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December 12th, 2008

Page 32

Yet another public service announcement from Cracked: Those things don’t go in your mouth!  Choking hazard! :D


  1. Anubis

    all i can say is

  2. sasukewuff

    The look of glee associated with toilet paper… Only hilarity can come from that :P

    Shopping seems to fit the bears for some reason, I wonder when they’ll go again.

  3. Aaron T.

    Oh, God. xD That’s freakin’ hilarious. Death Bear looks marginally homicidal at this point.

  4. Kristen

    I stinking love Cracked’s reaction to everything. The look of sheer terror on his face when he begins to wonder if he’s allergic, Magic!!! Plus it is positively scary and wrong how excited Evil is over the toilet paper. I have to wonder where he’s hidden the laxative that is obviously going to necessitate the need for THAT much toilet paper. Poor Tanked. You just know he’s going to get it.

  5. Dani

    Perv is my official favorite. We would be best friends forever! I would say there should be condoms for bears… but I haven’t noticed a female bear so far. Unless gimp is hiding something…

  6. Sarah

    why do I just get this image of gay bear getting some dye.. using it.. and getting a terrible TERRIBLE result? either the colour doesn’t work out the way he wants.. or he messes up and misses spots and has terrible mismatched splotches all over his fur XD

  7. W.E.R.

    the bears are just too funny in this one, especially crack bear. his look of “OMG what have i done!?!?!” is priceless

  8. Steve Bear


    I’m waiting for the day when Perv gets drunk and ends up boning Gay Bear xD

  9. Steve Bear

    btw! Pervy’s face in the third is just awesome xD

  10. KT

    I love the innocent “What?” looks of Gay and Nerd. They can’t help it if they go outrageously overboard haha

  11. DominicanKing614

    is Cracked choking on one or does he just think he’s having an alergic reaction cause he’s paranoid ? … lol …. and the bears arent even a tall enough size to need XL condoms Lech Bear …. unless they wrap their huge wangs around their tiny bodies lol … oh well good luck finding ur lady bear in that sausage fest of a gang u have lech lol

  12. Nastee

    Oh my god… everything about this page screams “AWESOME!”. :D My favorite – Crack has one of his “LOL” moments, Lech’s expression, Gay and Nerd, and finally Evil with the TP. I can imagine the zoo offices being TP’d in the morning. Even if he slips the other bears laxatives, he’s not that good to give them paper. He’ll probably leave them to wipe with poison ivy. :D

  13. Q

    This whole page was just absolutely hilarious. I don’t have a favorite part.

    The condoms are epic though, I laughed like crazy as soon as Lech said “ribbed for extra pleasure”.

  14. Lord Zeon

    Now Alison, those only can’t go in your mouth if they’re not ON something. :P

  15. Name

    I always imagine Crack Bear as sounding like Tweek from South Park. . .
    And now I know why. XD

  16. £Ø§Ð

    HAa Ha HA! The strawberry ones are good. (that’s what she said)

  17. Neme

    The expressions on this page are just simply hilarious XD
    I can only imagine what Gimp bagged lol

  18. D.O.M.

    Just found this comic. The artwork is outstanding and the writing is excellent! Keep it up.

  19. Kidd

    AWSOME comic! My new fav comic- laughed thru em all!

  20. Mr Faktastic

    Wow, I wish this was a cartoon! I have a new fav!

  21. Nastee

    Tweek from South Park he is! Now that I think about it, he’s perfect! I can’t imagine him any other way. :)

  22. Krimson

    I just noticed what make the bears look strange when they were gaping.. They don’t have teeth.

  23. random reader

    whoa! if crack freaks out like that BEFORE learning what the “strawberry flavored ones” are, id like to see him AFTER someone tells him.

  24. Kyoui

    LOL “sigh XL I guess” Oh Lech, you and your ego.


    At least Evil got toilet paper for the laxitives

  26. Urthdigger

    You know, somehow Lech doesn’t strike me as the type who’d use a condom.

  27. Mara

    I just got the reason why Evil is promoting the toilet paper…

  28. EvilRabbit

    Lech and gay have to get together now XD and evil just revealed his sensitive side :P

  29. Kitsunekage

    Gimp proply bagged prozac, Neme. I can see him putting others needs before his.
    That aside, what would he bag if he was like the others.

  30. Tera_Drag

    Bear nuts is awesome

  31. Thwaitesy

    I think it’s safe to say that Death bear is the 2nd in charge.

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