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July 18th, 2011

Page 278

Probably the most physical activity Tanked’s gotten in a long time.

Viktor Jr. rises again!  In t-shirt form this time :)  This design is available from Woot for a limited time and thanks to their commission rate for artists every 25 shirts sold since the first day equals a Costco sized box of diapers!   Maybe I should just get them to pay me in diapers… I’ve heard a lot of people recommend but do they ship to Canada?  Is there a Canadian equivalent?  Maybe I’ll just lay a plastic tarp down in every room and just let them go to town.  We’ve had some ups and downs and IVs in the head and Evan sometimes tries to eat so fast he turns blue while Owen passes out after half a bottle and needs the rest pumped into his stomach, and they’re still working on the whole breathing ALL the time thing but provided there’s no more apnea spells they might get to come home next weekend… might.

Before the boys were born I started playing around with some skin designs for iphones and etc. devices. Here’s a little preview… not sure when they’ll get done though :(

Update:  wrong image was up, fixed now!


  1. luke75

    Hey alison,
    Forts time poster, long time reader.
    I soooooooo want a death bear or tanked skin for my phone… That would be awesome..
    Oh and viktor Jr. is awesome…
    Cheers from Australia.

    Luke. :D

  2. luke75

    First… Damn auto correct.. lol

  3. idunnolol

    suddenly i feel that in the next page vanity should run out of nowhere and hug tank : /

  4. Hoheh

    Outside of in his head, Tank hasn’t talked, has he? He and Gimp are not talkers. In fact, we probably don’t know if either CAN talk.

  5. Zankou

    @hoheh- I’m pretty sure both can talk, its just that gimps “character” pretty much means he doesn’t talk. and have you seen someone who’s really drunk? they cant talk to well, so if there was any point at which tanked would talk it would likely be now.(although i still think he wont )

  6. Beta

    I kinda think it’s funny the argument is about “what I’d think about the comic if we heard tank Talk.”

    If you think about it, you still wouldn’t hear him talk. You’d just see a word bubble, and your mind would make you hear his voice. But otherwise, we’d just see him talk on the page.

    All technicalities aside, Those I-Phone skins are pretty dominant. I wonder if they’ll be big enough to fit around my phone’s case? I also would have to hope that they are made for the Samsung Epic too, because I don’t own an I-Phone. :)

  7. clay

    holy hell that’s the beating of a century

  8. Zankou

    @beta- I guess it would be more proper to say what if we see tank start talking lol, although i understand what your saying, I would also get those i-phone skins except I don’t even have a cellphone lol

  9. Hoheh

    I didn’t know I WAS arguing. This can;t be a good sign of things to come.

  10. Beta

    Wasn’t an argument, but more of a debate. Started way some comments. Back about not wanting him to talk or something. :)

    All that aside, I think I’ll enjoy it when Gimp says something. It’ll probably be a once in a blue moon event, but it’ll be interesting to see why he will say what he says, if that is ever.

  11. Kitsunekage

    @ Beta I agree that seeing Gimpy talk will be interesting. And, seeing as how he doesn’t already, it will add more importance to his words!

  12. Zankou

    @kitsunekage- kinda like the first time death talked? although in his case less suspenseful cause it was like chapter 4

  13. theanachronistic

    @Zankou i imagine when/if gimp talks, he takes a big dramatic zip to open up his “mouth guard” or whatever you’d call that

  14. Zankou

    @theanachronistic- simplistically its actually called a gimp mask lol

  15. sneakers


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