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January 17th, 2011

Page 243

OMG Steven!!  There will of course be more of the polars… because this comic doesn’t have enough unfiltered testosterone… or revenge.

Speaking of unfiltered testosterone it’s time for VERSUS! Round 3 in which the stout hearted and brave Sir Lech-a-lot does do battle with a Very Angry Dragon (not to be confused with “Alby the Racist Dragon” which is the best song FOTC produced).  I quite enjoy killing off my characters once and awhile.  I’m still not sure if Round 2 Tanked died from suffocation or drowning… I imagine this next round will be a smidge more violent.

The below image is not really a fair size comparison so if size does matter (har har) and influences your vote in any way then take a gander here.


  1. Angela

    Oh my gawd! HA HA HA HA HA!

  2. kitsunekage

    @ Everyone Am I the only one to notice this, but every time Evil do voo doo, and it goes horribly wrong, it’s *always* been Nerd’s fualt (Page 46 If anyone cares enough to double check)………. Holy Crap! Nerd’s been cursed! O.o

  3. beaufleur

    I LOVE the look the dragon’s giving Lech … PRICELESS!! ^^ (I just love the dragon period too … )
    Perhaps Stephen’s not dead? (hoping in vain perhaps, but I have that kind of habit … ^^)
    @kitsunekage: I didn’t notice that, but good catch on your part! ^^

  4. beaufleur

    I love the vote pic of the dragon and Lech even better …. I LOVE the looks that dragon’s giving!!! LOL!

  5. Ryno

    Well Steven was the one holding down NerdBear when they were painting him, therefore Steven’s fur got stuck to Nerd. Poor guy.

  6. Kobrag

    By the gods…THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!

  7. kavukamari


    i think the dragon will win… in more ways than one? >:V

    but seriously OH GAWD STEVENNNNNNNNN

  8. HuskyRedz


    FYI- I love the keycards you did for Further Confusion :3

  9. Yoshemo

    Noooo not Steven ;o;

  10. Jessica

    Oh Shit I think that even shocked Evil.

  11. apstorm

    I think the phrase is ‘once in a while’ not ‘once and awhile’ … not sure, though.


    Code blue! Steven’s down! Situation critical! Covert nature of operation has been breached. Fecal matter has hit the rotary oscillator. You get the idea.

  12. Mena

    Dismemberment isn’t funny…but maybe it is..just a little bit… *giggle* Why did you pick on Steven? You have karma in your hands, go after the really mean one!

  13. pinkrabbit

    To bad his name is Steven and not Kenny cuz’ OMG they killed Steven just doesn’t roll off the tongue like Kenny. Still had me LMAO!! Soooo funny! hahaha!

  14. Mish


    Hah, seriously I read your webcomic start to finish July the year before last, and since I’m rubbish at following updates I just sort of carried on with life and found it again now! Not only very cool to read up on all the comic progress but also SO strange to go straight from Sammy not being born to now! So much has happened, wow! And I’m really glad to hear you are alright after that crash, that looked really nasty- Sam in the back as well! Anyway, well done with this again, the comic is pretty much just amazing and I will start subscribing to it so I can’t forget! :)

  15. BSQ

    Oooh the carnage… muahaha…
    Dismemberment is only funny if you are killing a necromorph =/

  16. raeByppilF

    Oh, that didn’t end well for poor Steven…
    Oh, Kewl! New versus! :D

  17. Nicole

    I think Shadow said it earlier…if it was Death vs. the Dragon the bear would’ve gotten my vote. But our dear Lech…well…he’s more fun to watch getting his butt kicked.

  18. ponyhome

    Steven goes by the name “Lefty” these days…

  19. Solario the Visored

    Alas, poor Steven. I knew him, sort of…

    By the way, It was nice seeing your ad for Bear Nuts hotel key cards in the book at Further Confusion. :)

  20. JS

    Is there anyplace to see the old Versusesesses? Versusi… Versus…etc. …The old cartoons where the bears fight something? I think I really missed out. :)

  21. Hoheh

    It’s all fun and games until someone dies…

  22. kitsunekage

    @Hoheh Then you search thru their pockets for loose change and credit cards…

  23. Lori

    i LOVE Flight of the Choncords =)

    AND….Steven was my favourite =( just kidding…but for this I completely blame nerd. no no fighting over the polar bear voo-doo doll!

  24. tsophiekins

    @JS if you’re on facebook, Alison’s posted them all there! Search for Bear Nuts Comic I think, and ‘like’ the page!

  25. Rosewater

    Wow that some powerful voodoo he do

  26. Blacky Blackerson

    To be honest, this is the first time Nerd should be faulted for the accident. The Gay insident wasn’t really his fault because if Evil didn’t place it over a fire in the first place it wouldn’t have happened.
    Is it me or is this leading up to a character arc? I’ve noticed a pattern of significant events ending and leading to character development.

  27. linkoflegend

    is stephen…dead? i mean that was a lot of blood

  28. JS

    @tsophiekins Thanks, tsophiekins, I’m much obliged. :D

  29. Ghost in Gears

    Aw, darn it. Steven was my favorite.

  30. Anon

    Bahahahaha, oh god this is just delicious. It’s a pity it happened to Steven, though– he seemed to be the nicest one.

  31. Rexia

    *cackles* They got what was coming to them.
    Even if Stephen doesn’t seem as bad, what was it they said?
    He “sucks by association”.

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