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September 19th, 2011

Page 287

So we’ve finally come to the end of the Tanked arcs, and I’m not much closer to finishing the book.  I have covers, and the extra pages, and coloring the rest of the bonus comic to do and some days I don’t find any time to actually work on anything so my goal of getting book 3 ready for Christmas is totally busted (you can guys can stop emailing to ask when it’ll come out cause I really don’t know, though I appreciate your interest :)  There’s still a couple of arcs left to post from what will be Book 3 and then I don’t have any more pages done but I’m back to writing stuff now and it’s going slooooow, but it’s fun.

In a couple more months the babies will be able to sit up and grab stuff and entertain themselves (and hopefully sleep longer!!!) and there will be a light at the end of this very tiring tunnel.  In the mean time: look at them fight!

If you haven’t seen Unstealthiest Ninja yet then please check him out on Shirt Woot… I believe his days are numbered (once a shirt design gets reckoned they’ll never sell it again.)  He’s had a great run though, done better than his inspiration ninja…


  1. Zermel

    Such a cute and AWESOME ENDING.If that was real hair Evil could totally make a voodoo doll and often poke it to relieve him of his childhood.

  2. Zankou

    I started reading this at the start of the origin of tanked and now its finished. was awesome all the way

  3. Candycaness

    You read my mind Zermel,looks to me like Gay is fine,not so great for Lech who seems rather disapointed in not beating anyone up.AND Death’s wonderful smile there,cant tell if its from Gays position or what Evil said.Through this it seems that only Tanked,Evil,and death enjoyed the visit.

    Also Alison I think you should do this instead… You guys can stop emailing me,instead of ..You can guys stop emailing me.
    YAH thats right, I corrected the Author. Nice slideshow, couldnt make a video :) ?

  4. justsomeperson

    So nobody noticed they were bears, interesting. Yay, Gimp arc that is online next Monday, I can’t wait! And don’t worry about the book, Allison, get it ready at your own pace. We can wait.

  5. alexander

    lol, nice hair evil. What do you mean its not natural?
    this was an epic arc.

  6. Zankou

    @alexander- i think zermel said that cause most clowns wear wigs, or the ones iv seen do

  7. likeacupcake

    Well… it looks like the one in yellow has the “Palm Pushing Block” under toe, I take it they take after their mother? =P

    Love the expressions in the final panel too:
    Death: *Boredom*
    Evil: *GLEE ^_^*
    Lech: “…it’s a stupid sport anyway…” *grumble* *grumble*
    Gimp: “Evil, if you go back there, you take patch yourself up.”
    Prozac: “Evil, say another word, just do it, just say one more word.”

  8. Sketch

    I can’t resist laughing uncontrollably to Lech and Death’s faces in the last panel. <3
    I find it amusing with the look of how Lech is obviously disappointed he didn’t get a turn. Oh, and woot! New arc next weeeek~

  9. Tara

    Tanked’s best day EVER! :D

  10. Sterling Rodd

    Gay’s still out? Are they sure he’s breathing? :) What impresses me is that Death thought it was important to bring along the beak from Gay’s costume.

    So that was EXTREMELY public. Are the Discount bears out in the world now? Are they through with having to act like mindless bears in the zoo?

    Probably not surprisingly, I’ve really missed Nerd. I hope he’ll get some face time in the next few weeks. :) Who’s with me? NERD NERD NERD NERD NERD NERD NERD…!!!

  11. Sterling Rodd

    P.S. Oh yes, and obviously the boys have been reading Mommy’s comic. Wrestlemania 2011: Slapfest! Moe and Curly live again. ;)

  12. squidbob

    “oh a woise guy eh”
    “why I oughtta….”
    “nyuck nyuck…”

  13. Paul

    I like how amused Death is in the last panel.

  14. MyTigerX

    Hahaha wow I love this webcomic any who I think you should even branch off even more cuz that ninja shirt guy could really make a great webcomic………….no rush =”3 also I think most of US readers would like to see another duo like lecherous evil maybe team crack tank =”)

  15. MyTigerX

    By the way what is crack bear and the panda doing?????????

  16. bakaneko

    cute kids! who, in their head put captions to their actions?

  17. anon-e-mouse

    @ MyTigerX: Vanity and Nerd stayed at the zoo to take care of Crack, who was still freaking about the corn incident seen here:

  18. Brian Hibbs

    Gay’s face looks really messed up in panel three, like it’s not even a face anymore. It is interesting that they got out of there with no consequences. I guess people thought they were in costumes the whole time. Probably means that the people understood what they said too, makes it easier to think they’re human.

    Evil seems to have an obsession with red hair, all the time he shaved tank’s fur and now the clown hair. It reminds me of page 15 where he imagines ripping off Tank’s skin so gay could wear it. Although I doubt he plans on anything like that for gay, he wouldn’t want anyone to benefit from his cruelty other than himself.

