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August 1st, 2011

Page 280

So we had Evan for about a week before Owen came home and it was nice to get them back together again.  Barely two hours home and the little one demonstrates this nice stretch action into an elbow to the head… so my son :)  Now I just need to teach Evan to block.

I’m definitely planning skins for each bear and these were a lot of fun to do too… now I want an iphone just so I can use them.

I feel kind of silly having to ask you guys to please leave the comment section for legitimate comments but I’d rather not see a repeat of last week and as I have limited time not feeding/burping/changing a baby I’d really rather not spend it deleting a bunch of inane/inappropriate/rude comments.  I have no problem with the odd off topic comment but I draw the line at immature and offensive.  I know that sounds vaguely hypocritical coming from the writer of this immature and sometimes crude comic but I think you guys know when to draw the line.  Plus stuff like that really clogs my inbox.


  1. centkin

    Death bear could REALLY use a lot more face-time. He seems too relegated to the background while other things happen sometimes, and he is my favorite bear by a wide margin.

  2. Sterling Rodd

    @Zermel — You’re right, we should save that for the next Nerd story. :)

  3. Zermel

    :) I do hope to see Nerd’s story soon and I wonder if there is more to evil’s story seeing he does not know how he got the scar, but its strange how only he has a scar…could gay’s hippo be a scar?

  4. Zermel

    or, turtle thing?

  5. SJ Mack

    Omg, your boys are SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! Their already acting like brothers. : 3
    And I absolutely ADORE Bear Nuts!!! <3
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Blacky Blackerson

    Nicole: Well be prepared to stay hooked. They have some pretty good music such as Clint Eastwood. I listen to pratically any genre. Some artist include NWA, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Adelle, Coldplay, Beastie Boys, Micheal Jackson (way too soon), Amy Winehouse (again, way too soon), Slipknot, India Arie, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Ray Charles, etc. Check some of these out when you get the time (especially Adelle and Amy Winehouse).

    Zermel: That symbol on Gay’s chest is the purple rhino. Alison was originally going to do a rainbow, but didn’t due to copyright since a Care Bear already had one. The purple rhino was created by two gay activists in December 1974. The purple is a common homosexual color and the rhino was used to represent those that are misunderstood and gentle yet will charge and fight ferociously when angered. This symbol was placed in Boston subways but the campaign became too expensive and the ads disapeared, never to be used again. Now how the hell do I know this and why the hell am I telling you this? Because I decided to study homosexuality at one point and came across this information (and no I’m not gay). It’s hard to avoid matters like these when you’re an associate to an open homosexual and go to a school with a transexual. Plus, I thought you’d like to know the origin of Gay’s belly symbol. Now his origin in general…I don’t know. Maybe we’ll find out next book.

    Zankou: I just type what’s on my mind while trying to keep it relevant to the subject matter. As you can tell, I have alot on my mind.

    Sterling Rodd & Zermel: So the Nerd fandom is still alive. That’s a relief; I thought this thread was being taken over by Evil enthusiast. I can see another Nerd story coming up in a few months or early next year, but it’s hard to see an origin arc anytime soon, seeing how you still have characters like Gay, Crack, and Gimp whose origins haven’t been examined yet.

  7. Zermel

    I have always liked the Gorillaz :) and thx for explaining in full about the rhino : / and I only want to see what evil will do to nerd :)

  8. Blacky Blackerson

    Zermal: No problem; I love dispensing information to people, even if no one asked or even wanted to know XD.
    Knowing Evil, it’s going to be cruel and targeted especially towards him. I mean, he invaded Nerd’s space dream just to scare him with an alien. However, I bet anything he does to Nerd will be because of his lack of social skills. Ever wondered why he mainly picks on Nerd when there are so many other targets in the group?

  9. Kurgash

    I really always wondered what the bear’s sound like when they talk. I want to hear Death’s sarcasm.

  10. Beta

    Holy paragraphs!

    I’m very interested to know the origin of the quieter characters. It seems interesting to me as to why they keep to themselves or don’t talk much or if at all. We know they are capable, but why they chose to not socialize often with any of the other bears… it intrigues me.

