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December 5th, 2008

Page 30

‘Gay’ Bear: in the old english sense as in ‘lighthearted and characterized by cheerfulness and pleasure’ Bear is still very much in the closet… but the door is ajar :D

I too went through a phase of wanting to dye my hair red all the time.

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I have 2 weeks off for the holidays so I may be able to get some BN poster and wallpaper stuff done but if you’re looking for some fun and unique art for Christmas check out the store section on our main site for posters and t-shirts ( )  Here’s a detail from the Heaven vs. Hell Melee print:


  1. Kylie

    Ahahahaaaa, I LOVE Gay Bear’s expression in the 14th (?) panel xD

  2. sasukewuff

    Gay Bear’s whole reaction is priceless… I mean, really… It’s only a matter of time before that closet door can’t hold any more of his fabulous hats and hair die in there anymore and comes bursting down… (and I want to see that ^^)… Oh, and Evil’s look of absolute giddiness at the ‘Easy Flow’ laxative (love the name)… Both of those remind me why this is the only web comic I read anymore ^^

  3. Sarah

    When Gay Bear finally DOES step out of the closet he’s gonna be all “look! I’m gay! you should be shocked and amazed!” and the others will all be “yeah… great.. you’re finally out of denial”

  4. Peter!

    hm. Maybe that’s why Evil Bear is so angry and violent.

  5. Nastee

    Peter!, that comment made my day! :D Evil is evil because he’s constipated… hilarious.
    And Sarah already covered what I wanted to say about this page. :)
    …I wonder if we’ll see the comic take a slightly dark road, and the next page we see Crack passed out in a corner with an empty needle and some morphine next to him. Too bad I can’t think of something in the last panel to make it funny. >_>

  6. paula

    they are SO a couple this two…

  7. Kylie Ann

    Ah yes – the Odd Couple.

    Everything I’d want to say has already been said, so … yeah. Awesome comic as always.

  8. £Ø§Ð

    …wow…these are some Slow Responding Police… Cant wait to see what Nerd and Crack find. =^.^=

  9. Jen Mathis

    Wanting to dye your hair red all the time is supposed to just be a phase? I wouldn’t have to if it would just come out of my head that color already…

  10. KT

    Priceless :)

  11. W.E.R.

    Omg Evil’s look is so priceless, you just know that nothing good will happen. And Lech’s smug expression is too funny when paired with Gay’s denials.

  12. nealnotneo

    what scares me is what might interest Lech Bear.

  13. Q

    Anabolic Steroids for Lech, maybe?

  14. £Ø§Ð

    …For some reason, for Letch, I forsee Chocolate. Or some little Insignificant tinker toy or something…=^.^=

  15. Kristen

    In highschool, I dyed my hair a shade of red that actually reacted badly with how light my hair was, and it turned out more a purpleish than reddish, and I almost got in trouble with the school (since dying your hair anything other than ‘natural’ colors was prohibited) It took some fancy talking to get out of in school suspension.

  16. £Ø§Ð

    …Geese, Strict School.

  17. Q

    Typically at my school they were the same way, you’d be stuck in a room by yourself until you got it colored “appropriately”.

    Or, if you were a guy, you had the option of a disposable razor and can of shaving cream.

  18. SYne

    I wanna see auborn harlot gay bear XD

  19. Krimson

    Evil likes laxatives.

  20. twibearren

    ummmm….Gay bear’s face kinda scaring me in the thrid last pannel…and why can i see him the moment the closet door opens he kisses Lech?…AWWW…Evil bear just looks so cute and happy…hes the kinda bear i’d have…him and Death bear…

  21. Evil2.0

    The door is ajar?? No I think the door is wide open he just hasn’t noticed yet.

  22. Evil2.0

    To Twinbearen, if they ever get a chance to read this, U are not alone I have had that Kisses Lech thought and it is hilarious.

  23. Just Another Anonymous

    Lech is giving him a very intriguing face.



  25. Kitsunekage

    @ Twinbearren and Evil2.0 I can see that happening to….. Great, now that image is stuck in my headand I won;t be able to get it out for the rest of the night.

    Like a train wreak: You want to look away, but can’t….

  26. HaloMythbuster

    Wait…Gay isn’t gay?

  27. blackbevil

    no he’s gay he just won’t amidit.

  28. Looc64

    I would actually use a hair dye called Auburn Harlot

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