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October 3rd, 2011

Page 289

I was talking with a mom who has two boys, both teens now, about the level of violence in her house hold as they grew up.  She said she basically would ignore them unless it was getting out of hand but gave up refereeing when they outgrew her.  Generally the scrapes and bruises were pretty minor but she recalled one incident of bed jumping that resulted in a loose skin flap and some exposed skull… I’m thinking I should upgrade my first aid skills.  We did do infant and child CPR at the hospital which was interesting as the procedure has changed quite a bit since I last took the course (no more AR whatsoever!) but the idea of ever having to use it is a little terrifying.

Today’s vote incentive is another rejected tee design which is too bad as I think he’s cute but they were concerned about the idea of eating children, even stick figure ones!  But no worries, I’ll just have to find another home for Fat Green Monster (and perhaps a better name).


  1. Candycaness

    Yeah I kinda agree Zermel I think Evil was telling the truth, you ever see him eat a salad before?I don’t think so and really I dont think any of them have and Tanked is good for drinking beer because you can live off a beer and nothing else if you wanted to.Whats that Zermel. Looks like Evil clawing Gays face off.forgot to see this page last monday so I get 2 pages the same week :)

  2. Zermel

    Well,they have the option but when have they ever done it?

  3. Sketch

    @Zermel: Oh, it was a typo. Doesn’t matter. c:

    @Beta: It’s a comic. Evil can even be a computervore if he wants to be. X3 But yes. Bears are Omnivores.

    @Candy: -Snicker- Nahhh~ Prolly not.

  4. Narfcake

    Note to Gimp … attend Crack first. Evil can wait. :)

    BTW, vote vote vote vote VOTE!

  5. Zermel

    I forgot that they are KickAss bears so maybe they are carnivores. Really who cares there the same either way! Anyone looking forward to the prequel of the thing?

  6. Beta

    @Sketch: I was using it as a Joke. Like, that Evil isn’t a typical bear, and maybe not even of this world XD. Seriously though, If there were to be one bear that could only eat other animals, it would be Evil. I mean, he has horns! And I do acknowledge that it is just a comic. I’ve pointed it out on a few occasions in times when there has been speculation of how something was possible.

    @Zermel: lol. I think I remember posting that they were Bears of the Kick Ass variety some pages ago, but had since forgotten. Made me laugh a bit. :)

  7. Zermel

    you did and so did someone else :D

  8. Sketch

    @Beta: Well, I was sorta tired the time I posted that, apologies. Yeah, it would HAVE to be Evil. xD He’s amazing though. <3
    @Zermel: Very KickAss bears indeed. :3

  9. corvuscorone68

    @Beta yeh i think the only time Evil would eat plants is if it could aid in the destruction of his enemies

  10. Candycaness

    corvuscorone68-So basicly drugs?

  11. Beta

    Evil would only eat plants had he eaten everything else. :D

  12. Zankou

    I think the only “plant” like food iv seen evil eat was a grape back in origin of evil part 2

  13. Claire

    To the A/N, I’d just like to say: I grew up with many, many older brothers and sisters. My mom is a tiny, southern woman and my dad was never around. But her that didn’t stop her from beating discipline into us whenever we put a toe out of line. We weren’t allowed to fight, and we never did. Eventually, the whole lot of us grew to be extremely close friends.

    Basically, your children will behave as you raise them to. My mother tells me repeatedly how she was not strictly disciplined growing up, and as a result, her brothers and sisters often did as they pleased. She didn’t make the same mistake on us. Although at times she had to be extremely rough, she never gave up. We’re all successful men and women now, and we’re all grateful for how she raised us. c: It’s really up to you and how much you let your children get away with.

  14. Cam

    I love Crack’s scream. Aaiiiieeee~

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