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September 12th, 2011

Page 286

Sooo tired.  We’re heavy into rag weed season which saps my strength on a good day but the sinus headaches and stuffy nose go wonderfully with an average of 4 hours of sleep per night (less than that lately thanks to all the cluster feeding).  The boys are 12 weeks old today, or technically one month since they were 2 months early.  We’re looking forward to finding out what they weigh at their checkup later today, I think the bigger one is already over 11 pounds.  The confusing thing is plotting their growth and milestones against their corrected age.  They’re not as advanced as a 3 month old of course, but they’re a little bigger than the average 1 month old and they focus better and can lift their heads up pretty well.  I guess they’re kind of in an odd middle ground… and they got shots today :(

I managed to get a new vote incentive up this week (man, one week off and we dropped to 28th!):  Tanked demonstrating his artistic skills.


  1. clay

    evil…almost as badass as death on cocane

  2. Candycaness

    Boggles my mind Zoe that you actually think that I have never seen a “real” bear before,did you just type that in to hopefully offend me or are you just testing me?It must be confusing for you people to guess why I am typing this now,fact is it isn’t so fun geting on here just to bother a select few of you as much as it used to be, I’m also not just some idiot siting infront of his/her computer all day doing this to people because thats just not me.LONG story short i am done with the harasment and here for legit,serious,friendly commenting, but the fact you guys all put up with it,just well done.Bravo

  3. Beta

    Candycaness – if none of that was sarcasm then.. well… welcome.

    Bring on the next page!!!

  4. Zermel

    NO,Beta I smell a trap…the amount he/she typed shows it’s being planned,or serious.Read my friends copy of book of Prozac and Evil and I give it a little over 9000 thumbs up :)

  5. justsomeperson

    Thanks for the funny reference Zankou! :)

  6. Hohheh

    Those clowns got decimated.

  7. Cam

    Go Gimp! And sorry Lech, no hits for you today.

  8. Thwaitesy

    The 7th and 8th panels are just adorable

  9. Nila

    Gimp is just like- “I’m sick of ya shit!” Smacked that clown like Richie did to Pennywise~

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