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August 22nd, 2011

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Man, Prozac’s such a draaaaag :)



  1. Zankou

    The lack of punctuations in my last sentence disgusts me.

  2. Beta

    So I just found out that I won’t be receiving my bearnuts books until they receive all of the items on Sept. 1st :(

    Bummer, cause I was really looking forward to reading them today, but the “expidited” shipping never happened due to this fact. Oh well. You win some you lose some.

    I can atleast enjoy these for now

  3. Zermel

    Not that long of a wait Beta :) don’t spoil any of it btw for it’d be years before I get them.

  4. Candycaness

    I hope they all fight

  5. Zankou

    @zermel-i dont know why but thats one of my favorites iv seen from you

  6. Zermel

    yes isn’t it very…Ironic

    and start capitalizing your I’s Zankou :)

  7. Zermel

    and i have a better laughter avatar :)

  8. Zermel

    damn it my ‘I’ wasn’t … nvm

  9. gomamon2003


  10. Zermel

    gomamon sounds very familiar to me but not you :) the name

  11. Zankou

    @zermel- names from digimon.

    I was wondering at first where evil got the bat, then i had just reread the chapter and noticed he brought it with him on the truck lol

  12. Zermel

    I remember that too I wonder how much it was :)
    Why lose billions when we could lose…..Trillions?

  13. antionestrife

    Damn you got one of the most commented comics I ever saw. “1972 the web comic” had the most breking over 100 multiple times.

  14. Zankou

    @antionestrife- you kinda have to subtract zermels many triple posts to get the proper number

  15. Beta

    Hahahaha! Zankou, that was great.

  16. Zermel

    Oh Zankou don’t you target me :) I’m a bit talkative yes…but you know that 150 commented page was totally necessary against that hurtful worded brat candycane… and thank you very much Beta I thought u guys would like it

  17. Hoheh

    I thought the training gloves come off after they pull knives. Evil has the right idea.

  18. Sterling Rodd

    @antionestrife — We’re a chatty bunch, yeah. :)

  19. Nicole

    @antionestrife: We have a whole week between pages, so we do gab a lot.

  20. Benjamin McDowell

    Alison, you going to Fan Ex this weekend? I don’t know if you are yourself (Ive been busy so I haven’t had time to check in, but the comic still looks stellar) but I did see the DMF Comics booth listen so I would like to see who’s there :D

  21. Sterling Rodd

    @Nicole — Especially guys who monikers start with “Z”. Apparently they have even less of a life than I do. :D

  22. Zankou

    @rodd- iiiii have a life, I just work on my computer alot getting ready for college next year, and part of what I’m doing right now has to do with the comic.

  23. Sterling Rodd

    @Zankou — College?? That was twenty year–uh, nothing, nothing… :D

  24. Nicole

    lol! :D

  25. Narfcake

    Double take derby @ Woot this week, so those of you who can vote, VOTE!

    And for those of you who can’t, buy DoOomcat shirt …

    … then vote!

  26. Zermel

    Don’t know about you guys but i’m getting a nice glass of ice cold durp…feel free to do the same

  27. Zermel

    And Rodd I feel free to say that “Z” is much better than the letter S :) my opinion is that Z is the best letter there is..because you can’t say “fztt” without it…Death would be nothing without his “fztt” If I read next time it is Zap I will no longer read this comic :)

  28. clay

    AND IT DOESENT JUST WORK WIT CLOWNS ” i’m gonna kill me a mail man” “i’m gonna kill me a terrorist” i’m gonna kill…i mean humanly disable a polotision

  29. admin

    @ Benjamin: Unfortunately the 2 month old twins make Fan Ex impossible this year :( DMF should have some BN stuff but I can’t be there. Sucks, it’s always a fun weekend for us as we have lots of friends and family in TO that we visit as well.

  30. Blacky Blackerson

    @Zankou: One year left till college huh? Well that makes 2 of us. However, I don’t think I’ll do comics, I wanna do film and animation. I plan on going to Georgia for it.

    @Zermel: There are so many jokes I could make about that avatar you have, but I’ll spare you…this week.

  31. Zankou

    @blacky- I never said I’m making comics, I said what I’m doing right now has to do with the(this) comic.

    I was finished highschool a year ago but i went back for an extra for upgrading, then i’m not going to college till next year for money reasons really.

  32. Candycaness


  33. Blacky Blackerson

    Oh my God! It’s the random troll that I had the misfortune of meeting due to my absence. This could get interesting.

  34. Zermel

    I hope not blacky…this trolller is the reason Alison told us to keep the commenting down,then deleted most of them a few pages back >;(. But I’m glad everyone gets to meet “IT”… I’m gonna get my Tom Cruise Rant

  35. Zermel

    Also recommended we all read up on ICanHasCheezburger and the art of trolling so we know exactly how to counter attack. “IT”

  36. Zermel

    Pardon the third comment>_>but I must point out that if you read enough from the art of trolling you will have the knowledge of a master troll…you can use this knowledge to become a master troll or to counter smaller trolls like candy,it’s up to you.

  37. Cykotyk

    Or we could spend time on any mmo game and just dive in

  38. Blacky Blackerson

    @Zermel: Well if it is another troll, it will be easy to piss them off. 1. The fact that they’re doing it over the internet obviously means they don’t have the balls to say it in real life. 2. Don’t humor them; either ignore or make a whitty retort that dosen’t seem like your offended. I’m actually hoping for my first troll attack. That will be a fun day for me XD!
    BTW, when was Evil ever that adorable. It makes me forget about the misery he caused everyone else in the past, like the burning of Gay, destruction of Nerd’s prized possesion, trying to bury Crack, peeing in Vanity’s…oh it dosen’t!

  39. Zankou

    @blacky- chapter 3 page 3 if you wondering

  40. Blacky Blackerson

    Zermel: Ah!!! Spoiler alert!! Quick Zermel, change it before the wrath of Alison befalls us all!!

  41. Blacky Blackerson

    Oh, safe again. You gotta be careful Zermel, we are the only 2 that know (insert names here) and we must keep it secret until it’s time to be revealed. It is our duty to keep them sacred and hidden. The sanity of the fandom depends on it.

  42. Zankou

    @blacky-right.. the only 2 *shifty eyes*

  43. Blacky Blackerson

    Well now that I know that others saw it…I have new test dummies for Aperature Science. Have fun with Glados all who saw it. Anyone who steps up and says anything shall be sent too with turrets targeting you all the way. Have a nice night.

    Note: I know I’ve been using Portal jokes alot, but I simply couldn’t help it this time. You won’t here another word about cake, potatoes, the moon, or Glados for the next few months.

  44. J.C.

    When did wrestling allow knives?? :P

  45. sneakers

    I’m sorry for putting all these comments in but the first few panels with Evil and Prozac are great!

  46. Nila

    If Evil really wants to beat up a clown to death, just go to Derry, Mane.

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