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January 14th, 2011

Page 242

I drew a nice polar bear for a ShirtWoot derby on the arctic.  It was kind of a PSA type theme sponsored by a conservation group so I went kind of sad in my entry and it didn’t end up placing too high but he’s a cute polar all the same… or maybe I’ll just call it a girl bear to help even things out a bit… I gotta come up with a bunch of random female side characters and better represent my gender… what are the most feminine zoo animals anyway?

And don’t forget Tuesday the 11th was National Human Trafficking Awareness Day and the Comic Creator’s Alliance (a group of over 100 comic creators) is currently backing two deserving charities: Love 146 and Gracehaven House (two organizations who help with victim rehabilitation and prevention).  The donation drive will last for two weeks, from Jan 11th-24th.  You can find more info and donate here:

You’ll receive a thank you wall paper with a female character headshot from all the contributing artists (I believe you can buy a print as well).  Tarty Gay is up there but so are my only female characters: (Madge is unimpressed)


  1. TigersBloodMagik

    Hmmm…I’m starting to wonder if all the duct tape, fire, hair dyes, random shavings, and now spray paint are taking a toll on the bears here. You know at least one of them has got to have a permenate bald spot by now heh :-D

  2. Lori

    LOVE Evil’s humor in this =) and the last panel is the best, even though i love nerd also in this storyline.

  3. JIMA

    I was just wondering if you noticed the glaringly obvious gramatical error that you have used all capital letters in the characters speech, rather than just at the beginning of the sentence or to identify a direct noun. This is an affront to all that is holy and sanctimonious in the english language and as the sole user, defender and developer of english, I demand compensation from your web comic which has entertained me for the past few years for free. My grammer lawyer will be contacting you with a “cheese and
    persist” order demanding that you put the lettering in small letters where appropriate or compensating me for my pain and suffering for 1/10th of my $0.0000001 of contributions to the site. (and that’s in Canadian funds missy! Not that useless colourless southern money!)

  4. JIMA

    Or if you’ll just accept my kudos for making one of the most entertaining webcomics around and ignore all the neg-nags out there, I would consider that fair compensation. =)
    Sorry for the sarcasm, just hate how uppity people get when they are on the internet, they forget that they are essentially strangers making comments that otherwise they should be keeping to themselves. Myself included! I love the irony! Mwahahahahaha!!!
    Really great comic though!

  5. EJAK5199

    I see a Prozac doll in there. Is that Death in the top right corner?

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