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October 10th, 2011

Page 290

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  We have resorted to bribing Sam with pie so he’ll eat his turkey.  Unfortunately he seems to think stuffing it in his mouth, chewing a bit, then pulling the whole mess out again should suffice.  Hard to argue with a two year old (or almost two at least, 10 more days, wow does time fly).

Today’s the last day to vote for “The Siege” on Threadless!  Please vote if you have a chance, I need to buy more diapers.  (You don’t have to buy anything to vote on Threadless but you may need to create an account, I’m not sure.)

Today’s vote incentive is a Gimpish commission :)


  1. Zermel

    @Zankou- Wish I was there :)

  2. Zermel

    I meant @Sketch : / not zankou…just finished reading his other comment for a second time…

  3. Sketch

    @Zermel: It’s perfectly fine. A lot of people read the famous comments of Zankou. Easy to mistake. I suppose. ^^
    …You just reminded me, I should’ve taped it and uploaded it to Youtube, but I didn’t know that it was going to happen.

  4. Zermel

    lol yeh…Everytime i would read a page as i got further I started seeing his name and mainly read all his comments cuz of his avatar,then when i finally caught up
    about when it was on tanked jumping out of the container of beet I started commenting :3

  5. Zermel

    err, beet = beer

  6. Zankou

    @sketch-it doesn’t exactly help when we 3 have evil as our avatars, easy to get mixed up sometimes. lol

  7. alexander

    Evil seems to THINK that Gimp is going to do something sick to him, and that’s probably the whole joke :)
    yeah 3 evil avatars is quite confusing.

  8. PicaDelphon

    I figed Gimp would of locked him to the Rack or something More of Gimps style..

  9. beta

    Doesn’t help much either that two of them have Z names.

  10. Lemrez

    Problem with Z… well it is now Lemrez = Zermel backwards. maybe it will help?

  11. Candycaness

    :O clever name change.

  12. Sketch

    @Lemrez/Zermel: Alrighty then. ^^ By the way, wonderful name change! It’s awesome. Zermel’s an epic name x3x So’s Lemrez, even if it is backwards.
    @Zankou: I suppose. x3 But I love Evil, so my avatar stays, until there’s a better expression ^^
    @Beta: That doesn’t help at all.

  13. Lemrez

    I still have my old expression,Sketch take a lookie

  14. Zankou

    new avatar is gimptastic

  15. Sketch

    @Lemrez: Wonderful ;3 He looks pretty mad there. ^^
    @Zankou: Yeppers c:

  16. Sketch

    Oh, hello hello again. BearNuts issss… 5th on the TWC List!

  17. Lemrez

    Wasn’t it the fourth before? I am disapoint

  18. beta

    It was a close race between the 5th and fourth place last time i checked. Zermel, we need to vote more often is all.

    I liked Zermel better. It rolled off of the tongue much easier.

    I could always change my avatar to Evil and then go by the name “Zeta” :)

  19. Bosn_C_Otter

    I just noticed the cute little band aid on Evils nose. Outstanding!

  20. Lemrez

    Ha, whats wrong with this name,hope people don’t change their names cuz things would be much more confusing.

  21. Zankou

    iv been using mine since i was 12, not changing it now

  22. Sketch

    @Lemrez/Zermel: Mhm. It WAS, we just, like Beta said, need to vote more.
    @Beta: That would be all-too-confusing. x3
    @Zankou: I’m pretty uncreative with awesome names, so I’m sticking to this name until I find/make one I like.

  23. Quebecmutt

    cant help but see River Tam pop her head in the door and go “i can kill you with my brain” while Evil’s eyes widen.
    its like the scene right out of Firefly’s “Trash” episode lol. :3 come to think of it Evil sort of reminds me of Jane.

  24. Zankou

    idk i kinda like the name sketch

  25. Beta

    Sketch is one of those names I wish I would have thought of a long time ago. It probably isn’t taken on many websites either. I’m good with Beta though. It’s usually not taken surprisingly enough.

  26. Sketch

    Is that so, Beta? <3 I quite like that name. Beta. Beta. Betaaaaa~ It’s a cool name, but Zankou’s an awesomesauce name aswell. c:

  27. Kath

    Bandages, the new restraint— :D got to love the irony of it all- What did Evil expect? Puppies?
    Gotta love Gimp!

  28. Lemrez

    @Kath- R.I.P. Eaten puppy.

  29. Beta

    Awesomesauce just made my day :)

    And yes, puppies indeed. Although if he did wake up to puppies I think he would be more confused than he already is.

    And… Bear Nuts is now Number 6 on TWC by one vote! NOOOOOOOooooo…….!

  30. Sketch

    @Beta: We’d all better re-vote!

  31. Beta

    I voted 3 times but unfortunately it’s hard to do with the wait time. Probably not fair to be able to vote 3 times successfully, but my guess is others do the same.

    On another note, I think It’s about time I do another Fan Art piece because recording music isn’t working out so hot. :c

    That, and we’re only hours away from another page. I’m very interested to see what Gimp is going to do, if anything, to make Evil abhor the terrible decision he made earlier.

  32. Lemrez

    number 6 :( oh well 1 minutes

  33. EJAK5199

    Did anyone else notice that The Gimps’ Eyes look alot like how Prozac’s moms did?

  34. Elkian

    Never anger the medic.

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