  11. Zermel

    @Black Blackerson – I disagree about him only targeting Nerd,He shaved Gay’s ass,Torched gay aswell,Threatens crack with corn,Urinates in vanity’s bamboo , and of course he makes Tanked sick. These are the reasons Evil is my favorite and even if he did none of these things he would always be the best…him and lech of course.Or if you wanna know my favorites they are Evil,Lech,Death,Prozac…occasionally nerd like when he totally beat the crap out of Evil :)

  12. Blacky Blackerson

    Zermel: Never said he only targeted Nerd, just that he recieves the most abuse. Sure Gay was burned to a crisp but Evil commited the ultimate sin towards Nerd…breaking a Star Trek fan’s model. I also find it funny that the most mischevious are usually the favorites. For example, you have Cartman from South Park and Riley from the Boondocks. Who would have thought something so bad could be so good.

  13. Zermel

    rlly? “Knowing Evil it’s going to be cruel and targeted especially towards him” also “Ever wondered why he mainly picks on nerd when there are so many other targets in the group?” and what do you mean when you say evil invaded nerd’s space dream

  14. Zankou

    @zermal – it was a vote and you get a special pic thing about 2 months ago or so

    also, i have new avatar? i think so

  15. Aquacoon

    Oh, now Gay’s outfit makes a lot more sense. Well uh, sort of.

  16. Zermel

    ah,I like that new avatar Zankou and it is another thing i can add,its Nerd’s doll

  17. BSSinSTL

    The kids are too cute! OOOhhh kawaii!!! I was involved in Uechi Ryu Okinawan karate for a long time and that looks like a great elbow strike. Must be genetic. I wonder if they were sparring in the womb?

  18. Blacky Blackerson

    Zermel: By “targeted especially towards him” I mean special tortue that effects Nerd the most (one example is when Nerd had a migrane and Evil constantly yelled in his ear), and by “mainly picks on Nerd” I mean that he takes the most abuse out of everybody. I hope that makes it a little clearer. By the way, having trouble figuring out what you want your avatar wants to be? I’ve seen you change quite a few times. You should keep the one you have; I kind of like it.

  19. Zermel

    whichone? I literally have tons
    Including animaniacs ^^

  20. Nicole

    @Blacky: Thanks for the musical suggestions. Much appreciated.

  21. Zermel

    I get the feeling as I look at this avatar every sentence I type involved yelling and I meant ‘Which one’

  22. Blacky Blackerson

    Nicole: No problem. I’m the guru when it comes to music XD. Most likely you won’t like all my suggestions, but I can almost guarantee you will like some of them.

    Zermel: Another Animaniacs fan huh? I used to watch that show all the time. As I grew older, I tried to find clips of the show on the internet and it still holds up. Plus, I get the dirty jokes they used to put in the show. I miss the days when the freakin’ FCC didn’t ride everything for its content.

  23. Zermel

    that show made sexual harassment look not so bad,mainly yakko chasing nurse, I have also tried watching all the episodes but I cant find them : / main thing you can watch is wakko’s wish

  24. Zankou

    they have torrents for episodes 1-50 if your don’t mind waiting awhile to watch them(not posting link cause torrents are technically illegal)

  25. Zermel

    no thx

  26. Sterling Rodd

    I’m dying for the next book to come out so I can read Bionic Commanda! I want to see Nerd and Evil emoting! :)

  27. Zermel

    I would like to buy the books but sadly I don’t see it happening soon.

  28. Blacky Blackerson

    Sterling Rodd: Yeah, they do make a dynamic duo don’t they? I’ll have to wait another year before I can get the books though. What I really want to see is what they do to replace Steve’s (he is Steve right?) arm.

  29. Zankou

    I would buy the books but i’m currently saving for a cintiq. zermel they have that show you want very cheap on amazon.

  30. Zermel

    I noticed that…its on itunes as well

  31. Brian Hibbs

    Beta: I’m also rather interested in the more quiet characters, the very fact that they don’t do much seems to give them somewhat of a mystique. Although I would shutter to think what made Gimpy a mute masocist.

    Death is especially interesting to me, he’s shown that he truly cares for the bares, he was the only one sit down with Evil and ask Evil if he wanted to talk about anything in The Origin of Evil after all the other bears yelled at him for kidnapping the kid, and he was the only one who seemed to really understand that Prozac was suffering back in The Origin of Prozac, when all the bears were squabling over the hat of authority he was the one who seemed most concerned about actually helping him. Yet at the same time he often displays disdain for the other bears. In his own comic he couldn’t stand to be in the same cave with them. As Alison said on the page where he was killing Gay’s flowers he probably has an “interesting” perspective on life. He’s firmly aware of how easily he could hurt the other bears intentionally or unintentionally and might feel uncomfortable around them for the very reason that he fears his own power to do harm. I doubt we’ll learn that much about him soon, despite his interesting psychology he never really does anything, making him fairly uninteresting alot of the time, and he is probably one of the hardest characters to write aside from gimpy.

