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March 22nd, 2010

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And all’s well that ends well for now DUN DUN DUN!

Gimp is the kind of friend/impromptu medic that will stay up all night with you if you got concussed… or merely drank yourself into a caffeinated stupor/mania.

Come back Friday for the Cave Pat conclusion!


  1. Suzu

    aww death in panel one is adorable xD
    oh my energy drinks!

  2. YIPPEE KI YAA HE YAY KYA~H KAYO (Formerly known as Who I Am...)

    Ugh…That super jolt reminds me of those monster energy drinks. I will never understand how people can tolerate the smell of that stuff.
    So…Is Evil going to make his own dart gun, or is he just going to make a “pea-shooter”?

  3. Likeacupcake

    Hmm… I wonder if we’re going to see though darts again. =P
    Oh, and I have two questions regarding Gimp:
    1) is Gimp based on anyone you know? (names not needed =P)
    2) Are we gonna get an arch on gimp or will he just be content to sit in the back ground. (An silent character’s arch would be hard to do…)

  4. hehe

    I wanna see Gimp’s arch!

  5. Emanon

    I love the way Evil is when he says “Nooooo.”

  6. Kaos

    Creepy Evil is Creepy. xD
    Poor Death… he wants to feel the rush again.

  7. Lort

    Poor Tanked… Ouch!

  8. Bastion

    Another “If anyone knows” moment with Gimp – If anyone knows about ‘after care’ … xD

    I’d still like to know how Evil got them all home!

  9. tannim

    I’ll not envy Death bear the caffeine withdrawal headache he will have… MY caffeine withdrawal headache lasted for 7 days before it let up. Caffeine is nasty stuff.

  10. Jeremy


  11. Alexander

    hm, his eyes trip me out a little too much. also, yay for a stash of tranquilizers :3

  12. Hex


  13. cheezedog

    I can’t really tell if Evil has any more darts. The story line from the last page says he fired the last one into gay because he could. So the truth as hard as it is to believe coming from evil when he says it like he does not mean it, is the truth. But its not like he could not get more darts. In which case its still true when he says no about not having any more darts.

    Now if I was evil. I just a taser, more darts, and start hiding darts in the sofa, in the cookie jar, and in any hugable stuffed toys for starters. Then when someone comes to complain, as they always do inevitably… I can taser the survivors.

  14. cheezedog

    Evil grin

  15. Bosn_C_Otter

    Gimp is quickly becoming one of my Favorites. His compassion for others is not drug induced like Prozac.

  16. Irma

    I love gimp, is sooo caring. Gimp Care Bear… CARE BEAR STARE!!! I would dread to see what his chest beam could do. He is rapidly becoming my fav char.

  17. Leak

    I think Evil’s pentagram could use an additional horizontal line in the lower left panel… ;)

  18. Shen

    XD Leak beat me to it…
    Evil smile tell me he isn’t lying.. but he’s hiding something anyway.. like maybe the teaser? Prozac didn’t ask for that XD

  19. Saddust

    I agree with Leak even if I didn’t notice… and I’m wondering about the colour of Gimp’s eyes (1st panel)… Who said he doesn’t take drugs ?

  20. Glowworm

    Gimp is so sweet! And Uh-oh–keep Death away from those energy drinks–seriously–those things really work.

  21. Alicia

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a Gimp Arch. I do have one question though eheheh, since in the last panel, Death’s found out about that energy drink, is there going to be like a part two to this? Like one where he discovers energy drinks? :D

  22. darkamnios

    Great Comic! Just stumbled today thanks to an add on Pictures Of You and Tada! now you got me as a fan!
    I love the bears heh, absolutely adorable in a very dysfunctional way :3
    The only things its gonna suck a lil after reading all the archives to have to wait for updates T_T But def. worth it!
    Great Job! ( And grats on the baby btw)

  23. Kenichi340

    I gotta say I’m a little disappointed with this Death arc, but it was funny and entertaining nonetheless. Adorable sketch with Death sleeping and Gimp keeping watch knitting!

  24. Nicole

    Love Death’s eyes in the last panel. And Evil can’t let go of the dart gun…*snarf* :D

    @Saddust: Gimp’s eyes have always been pink. I believe that’s his normal eye color. :)

  25. starcat

    gimp is so cute(is there a gimp plushy?)

  26. Maark30

    I have to say I now have 3 favorites in this comic Prozac, Death and Gimp. They seem like the only ones that actually care about the well being of each other and not just themselves.

    Oh and @Bosn_C_Otter, Prozac is a mood stabilizer, it does not cause any emotions. If Prozac is showing an emotion while calmed by the meds those are his true feelings. Just thought I would clear up any missunderstandings of the nature of that medication.

  27. Sora A.K.

    I believe I earlier mentioned that this chapter’s plot reminded me of a fanfic I once read where a “dark and mysterious” type character got addicted to coffee and went all crazy. The thing is… in a later chapter he got addicted to an energy drink. It’s weird, how similar this is. Great minds think alike, I suppose? This is a great webcomic and that was a great fanfic.

