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March 19th, 2010

Page 156

I imagine getting hit with a dart is rather painful, let alone in the head.  I went tag balling once with a group from the dojo (they decided girls against guys would be fun… I found the first couple rounds terrifying.  My head instructor was running around like a commando until he lost his gun for neglecting to put the safety on during break.  We all thought we’d be safer but he preceded to take us out and steal our guns on the next round.  Eventually the ladies did prevail as we didn’t waste ammo like the men did!)  Anyway, one guy did take a shot in the neck and was bruised for a week.  I got hit on the upper arm and it left a loonie sized welt (for those of you not familiar with Canadian money look that up and that sentence will make a lot more sense).

Long story short: tag ball equals ouch, tranq dart???  

Bonus Comic: Cave Pat page 13

And a belated:


  1. budle

    Woooot……. 1st post! :D

    Sooo. is that a problem solved situation for evil? LoL

  2. Mickel

    Bag ’em and tag ’em. Wait that already happened to Evil, lol

  3. Fuzzel

    Umm…just curious (first time commenter and all)…but wouldn’t Death Bear’s landing umm drive the dart right through his head? Since he landed face down, and can’t see the dart in the fourth panel.

    Disregarding the above comment, love the comic. Extremely funny. :)

  4. Kaos

    HMm.. Evil is not being smart. now he gotta to work for it. xD

  5. Lort

    Yay! Evil looks really happy! :D
    “Waste not, want not”

  6. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    What, no tasers? Aw man…

  7. Errick

    Is it weird that I was having dreams about Death the other night? I really like him.. well, his non-caffeinated self anyway.

  8. Fergus_Thedog

    Ah, got it! Evil places Gay, Death and Nerd in compromising positions and takes lots of photographs, then blackmails Death into behaving.

  9. Saddust

    He is sparing the tasers for later, I guess. But I can’t figure out in which pocket he hides’em.

  10. Bamith

    i bet evil’s fanny pack of evil (which i stole and is the reasoning he no longer has it) that the tazer (and i know i misspelled that, but Zs are cooler) comes up later P=

  11. Bamith

    o also a tranq dart to the head, or anywhere really, would possibly hurt alot for 2 or 3 sec, then the dart would take effect and numb the entire body, then knock you out, and would probably hurt when u wake up .-.

  12. Suzu

    aww Death looks cute in panel 9! xD

  13. Nick


  14. grimreaper 92

    i got it borw gimps hand cuffs and drag thim all will chaned together.(it will hert like crap) lol.
    (pro evil)

  15. BoredStiff

    Basmith. I think I see the Fanny pack of evil on the floor outside the door in Panel 5. Alison has super human memory and does not seem to forget details. Note Evil still has the ear tag from his visit with Sloth.

  16. Jeremy

    Poor planning skills.

  17. Glowworm

    Easy,get one of those giant coffee tray wheeled thingies. Those are fun!

  18. phDexter

    Well… and now what? What will they do with the unstoppable craving of Death?
    Maybe they hit him on the head? There’s a fanny pack for that. It worked on Gay.

  19. Bear!

    evil is so mean bt its cute,nw he has to take thm all back by hisself

  20. Alex

    Ahaha, A loonie sized welt. I got one of those in paintball. To the back of the leg. I feel for you man, I feel for you. And death. xP

  21. Nicole

    Oh, Evil, you’re such a dork. Now you have all that manual labor. ;)

    I don’t think he took one of the tasers, he was just coveting them. But you never know.

    Love the St Patty’s day pic of Tanked! So cute!

    And, poor Cave Pat! Such a good idea, so easily sent back to the drawing board.

  22. Sora A.K.

    I’ve noticed Evil tends to not think his actions through; he really needs to work on that.

    And there’s something oddly adorable about unconscious Death… I wanna hug him but I probably shouldn’t.

  23. Lissy

    It’s funny that Evil says that because the phrase almost always applies to saving something for later.

  24. MrGiggles

    lol HEAD SHOT

  25. Fan of Death

    just knew something was going to happen to this effect, Evil had the perfect setup for it too

  26. Bamith

    to the bored guy, the bag in panel 5 is the bag he brought the tranq darts in, perhaps the pack simply belongs to some demon and is barrowed and spontaneously combusted back to the underworld~! now that would be conveniant P= also Bam is just fine =/

  27. Bastion

    Two words:
    You have to go to DragonCon!!
    Okay, more than two words, but it’s true!!

  28. Hobbes

    What is tag balling?

  29. admin

    @Fuzzel: That sounds pretty painful, I don’t think E would mind :)
    @Errick: Do we want to know what happened in said dream??
    @BoredStiff: a super human memory would be awesome! I try to get by without though.
    @phDexter: lol, nice!
    @Bastion: Welcome to BN! I’d love to go to Dragon Con some year but unless we get invited it’s rather too expensive for us to go to US cons… not mention the 5 month old at home makes it hard to travel.
    @Hobbes: like paint ball but with big rubber pellets instead of paint

  30. Ken Cowan

    You may feel a little pinch….

  31. TomTom

    A friend pointed this comic out to me and I’ve been addicted to it since then! Also, Congratulations ( a bit late but still counts) for your baby! Hope things are going well!

    Evil shooting Gay seemed appropriate. *nods*
    Can’t wait for the next page, and I’m curious to find out who is that ? marked bear in the profiles. Maybe it was sloth bear…?

  32. Likeacupcake

    Darts= Mega ouch.

    Friend was showing me a dart gun once, loaded a dart one (No poison though) and I accidentally shot myself in the foot. It hurt like all hell… Not fun, let me tell ya!

  33. Jillas

    This was the only human-to-loonie size comparison I could find…wow…you’re okay, right? :(

  34. Bishop

    I took a dart in the head once. Kids play stupid games. Surprisingly though, it didn’t hurt very much, but it was shocking enough that we stopped throwing darts around!

  35. Pedernalphia

    Holy cow! I saw you at Anime Boston last year (was it last year? I have such horrible memory when it comes to time…) and didn’t even realize that you were pregnant! Congratulations! I love your comic, and I love the way that you pull stories together. Go Evil. :3

  36. Fr3aKaZ0!D


  37. Skykitsune

    *Deep voice* Headshot.

  38. Kitsunekage

    I see Evil and I use the same planing process: Hindsight!

  39. Mr.Abstract

    What’s tagball?

  40. Elkian

    Idiot. Evil is clever, but lacks foresight.

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