    Of course that’s just the ramblings of a paranoid chronic over-analyser whom people have been calling both scary and crazy for years. Which begs the question: why did I bother to type it at all?

  32. Zankou

    @brian hibbs- because you wanted to voice your opinion on the current discussion?
    – I like death because im alot like him except for the whole powers thing obviously

  33. Beta

    Brian hibbs. Exactly my thoughts. its bascally the small flashes of who death really is that make him so interesting, and the same with gimpy and to an even smaller extent, crack. While they don’t have much to say most of time and are pretty much doing nothing for the most part, its the non-verbal communication that makes the characters. That goes with all characters really. It isnt what the characters say that makes their personality, but how they say it and how they do things when they do them. its not what prozac says that makes him so middle grounded. Its how he speaks to them, his actions and interactions with the other characters that make him the prozac we know. And same goes for lech too and evil, and everyone else. Its the non-verbal communication, and its stronger than any words that could define a character.

    Evil is in the top 2 for favorite characters, and i always hade the d-bag characters. But he’s different than all of the other assholes. That says something in volumes about how well Alison draws and can convey non-verbal communication in this comic. I probably relate a lot more to death and his zen like attitude and Evil still probably beats him in my favorites department. Thats saying something. :)

  34. Sterling Rodd

    @Brian why did I bother to type it at all?

    This is scary and crazy!

  35. Sterling Rodd

    I probably shouldn’t say anything because I imagine not everyone’s bought the books but there’s a scene with Death and Tanked that comes across as making Death look a little less compassionate than the others would tend to portray him. It was a kind of gratuitous slam at Tanked, and probably for something beyond his control, that suggests that even he — who I tend to think of as Prozac’s best possible successor, in that event — has the same malicious streak that pretty much all the bears have to a greater or lesser degree. There’s little question they enjoy taking their frustrations out on one another. Even Gimpy didn’t miss a chance to be less than sympathetic when removing Evil’s ear tag.

    There, now we’re all scary and crazy. Just like the bears. :)

  36. Beta

    The books are on my next list of things to purchase. :) if only i could get the books all the way up to this current run…

    Its almost weird to think of prozac having a successor. When worded that way it seems like its under the circumstance that he is no longer alive when the next person takes over.

  37. Sterling Rodd

    @Beta — That’s kind of what I meant… it’s hard to imagine the ursine Papa Smurf just giving up the post and letting things fall apart. Though maybe even a control freak like Pro gets tired.

  38. Zankou

    @rodd- i cant believe you used the smurfs as a reference X_X lol

  39. Zankou

    for some reason i’m still wondering whats going on with that clown minion in the last page that had the knife, like really? they allow knifes? lol seems a tad excessive for wrestling lol

  40. rezazel

    @Alison: I love your Bear Nuts comics, and it really pains me the comments section seems to have become an Instant Messenger platform all of a sudden…. (Ironically enough with lots of Evil Avatars :-) )

  41. I❤Monkeys

    This comic makes me happy (^ _ ^ ) Thank you for creating it! The twins are adorable ~ they would look cute in bear outfits (little onepiece with ears on the hoody hehe – I had a white rabbit ear hoody when I was little – Hope to see a photo of the three munchkins together!

  42. seagull

    Has anyone noticed that Gay’s hands have turned in to flippers from panels five to six?

    Also as an aside I love the comic! Big Fan. I think it’s amazing that even though you’re in the hospital you still throw up a comic every week. You are just simply amazing!

  43. Sterling Rodd

    @seagull — Has anyone noticed that Gay’s hands have turned in to flippers from panels five to six?

    Is there such a thing as thalidomide flashbacks? :)

  44. Sterling Rodd

    @Alison — I’m definitely planning skins for each bear

    …Ohh, wait, I get it. “Bear skins”, groan…

    Wow, that took me all week! :O

  45. Brian Hibbs

    @Sterling: Unfortunately I have yet to buy the books, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he wasn’t always compasionate. He already shows he doesn’t like the other bears all the time, just that he’s more capable of understanding them. And why should he like them all that much? mostly they’re just scared of him it seems.

    “Look Death in the face: it’s a friendly face, a kindly face, sad, reluctant, knowing it is not welcome but having to play its part when its cue is called” (Death Be Not Proud).

  46. gypsyatheart

    Hi, Alison. This is a great comic, thanks.

  47. sneakers

    Poor Evil!

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