    Death is cute unconscious. Everyone tends to be cuter when they’re unconscious… Erm, that gives me ideas but I won’t use them. I’m a good little girl! 0:D

  28. yoshimitsu0614

    Don’t we all wish that we had a friend like gimp bear. I mean really, he has got to be one of the nicest … bear/persons that I have ever seen.

  29. Nicole

    BTW, I forgot to say…bravo! Bravo!! Great Death arc. What a fun story. Good job, Alison, and thanks! :)

  30. admin

    @Likeacupcake: No, I don’t think Gimp is based on anyone in particular… but I believe a lot of influence is self-conscious so you never know :) And I have written a couple of short arcs for him but I’m not sure when they’ll pop up yet, probably one soonish.
    @Saddust: Gimp doesn’t take drugs.
    @Alicia: Not sure yet, like to keep things open-ended.
    @darkamnios: Thanks and welcome to BN! And thanks about the baby too!
    @starcat: There aren’t any yet but hopefully some day there’ll be a whole line.
    @Maark30: Thanks for the clarification, I thought that was the case and I definitely feel P is a naturally caring person…or bear.
    @Nicole: You are so sweet! Thank you too!! :D

  31. midnightlost

    i wonder how many darts evil was able to stash into his fanny pack of doom

  32. Amedeus

    I wish I had a friend like Gimp… :\

  33. TikiCarol

    Found your site yesterday thru topwebcomics and have read all the strips. I have not however read all the Comments, so sorry if this have already been answered:
    Are the Bears based loosely on the 7 Deadly Sins and or The “Care Bears” popular in the early 80’s ?
    When can we see the Plushy line ?
    On the current arc:
    I’m sure Evil stashed some Tasers, or at least He knows where to get one should the need arise.

  34. vin

    teaser guns lok
    panel 4 do any of you beliwe he didnt take them????!!

  35. admin

    Hi TikiCarol, welcome to BN! The bears are based on common stereotypes and the designs were originally made for a Care Bear spoof for an animated short about bastardized My Little Ponies… but nothing ever came of that so I went somewhere different with them. As for plushies, I’d love to do them all some day but plushes are really expensive and the minimums are typically 500 or so. I can’t take the risk unless I was reasonably sure I could sell that many in a good span of time, nor do I want my basement stuffed full of unsold toys and things. We’ll probably start smaller with t-shirts or something.
    I believe those tasers are just calling out to Evil :)

  36. Bosn_C_Otter

    maark30….. no, Prozac increases serotonin levels in the synapse by blocking serotonin reuptake into brain cells. i/e It heightens the “good” feelings. The happiness you feel because you are taking anti-depressants are in fact chemically enhanced. This is why doctors are suppose to ensure you are also getting counselling so you can eventually get off the meds.

  37. Virgil

    Bosn: I’ve taken SSRIs (Prozac being the first) for 15 years now. Trust me: they don’t make you ‘feel good’. They’re usually prescribed for anhedonia, which is a neurochemical inability to feel joy in situations when any ‘reasonable’ person ought to be able to.

    Still, Prozac bear off Prozac is a pretty fair depiction of those of us with leaky synapses. ;)

  38. machchunk

    Do you have some way of controlling the ads that show on the side? Right now it’s showing a Morning Squirtz ad and it’s no understatement when I say that is the dumbest, most horrifically bad creation of the human mind. And it’s not exactly PG.

  39. Maark30

    Yes Bosn, but the chemical is not always removable in the case were the serotonin levels are low because the body cant produce them. It is a myth that talk therapy can replace Prozac. Talk therapy is used in conjunction not as a replacement. I know several people that will be taking the meds for the rest of their hopfully long lives. The point was that it does not make emotions like some other drugs. It tends to remove other problems like halucinations and delusion also. Too many people are out there trying to shoot down the use of meds like this by giving partial or bogus data about them. Sorry for the soapbox but this one is close to my heart.

  40. Maark30

    Sorry a amall addition to my last post, I missposted that some of us cant produce the chemical, I ment that we cant keep what we have in our neural systems long enough for it to work properly. Just trying to avoid extending this battle. Sorry again.

  41. Phoenix

    I’ve got to concur with Likeacupcake and Hehe (and probably others) that I want to see Gimp’s story arc since he seems to have a heart of gold and I can imagine that it would be a very… interesting… story line. I can’t wait to see the next post! (And I know how it is to need meds to function in society. It sucks but sometimes it’s necessary.)

  42. Duskylyon

    Awesome, I love Gimp, you should do one about him :D

  43. Evil2.0

    I’m back…well actually I never left..but I had no time to leave a comment so….I can feel Deaths pain. Although I’ve never had a withdrawal from drinking coffee and the on and off days where the actual ingenstion happens ( and I’ve been drinking this from age 3) I do have insomnia and that will make me just drop sometimes. Getting up after that is like waking up in a fog of….I was doing something…importaant?

    Either way keep up the good work and will you be coming to collosalcon?

  44. Akimaman86

    tank is watching always watching

  45. Kitsunekage

    I’m throwing an energy-drink party!! Your all invited! But be warned, Death is the guest-of-honour……

  46. Silverwolf

    is the bear with a mask is a girl or a boy?

  47. zombie matt

    this is the best comic ever love death at the end

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