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December 8th, 2008

Page 31

Of the 65 ish pages I’ve finished so far, this one is still probably my favorite.  Coloring all those little bottles and books and snack bags was mind numbing, but happy/delirious/hallucinatory Tanked made up for it :D

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  1. Clarissa


  2. Platus

    Wow, drunk looks so… happy.

  3. Adrian

    Hi Alison, any updates? When is the GN/TPB coming out? I would love to read Bear Nuts every night before I go to sleep, it’s really funny stuff.

  4. sasukewuff

    Oi… Tanked took something when he went into that store, or he got hit on the head a bit too hard by that window… Or a whole assortment of other theories as to why a chip bag could generate trippyness… Oh, and the wrath of Death bear on the other bears appears imminent, something I really want to see ^^

  5. Peter!

    haha wow. I definitely want a wallpaper of that last panel with Tanked hallucinating about chips and pop. That is ridiculously cute and I want it!

  6. Q

    Drunk is just entirely too funny. lmfao.

  7. Q

    *Tanked. My bad.

    Like me!

  8. Aaron T.

    Snacks and acid trips go hand-in-hand!

    xD This comic never ceases to amuse me <3

  9. Nastee

    Nerd prefers action figures over space bootay? That’s so wrong. :)
    Tanked is funny.

  10. Bastardo_Kamonohashi

    Hmmm I wonder, what would be the appropriate background music for Tanked’s trip? Some sweety-sugary children’s show tune just wouldn’t fit with Tanked. Maybe an Irish drinking ballad? Whiskey in the jar? Maybe something more psychedelic, Purple Haze? White Rabbit? Did you have a specific song in mind drawing that?

  11. Dani

    Don’t we all wish we could have a random soda and chip fueled daydreams guest starred by an ice cream sammich while in the midsts of a robbery? I sure do!

  12. Sarah

    wooot! chip surfing for everybody!

  13. tehbob

    I just keep hearing this “Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” sound every time I look at Tanked.

  14. Blue

    Oh Tanked Bear. How I love you. x3

  15. admin

    When I look at that last panel I hear carnival music, and now “Squeeeee” as well :D
    Adrian – If I can get 100 ish pages done by March then we’ll have a trade published around May for the start of convention season. I have a contact with his own publishing company ( ) to help us make that happen… I just have to finish enough pages first…
    Coincidentally, DMF already publishes another title about an inappropriate bear that some of you may enjoy since you’re already reading about 9 inappropriate bears, but my bears don’t go to strip clubs so you’re missing out on that :D

  16. SneakyButler

    Yeah BUT… If you guys were to make this into an animated show I’d watch it over anything except football and Mythbusters. The other thing is there aren’t many comics that can even hold a match to the sick animation you guys put out. Take it from me I’m a webcomic junkie and the three that I check the most are Bearnuts Ctrl-Alt-Del ( ), and Looking For Group. ( ).

  17. Dani

    SneakyButler – You read LFG but not LICD? I’m curious as to why. I love both those comics! ^.^

  18. Eodred

    When I see Tanked going crazy with the chips, I think of a church choir singing a heavenly song… I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s a very much used song in movies whenever you want something heavenly… Or maybe just the song that plays when Homer dreams of to the land of chocolate in the Simpsons :)

    Alison, keep up the good work ;)

  19. King Todo

    Fridays and Mondays are my favorite days of the week.

    I love seeing an artist who is talented and loves what he does!

  20. Ian

    Those tanked’s in the last panel would make great t-shirts, or even posters. Also, the drawing of tanke on the left site has a great “I found shan-gri-la!” expression.

  21. £Ø§Ð

    …I think im the only one who noticed that Nerd is looking at Star Treck Action Figures.

  22. Bynjaimyn

    i just love how Tanked has a chip/gap in his front teeth… so utterly white trash… or redneck Texan (i’m a texan, just not a redneck… there is a difference).

    Also, I absolutely LOVE Death’s “WTF” expression in the fourth panel on the top line… priceless.

  23. Brachyteles

    Eodred – are you thinking Ode to Joy? Big powerful chorus. usually some brass and violins in the background. about a minute in. And now I can’t look at that last panel without that popping into my head.

    We need that panel on a shirt. Possibly with the words “Dances with Junk Food”

  24. admin

    I love ‘Ode to Joy’, that’s perfect!

  25. SneakyButler

    Well of course i read LICD who doesn’t? I just prefer LFG because I enjoy the that particular storyline. Plus come on… it’s all about Richard. I actually follow quite a few web comics it’s just that the first one i started reading was CtrlAltDel and then I got into LFG and LICD and then I found Bearnuts… so those are my top three. (LFG and LICD are bot considered one because they are both by The Ryan Shomer)

  26. Morin

    Woah ! Awesome art, great expressions, beautiful colors ! I’ll go read the restt of it to appreciate more the storyline, but this webcomic is something I will follow with great fun!

  27. Anubis

    Why can’t my bag of potato chips do that? D:

  28. DominicanKing614

    lol thats what my dreams are made of …. lol ….

  29. Chelsea

    I just found this and got through it. The art is nothing short of fantastic and the story so far only adds to the magnificence! I look forward to seeing more of these quirky bears!

  30. Eodred

    I wasn’t thinking about ode to joy, but after thinking about it, it’s also a good one. :p

  31. noirre

    God I want an avatar of the panel where he opens the bag of chips. :D

  32. Metal Bunny

    LOL, re-reading archives again, and I keep noticing new stuff.
    For instance, Tanked’s eyes are normal now :D, and his tongue is inside his mouth now :D

  33. Skittles

    You should introduce a Weed Bear!

  34. ToreeP

    I totally heart this page!!!!!!! ??????TaNkEd?????? <3 Loveeeeee Himmm!!!!!!!!


    I wish I was Tanked there

  36. PTM


  37. Mara

    Nerd bear is so cute. And I love Tanked, along with everyone else commenting. He’s so adorable and happy!

  38. Thwaitesy

    Dawww Tanked is so Happy ^_^

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