Page 282
August 15th, 2011

Page 282

Death Fact:  Letting off a large, directed blast requires a few minutes to recharge before regaining full power.

August 17 will be the third anniversary of Bear Nuts online, three years already and nearly 300 pages… actually I’ve drawn well over 300 by now with bonus stuff and buffer. ¬†I wonder how many hours I’ve actually put into this…


  1. Dire

    Rereading the archives, and this page is still one of my all time favorites :D that last panel is just too sweet, man.

  2. Cam

    I want to hug Death too! I don’t mind if I get zapped!

  3. Tindra Drejdal

    I remember when Tank would cower in fear with closed eyes when Death just walked by, this here is character development^^

  4. Nila

    Death bear is such a kind soul deep down… So glad it keeps surfacing more lately.

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