  19. Kath

    Look, you have babies, right? three of them!! First and formost Alison, You need to get the sleep that YOU NEED- yes, the book will be lovely but you need to take care of yourself!! don’t worry about us!! we can re read the comics if we need a bear nuts fix.

    Uber great ending. Tanked is so happy about how it ended, He got E Fs belt, and a cap, and a beer, and cotton candy. It took 3 reads to notice that evil got not only the red hair, but the clown shoes as well (and I wonder if he can do his ebil mojo to them as easy as using the hair??)

  20. Charmy-Monster

    This may be one of my favourite arcs. It was pretty entertaining and was about one of my favourites.
    And this page, the last panel specifically, is so full of Win. Can’t wait for Gimpy’s arc next monday!

    And Kath is right you need to sleep. A lot of sleep, since you may be very busy taking care of the kids and whatnot.

  21. Candycaness

    LOL k lets see now,Evil goes to cut a small part of the clown hair or wig off and it shows him wearing the whole thing.. did he even cut it or jsut grab it and make off with the shoes??? either way its some great stuff to put on that mantel of his dont you guys think?cant wait to see what happens next

  22. Glowworm

    The animated video of the twins is adorable!

  23. Ciao

    hrm…Evil would of looked better with that dyed blue…oh well at least he has something to put on his trophy shelf.

    aww their first fist fight, your kids are adorable.

  24. Beta

    @Candy – Nah, this is EVIL we are talking about. Just grabbing it and going isn’t devious enough. Just what he did exactly I don’t know.

    Evil’s Mantel. I always love that page. 5 am, wakes up, lights, aaaaaand, that look I have when I turn on the lights on in the morning. :D

    Really can’t wait until the next Arc. Gimpy doesn’t get enough love :)

  25. Nicole

    My little sister uses her grabbing skills to grab my pencils and rip pages out of my sketchbook. Good luck.

  26. Jarman

    I like the baseball cap design with the Z on it, you should make some.

  27. Tigerbitten

    The great Flaming-ho (ah so funny!) is going to be mighty upset about having his face smashed in. Much more than when he got trampled by the drugged elephant

  28. C. Phillips

    I started reading this comic about 2 weeks ago. And I immediately fell in love with it.
    Thank you. I read all the archives. This comic gave me the giggles so much that I cannot stop reading it over and over again.
    Congrats on the babies. You do have your hands full.

  29. Beta

    I still cant stop laughing at gay. His face is STILL indented in in panel 3.

  30. Narfcake

    3 months old today, and the DoOomkittens are well into sibling rivalry already …

    You know it’s only going to get worse, right? :)

  31. Nicole

    Oh, the boys are so cute! :D Love the pics!

    WONDERFUL arc! Very satisfying ending. :) I love to see Tanked so content and happy and back to normal. Poor Gay is going to have a hard time recovering from having his face smashed in. Oy!

  32. centkin

    Death bear looks like lech usually does in that picture. I have a hard time picturing death bear EVER having that look/slouch etc even looking at him. Just doesnt fit his nature.

  33. Raven

    You and your Hubby make adorable babies! XD

  34. Beta

    Awww. For some reason I didn’t notice Gimp lending Lech a kind hand on the shoulder in panel 3. Lech looks so depressed.

  35. Soroc

    …or would that be Impostors of Imposters!??!

  36. Wolfen

    BRAVO! Wonderful ending to a great comic arc. I now love Tanked and I think I just became a fan of El Feato. Nice work Alison!

  37. Saiyza

    It’s not every day you get to high-five a baby strapped to a wrestler’s mask. Hooray for randomness!!

  38. corvuscorone68

    ehehehe the baby in the giraffe outfit looks like he’s in training as a Shaolin monk, with those moves

  39. S.P

    That ending made me smile a lot. :3

  40. Zermel

    I could care less about couldn’t care less bear -.-

  41. keke

    Very nice babies ! You’re doing well with both painting and babying !

    Nice production.

  42. KStormGemini

    I have to say Gimp, Death and Evil are my favorites.
    Oh hey, hi, yeah I’m a lurker. ^^;;
    But anyway, love the comic. Found it through Jester Brand (Coffin Comics) I think… Yeah that’s right. Anyway, I seem to be collecting bear based w.c.s… Some time you should check out… I think Evil would like it. ^_^
    And before I start really rambling, I’ll close with a congrats on your lil wrestlers-to-be. I think they haven’t quite figured out that they don’t have to fight for space any more. X)

  43. sneakers

    I really liked this arc–it was fun and engaging and enough silliness to keep everyone happy. Plus each bear got a reference. This one is fantastic.

    Thank you for sharing the boys fighting–they are so cute!

  44. CerealPhreak

    Ahhh man best story for me so far!

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