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September 26th, 2011

Page 288

Bird brains… You should fly AWAY from predators, but I guess Evil just has a really welcoming look.

I finally got around to reading the Hunger Games series since I’ve had a lot of ‘free’ time sitting around feeding babies.  Although it will be forever associated in my mind with nipple pain and being spit up on, I did fine it very entertaining and I’m curious how they’re going to adapt it for film.  I don’t imagine I’ll be able to watch it when it comes out but I look forward to seeing it eventually.  Still haven’t got started on Twilight though….. :)

Anyway, Harry Potter fun in honor of me not having seen that movie either.


  1. Hoheh

    Not cool, Evil.

  2. Bearnutsfan

    OMG i want see te next page! i want see the gimp reaction for that!!!

  3. Sketch

    @Zermel: Thou is so amazing. <3

    @Sterling: Yeah, I think they could use a bit more action. ^^

  4. Sterling Rodd

    @Sketch Yeah, I think they could use a bit more action. ^^

    Yeah! The only action Nerd and Crack have had lately would be with each other!

    …Uh, no, what I mean is… I mean, they haven’t had any action with the other bears. Yeah.

    …No, wait… what I mean is… uh… I need to see more purple and green! There! :lol:

  5. Candycaness

    Rodd thats got to be the second homosexual pun you have made right? Thanks ! because my computer is on a wonderful desk with a piece that slides in and out {currently out} and while laughing I pushed it in and of course my cup of coffee is like right there, and is now ALL OVER MY WONDERFUL DESK, and floor or it was this is after i cleaned it up and that was a big cup dude,and I dont drink cold coffee, I had just made it like 5 minutes ago. So congrats, someone hates you now :l (ALSO it just completly f’d up my keyboard so I had to unbox my reserve keyboard >__< AND where is Vanity !?

  6. GamerGirl

    Yay! Finally, a Gimp arc! I swear, I want a Gimp plushie. I will have one, even if I have to make one myself. If it turns out well, I’m going to make a plushie of every one of them.

    As for those Twilight books; read them for yourself and make your own judgement. Don’t let others sway you. I finally gave in and watched the first movie two years ago, then borrowed the books to read them. Yes, they are a bit fluffy and a different take on the vampire myth. I liked them, I enjoyed the story (even if Bella’s obsession was almost unhealthy), and have re-read them. But they are not on my list of all time favorite books ever.

  7. NK_Nutter

    Lol! Keen to see what Gimp will do to Evil now… XD

  8. MJ Holmes


    THIS IS NOT AN AD. Period. I want to know if you’ve any predilections towards e-formats of books. I have a book I’d like to give you, and the easiest way to get it to you is by Digital Format. Fair trade for the entertainment you’ve provided so far. ;3
    So, if you’ve a Kindle, NOOK, or PC/MAC with the ability to open the files, I’d like you to have a copy. if you’re interested. Thank you again.

  9. nothing

    why would evil mess with someone who keeps handcuffs, whips, paddles, and chains in his room?

  10. centkin

    This is very similar to what happens when you end up with a tame deer — it may be hello, we like you and all but when it says hello, I like you to a hunter — blammo.

  11. Sonic the hedgehog

    What’s with that look….?

  12. Sketch

    @Sterling: Well, I have to admit I giggled at that.
    Ahem, anyway Rodd, they could do with a bit more appearences – They’re turning to withdrawed, like Death. Well, it’s natural for Crack I s’pose. But Nerd? Ohnono. Unless he’s in his room doing space-doll games with his action figures. IT is possible. :3

  13. Sketch

    @Candycaness: Oooh, harsh. Well, your loss. Vanity’s probably trying to dis-infect the urine on his precious bamboo.

    -Excuse double posts, but I only read comments which catch my eye, I then read the other comments. Mhm.-

  14. Bosn_C_Otter

    Evil better get ready, Im sure gimp has a few single tails and expanding anal bulbs he is just dying to use.

  15. Candycaness

    I’m looking forward to evil geting his arse kicked actually!

  16. Kitkat

    I never understood what Gimp is wearing…

  17. James

    This is the most we have seen of Gimp’s personality. I would like to see more of his true personality and get to know him as someone other than just a medic.

    Ps why is Gump wearing that mask all the time?

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