Page 281
August 8th, 2011

Page 281

A quick update cause I’m soooo tired and Owen only sleeps well if he’s on me :(  So did Sam for that matter…outside parasites.

This is really cool though:  BN fans in Russia made my day :)  (click to enlarge)  Thanks for the photo Darian!

And here’s a little Flamingo in action!


  1. Beta

    I enjoyed the extra pictures. Sometimes i wish we had a new comic every other day! But that would be an impossible task to ask of someone to accomplish. With the troubles i have getting anything done getting a weekly update is pretty dang good. But still. Im itching to see the next page! :)

  2. Zankou

    @beta – in the extra, hes one pose away from being hulk hogan except i think hogan is more flamboyant looking (if thats possible)

  3. Zermel

    In Soviet Russia, Tanked bear wears shoes…infront of you.

  4. Beta

    Zankou, not entirely sure what you are refering to?

    Zermel, on what page did death have an ice cream scoop?

  5. Zankou

    @beta- just when you said ” I enjoyed the extra pictures”
    also he had the scoop when everyone stopped evil from using the scoop

  6. Zankou

    unless you were referring to the russian pictures, i was referring to the vote picture

  7. Zermel

    @Beta-Lol,U liek teh scoop? And yes Zankou I was talking about the russian one of course… :)

  8. Beta

    I was referring to the extra cosplay pics.

    Ah, glad to have football back again. My team still sucks so far though. Oh well :)

  9. Talon

    Your Russian fans kick ass. And so does this comic!

  10. Zermel

    We would all think that it was death that did it right,well I forgot about a special grey bear who could have taken a taser from *panel 4 * … without us knowing which would explain that epic smile on the second to last panel on

  11. Zankou

    id like to think its death but i think it would take alot longer to get down to the ring from where they were then the like 2 seconds they would have

  12. Beta

    I dont know. An alright amount of time happened between them spotting tanked and the zapping. Plus time really isnt a huge factor in a comic like this. When they spotted tank he was standing still and the clowns were just climbing the ring. We dont know for sure just how long the time lapses are between panels, so we dont know how long it was between him standing, then running, then getting on the ground, then cowering in fear, then about to get hit along with the announcer taking time to say his words.

    In the end. I’m over analysing it. Its either death, evil with a taser from before, or another wrestler who has some form of stage act involving the things we just saw.

    We’ll find out soon enough. :)

  13. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Alright I’ve got to ask: is the humanized, gender-swapped Gay a lesbian or straight?

  14. Zermel

    @Zankou- I would think it is death also because a taser does not send you flying, but then again Evil has 2 feet and 2 fists perfect for the job. Although it seems more likely to be Death since he naturally can zap you,and that when you see ‘FZTT’ it is a sign he totally got you…I am also excited I brought in a new possibility of who did it ;D

    For as lightning cometh out of the east, and appeareth even into the west: so shall the coming of the Son of man be.
    Matthew 24:27

  15. Zankou

    @soundwave- um well seeing as hes a guy i dont think hes a lesbian, unless you mean the outfit hes not gender swapped hes just in a flamingo suit lol. unless im totally confused by this question lol

  16. saraba73

    the only thing i found odd was the person dressed as nerd wasnt purple enough. the shirt was grey.

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