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July 25th, 2011

Page 279

Evan came home on Saturday!  Sambit seems to be taking it well, so far, and it’s been nice getting to feed and hold one of the twins and not have to put him back to bed after an hour max and then have to hook up all his monitor wires and stuff.  I did spend most of the last 24 hours anxious that he hadn’t pooed yet which was something neither of them had any trouble with in the nicu.  Fortunately the damn or whatever broke and he soiled 4 diapers in two hours… hopefully this is not a continuing trend.

Fingers crossed Owen has no more dips and will be home by Thursday and then I will discover I really don’t have enough hands.



  1. theanachronistic

    there you go lol

  2. Zermel

    I think its time to go back to the original

  3. Zankou

    its kinda funny how zermel is like half the comments lol

  4. Nicole

    Wow…Team Lecherous Evil avatars! :D I shall now wreck it with the Gorillaz!

  5. Zermel

    Its ok to be Zankou,and I am apparently half the comments

  6. Zermel

    Lord your right,I am half the comments . . .
    LecherousEvil deserves to come in high quantity.

  7. Topazert

    A new challenger has appeared!!! Cmon Tanked you can do it!

  8. Zankou

    @nicole- What do you mean wreck it with the gorillaz?

  9. Zermel

    I know there is a band called the Gorillaz and… not sure but I think its her avatar or something and also I liked your old avatar better, theanachronistic’s avatar too.

  10. Zankou

    60 comments and only like 20 are comicly relevant

  11. theanachronistic

    (Insert comic relevance here) 21 now

  12. Zermel

    22 and to make it comicly relevant for you… I sure hope tanked doesn’t die

  13. Zermel

    Since I made that last one relevant for you it…would still be 21 but im making this one so that it can be 22 and not feel like an idiot because the last one was relevant to the comic, T_T

  14. Candycanes

    I hate you zermel

  15. theanachronistic

    Thanks for the comicly relevant material Zermel, much appreciated.
    I wonder if the next panel is gonna cut to the rest of the bears getting there. I can imagine Lech crashing the truck into the entrance of the stadium lol

  16. Zermel

    Lech would somehow manage to crash through the roof,liked your old avatar better :) and just so you know I wont be “half the comments” next page…maybe the majority though.

  17. Zankou

    i think id still like to see some epic truck driving scenes but if he ends up crashing into the stadium it would cover that lol

  18. Zankou

    sorry for double post, but i think its acceptable with zermels like 10 double posts. what do you think the bears’s stable name would be?(stable means group or team in wrestling)

  19. Zermel

    Everytime I comment I think of something else to add 0-0 cant blame me…I have a bad memory.

  20. theanachronistic

    don’t have a problem with double posts, they’re fine with my as long as everyone else is happy

  21. theanachronistic

    Maybe call him the Red Baron, or Punch Drunk

  22. Zermel

    I am proud to have a triple post somewhere up there. and call who the Red Baron and or Punch Drunk

  23. Zankou

    i think hes talking about tanked

  24. Zermel

    You sir….Are very polite

  25. Candycanes

    @Zankou- What?

  26. theanachronistic

    unfortunately, im horrible at dishing out offensive refutes over the internet. Im better suited for personal encounters. Zankou, you have anything in mind?

  27. Zermel

    Cleared the majority of the comments :D

  28. Candycanes

    so ow there isnt proof of anything uu said lastnight including that really long comment involving mm in my mothers basement

  29. idunnolol

    @Candycane I kept up reading that crap you kept posting and I think there ignoring you,like a troll repelant because trolls love there attention and your not geting any

  30. idunnolol

    Good laughs though,great way to fend it off Zermel, Zankou, theanachronistic
    and I loved how you freaked and started rambling on about Tom Cruise and lays,good way to make it upset Zermel ;D

  31. Pop

    So is this long string of conversation comments enough to warrant a forum along the usual comic comment page?

    It doesn’t bother me if people want to socialize on the comments, a forum would just make it easier to organize and keep track of conversations and crap

  32. Candycanes


  33. Beta

    Holy crap i missed out on the comments over the last few days! Apperently people changed their avatars around but here i am and they are the same as the beginning of the week. Cant wait until the next page in the next few hours. Too bad im going to be sleeping when it is revealed. Darn jobs!

  34. Zermel

    there was a bit to many comments it got up to 140 i think and most of them were removed…trolls, i typed the best thing I ever said on here and its gone but I guess Zankou and theanachronistic remember it.none of which were comicly relevant.

  35. Zermel

    and we changed out avatars to team lecherous evil and back to normal ;)

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