

    That is so adorable!! Cheered me up, we had close to no trick-or-treaters. :( I wanted to see all the cute kids! It doesn’t even help that I get to eat all the candy now. *sadly licks a lollipop*

  5. Cynthia

    Wow…this comic is amazing. I love it!! =)

  6. Jack

    Lol, I’m loving Death Bear’s little glee-filled grin at Tanked’s barfing.


    What Grin ?

  8. Mara

    I love Tanked in this. He’s so excited to get candy (!!!), and it cracks me up every time to see him shoveling pieces in without unwrapping them. Hehehe. I love these bears… they’re awesome.

  9. EvilRabbit

    death bear makes a great bat man :P

  10. HaloMythbuster

    Ha, I just noticed the Spock ears on Nerd

  11. Drakk

    Evil Bear as an angel still makes me giggle

  12. J.C.

    Seeing Death as Batman still makes me grin. :D

  13. Azura Racon

    For some reason, only half the image will load

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