Page 284
August 29th, 2011

Page 284

Either Prozac is hitting a little person clowny henchman… or he’s just punching one that’s already down… I’m not sure what I was thinking when I cropped those panels so tight.  These pages are only a couple of months old but I can still look at recent stuff and want to re-do bits.  So annoying, like poosplosions.  If you don’t have kids I won’t explain what those are, but imagine it times two…

Today’s vote incentive is another random t-shirt design where I abuse small animals.


  1. Blacky Blackerson

    Oh, Nevermind.

  2. Zermel

    Thats what that was for…I found that on yahoo images :) I honestly thought most people would have seen it by now.

  3. Zermel

    and don’t call Alison a bastard ;)

  4. Candycaness

    people who did not see it now i know where it is and i can show you guys

  5. Zermel

    Don’t click that…I will be full of grief if you do :(

  6. Candycaness

    soonds good to me

  7. Fingerscrossed

    I’m guessing that fizzle from death’s hug somehow healed his cells and now he’s back to “normal” again. At least I hope. Fingers crossed. :3

  8. Zankou

    wasn’t it the balding looking minion the one that had the big hammer before?

  9. beaufleur

    LOVE this story arc! And yes, I am all too familiar with the explosions of poo … :P Voted!! And I LOVE your Pegasus btw, one of the best I’ve seen! Glad things are settling in with the little guys, sending positive thoughts your way!

  10. alexander

    after this ark, do as you promised, and introduce a female character!

  11. Jadugara

    Ha! Check out the sparkles! Things are about to get faaaabuuuuulouuuuuuusssssssss!

  12. TheTBBNo1

    Kill steal by Evil again! I love it!

  13. Beta

    @alexander – i still think its too early to introduce a female character, but we’ll see. We are still getting to know the other characters as it is, and vanity was intoduced not too long ago. We don’t know much about him yet at all, let alone the other 6 bears and how they got to be who they are. I think the earliest we will see a new character, and a female at that, is during either Lech’s or Gimpy’s origin arcs. I see the introduction of a female character in this instance a main trigger into either’s past.

  14. Zankou

    @beta – that actually makes sense having 1 or either showing up in well lech’s and then showing up irt anyway, not really sure about gimp.

    also iv noticed when i respond to these they tend to be like 10-15 minutes after posting, thats just a coincidence btw lol

  15. alexander

    lol if the one who I think will be introduced first is, than tanked will of found a sister, and lech will of found someone to make gay jealous, also someone to let everyone know that gay is gay (lol, like they don’t already) or just let gay know he is gay.

  16. Hoheh

    It’s good to know Tanked can talk, rarely, but still. Gimp can talk… right?

  17. corvuscorone68

    i love that face Tanked is pulling when he says quack, it is just too awesome

  18. alexander

    Yes, tanked is just delightfully retarded .

  19. Zermel

    I doubt he is retarded,I think he is just to drunk to think correctly. :) but in a way he is retarded : /

  20. alexander

    true, he is retarded till he passes out from lack of oxygen and hallucinates, and appears to be able to make good, spur of the moment decisions, like taping a bear can on gays head to stop the swelling, when evil hit him and took some fur.

  21. Cam

    Poor Lech, Evil’s taking away all his fun. And here comes the Magnificent Flamin-ho!

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