Page 285
September 5th, 2011

Page 285

Sorry Gay, it was a fantastic costume though.  Perhaps one day the world will be ready for The Magnificent Flamingo.


  1. Shada

    The return of El Feato!

    He has risen!

  2. Zankou

    What a coincidence of gimp to bring Smelling salts.
    how many is that evil has gotten now? 3-4?

  3. alexander

    LOl, gay got owned, also tanked+el feato’s conjoined twin=epic cuteness.
    looks like lech’s going to “accidentally” hit evil with that chair, two birds with one stone.

  4. gomamon2003

    Looks like evil’s gonna to sleep well.

  5. mieville

    love the dirty look from death in the middle panel

  6. Sketch

    Correction, Alison = Flaming Ho.
    By the way, this page is to DIE for! Panel 3-5 is hilarious, and I love how Death’s stood watching them all, with Evil and Lech in the background for some action. I’m wondering where Prozac is though.
    @Zankou: I checked, aaand it’s 3.

  7. Sketch

    Well, including the clown on this page it’s 4.

  8. justsomeperson

    Sketch, you do realize it sounds like you’re calling Alison a flaming ho, right? Also, 2 pages left of this arc! I wonder what they will contain?

  9. Shawn

    ummmm…where does Gimp keep his First Aid kit?????

  10. Glowworm

    Gay–you are a terrible wrestler!

  11. Sketch

    Yeah, I do realise, but I mean that Gay is o3o

  12. Leak

    Epic bootface is epic… :D (Also, flat…)

  13. Narfcake

    DoOomcat’s Cuddlefish going RAWR! = cute.
    DoOomcat’s clown going RWAR! = foot in face. :)

  14. alexander

    the next character to be introduced will be introduced will be… PEDO BEAR

  15. squidbob

    ooh Facefirst into the corner pole that’s gotta hurt!

  16. squidbob

    no chainsaws? what kind of wrestling is this ?

  17. Omagadude

    Just caught your comic, stayed up till 2:30 despite my alarm. Quite the awesome series, new reader spotted! Thanks.

  18. Brian Hibbs

    Lech just can’t get a break with Evil stealing every opportunity to hurt something, even the knocked out wrestler got one in before Lech.

  19. MetaPope

    No one at work understands why I love Mondays so much! Great panel Allison.

  20. Sterling Rodd

    It looks to me like Gay is now the one most in need of smelling salts… and possibly reconstructive facial and dental surgery. But then again, he is a bear; he’s probably made of sterner stuff. :)

  21. Candycaness

    y wood gimp poisin that fat guy

  22. Sketch

    Candy, he wasn’t poisoning him, it’s Smelling salts. :3

  23. Zermel

    Smelling salts used to be used in boxing in order to revive the boxer after a knockout by holding the smelling salts near the boxer’s nose, sadly smelling salts are no longer allowed. Smelling salts are made out of both ammonium carbonate and perfume,it is used to alleviate headaches and fainting.

    Problem Candy?

  24. Nicole

    Welcome, Omagadude! Glad you’ve found the comic to join the rest of us Bear Nuts fans!

    Oh, gawd…somebody help Gay!

  25. Zankou

    @Nicole: I had a feeling something would happen to gay once he got the chance to show off lol nothing seems to go the way he plans

  26. Candycaness

    Zankou ur avatar is so cruul and i think it animal aboos

  27. alexander

    candycaness, your spelling makes my eyes hurt.

  28. Zermel

    Agreed :)

  29. admin

    @Omagadude: Thanks for the awesome comment and glad you like BN :D

  30. Nicole

    I don’t think I’ve ever had Gay as my avatar, but that first sparkly pose of The Magnificent Flamingo is just too purdy to pass up.

  31. Zankou

    @nicole- coincidentally i had just made this avatar just the other day lol

  32. purplegriffin

    boot to the head

  33. Nicole

    That avatar is brilliant, Zankou! Lech’s face…hahahaha!

  34. Anniebunny

    Is it bad that I am getting joy from the clown beatdown? I want Lech to get another shot, please.

  35. T-Shaw

    Gimp looks like a cool character

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