Page 155
March 15th, 2010

Page 155

Perhaps Gay (and his love for embellishment) knows better then you’d think… or I’m giving him too much credit :)  I’m just glad he didn’t have to get those perfectly manicured paws dirty.

So Sam had his 5 month checkup last week and everything was going well.  I was doing better then last time as 2 months and 4 months is booster time, and then he gets another shot at 6.  All the shots go into his thighs and they look quite painful and leave little red marks for a couple days after.

The doctor had just finished remarking about how relaxed Sam was while he checked his abdomen but as soon as he touched the legs Sam started to cry.  Sammy’s never been much of a crier, even when he’s hungry or over-tired so it was quite funny and amazing to see him tear up like that over the anticipation of another shot.  I didn’t realize a memory from a month ago could be so clear at his age.  Babies are fascinating/engaging little people and I can’t wait to see him grow up and change.  He also pooed all over my lap this morning, that was less fun.

Bonus Comic: Cave Pat page 12


  1. Suzu

    xD I love Death’s “wtf?” look in panel 10 xD

  2. Cedarfern

    i love how death’s numbness powers make his pupils disappear! :D

  3. Sora A.K.

    “Bling”. I love that. I also love panel four. And nine… And, you know, I just in general love when characters’ eyes glaze over/glow/etc. to show that they’re really angry or in some other sort of mind-altered state.

    It’s nice to see Evil all panicked. More bad stuff should happen to him, I think… Karma!

    Fun Fact: Death Takes a Holiday is only 6 pages away from beating The Origin of Evil Part 2 as the longest chapter. Pretty sure, anyways.

  4. Kaos

    Someone is going to be very sorry. XD

  5. Jirako

    lol i just love Gay. Evil is scared of Death? OMG! thats something i wouldn’t expect! xDD
    but out of all the bears Death(and Gimp) are my most fav. >w<

  6. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    In panel 8: They Gayness! It burns!

  7. Hex

    Come on Evil!

  8. Doss

    I think Evils reaction to Death not going down from the first dart is priceless. xD As for your kid tearing up over his memory over getting a shot, he doesnt have all that much to remember. And while he might not be able to remember the colors, sights, or sounds of that day, he can remember the discomfort of a needle in his leg. I had an ungodly fear of needles for years after getting a severe ear infection which required a couple of injections every day for 3-4 days when i was a toddler. Im 23 now, and STILL get antsy whenever i know im about to a shot of some kind.

  9. Kiggy

    Death is going Super Saiyan!

  10. tsophiekins

    tee hee hee ‘then he pooed all over my lap’ that made me giggle! Especially after the thought provoking idea of his memory! Page looks great, like the way Death’s eyes have gone all… deathy, and the panic on Evil’s face!

  11. XartaX

    I guess you can’t put caffeine incarnate to sleep.

  12. Irma

    Who else thinks that evil isn’t shooting death? He can see his immient doom so is shooting gay as a final act of eeeviill!! ^_^
    Great comic

  13. phDexter

    But he don’t want to get numbed! So, he first shoot Death (not as it could do anything with him) and then he shoot Gay.
    And yay for Super Death Power (It’ glowing!)!

  14. Nick

    Kiggy stole my comment. Except I was also going to misuse some words for comedic effect, like so: “Death is going all Super Saiyan on they ass.” Anyway, thanks for being succinct Kiggy.

  15. Saddust

    “and I can’t wait to see him grow up and change” Don’t be too much in a hurry for this, so speaks a 2-daughters’ father. They grow up sooo fast. Just enjoy every little moments with him and burn them in your storage (ach ! Mind*, sorry).

  16. Valancia Girl

    dewd death is REALLY dangerous at the moment.
    i hope that evil have enough arrows to put death down

  17. Glowworm

    I’ll bet anything that Evil snuck one of those tazer guns out with him when the others weren’t looking.

    I loved the part where Death shields his eyes from the brightness of Gay’s bling.

  18. Nicole

    Gah! The dart only made him mad!!! Run away!!!!

    LOVE the bling. :D

  19. Baughbe

    With all that caffeine in Death’s system, I think Evil is gonna wish he still had that dart he put into Nerd. It may take all that and more just to slow Death down.

  20. Crotalus

    That, people, in the last 3 panels, is the look of Evil shitting bricks.

  21. Jeremy

    Go for the headshot.

  22. Almo

    His power lvl is above 9000!!!!!

  23. String Petoun Ping

    @Irma: Evil know that he already take back Death focus from Gay to him. Shoot Gay now will only ensure that he won’t feel a painful defeat if Death got rampage. Beside Evil is a sore loser, he won’t let himself get numbed easily.

  24. silverblob5

    Eh, dunno…..using a tazer on the guy who can control anything electrical sounds like it’s -bound- to backfire….

  25. nucleon

    This is why professionals prefer to tranquilize animals when they’re in a calm, relaxed state. To paraphrase what someone said on an Animal Planet show, if you stress out an animal it raises their adrenaline levels, which counteracts the effects of any tranquilizer administered to the animal. With all the coffee Death’s been drinking (caffine is a stimulant) and the fact that he’s now pissed off, Evil better hope that he swiped a taser, because I doubt that the tranquilizer darts will start working anytime before Death gives him a beatdown.

  26. Penny

    so exciting! can’t wait til the next page….

  27. Alexander

    Bet Evil’s wishing he hadn’t wasted that one dart on the back of Geek’s head. Or had a rapid fire tranq gun. Or a grenade.

  28. Doss

    @Alexander: what about a belt fed grenade launcher? xD Tho i doubt a tazer would work on Death, given his ability to kill electronic items just by looking at them……………

  29. Queen of The Ducks

    im a new reader and have read up to this point in the comics and this couldn’t be more of a cliff hanger for me lol the anticipation for the next one is killing me and its only Tuesday

    PS Sam is such a cutie! from the pic on the previous page he looks like hes such a curious baby.
    i have a theory on babys, that they know everything there is to know when they are born but cant use the skills like talking and moving like we can and in the stress of learning how to explain what they know loose that knowledge and end up having to re-learn it all.

    sorry about the long winded-ness lol

  30. Irma

    Taser Time!
    *does the little taser dance*

  31. Chiara-Wolf

    It’s gunna take more than one shot to bring Death down… I feel like Tanked should be in this scene (favorite character!!!) love it! this gives me lols

  32. Xuncu

    It would be ironic if it turns out evil’s now 1 shot short of knocking out Death~

  33. carla

    funny, I get like that BEFORE Ive had a coffee…

  34. S.P

    Evil: I’ve got him in my sights.
    Gay: I’ve got bedazzled clothing.
    Evil: I got coffee, and an attitude!

  35. lt_amazil

    i love evil’s expression like OHCRAPOHCRAPOHCRAP PLEASE WORK THIS TIME

  36. Nicole

    I fear that Evil is in for a smackdown. Not that he hasn’t earned it…

  37. Baughbe

    Oh, its gonna be even worse than getting the beatdown he deserves, Evil is about to be rescued, by Gay…. Who had better not EVER let him forget it.

  38. Skykitsune

    Hey look! It’s me in panel 10, you’ll need more than one tranq to take me down. … That’s if I’m hyper at the time…

  39. Kitsunekage

    The Party doesn’t start until someone reaches Pupil-less Wrath….then run like hell.

  40. An Apple

    If one doesn’t work, give up.

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