Page 154
March 12th, 2010

Page 154

Prozac probably should have gone along to chaperone as he would likely expect something to go oh so horribly wrong… but it’s also Nerd and Gay’s fault for turning their backs on Evil with a loaded gun.  Lesson learned!  Perhaps.  And here lies the evil of coffee!  I think any substance your body can actually suffer withdrawal from is not one I want to ingest, I mean besides sugar of course :)  And chocolate…

I got a couple more fan art images up in the gallery, thanks for being patient with me and my slowness!  The update also includes a hilarious cast list for Bear Nuts the live action movie! *

Bonus Comic: Cave Pat page 11

*of which there is no such thing of course… too bad.


  1. hehe

    my money is on Karma returning the favor to Evil, in the form of Death pwning the bear.

  2. Dan Elshaw

    ^same here

    I’m guessing there is soo much cafine in Death that the darts don’t work.

  3. Alicia

    Boy, Death’s put on weight hasn’t he? ehehhe In panel 3, he reminds me of my cat, Jack eating out of the food bag LOL!

  4. HyperDarkness

    Should have seen this coming. And the moral of the story is…NEVER give Evil a gun. Also that cast list is hilarious.

  5. Sora A.K.

    Oh, Evil… your face is not convincing. Poor Nerd.

    And Death is pretty much just a mindless coffee zombie at this point, isn’t he?

  6. budle


  7. Q

    I’m gonna give the bear the benefit of the doubt. Have any of you ever tried to hold a gun that way and shoot it? I would have pointed it directly at the guy right in front of me too.

  8. BD34D

    I agree with Sora. I bet that Evil didn’t missed that one… It was a bullseye ^^

  9. Kiggy

    Evil did that on purpose….

  10. Kenichi340

    I love how Gay’s like “What the hell!” on the fourth panel there.

  11. Bosn_C_Otter

    that was extremely predicable. Who in their right mind would get in front of someone with a gun and named “Evil” thats just dumb, like electing Bush twice.

  12. phDexter

    I knew it! It was so expected… But still funny and evil thing to do with Nerd… Wait a minute… it was some kind of revenge?
    By the way: Look out Death! There is a huge amount of coffee heading towards you!
    Cave Pat is a little bit mean, isn’t she? And she is surprisingly clever for a caveman… and her girlfriend too. It’s strange, because a few pages ago everybody (even the woman) were big, stupid people. Is it purposeful? (I think so).

  13. Nicole

    LOL! Evil is clearly not aiming at Death–that naughty bear! :D And, gawd, shoots him in the HEAD? That’s just evil. Love Gay’s scandalized look.

    Okay, I offically like the neanderthals now–they’ll come dig a giant hole to help one of their ladies find a lost necklace? My kinda guys! Now let’s see Cave Pat work her trappin’ magic.

  14. Kaos

    I knew it that he would do that but again everyone knew that too. xD
    Poor Nerd.. i hope that Karma will strike back. :B

  15. Kitty_cat84

    In answer to your previous question, he’s sleeping all night and having maybe 2 naps a day. ^_^ Most of the time they are long enough naps for me to do housework XD

    and NEVER turn your back an evil with a dart gun >.>

  16. Ketira

    Never turn your back on Evil, *period*. Hopefully, Gay & Nerd will remember this….

    Now I can’t wait ’til Monday to see how this turns out! :)

  17. Cedarfern


  18. Coralianexorcist

    Haha, they should know better than to turn their backs to Evil. I also can’t wait for monday!

  19. XartaX

    Said so :p

    Well as we can see death’s mocca machines are getting smashed, so he’ll probably rage pretty soon :-p

  20. Draconi

    i could never quit chocolate either. im addicted :D

    also: after todays vote incentive, i offically love Cave Pat XD those giant cave-men are surprisingly willing to help a cave-woman look for a lost necklace XD


    oh god…. the bear nuts live cast is totally hilarious (and predictable)- especially Lech XD
    stoopid Nerd! Never stand in front of a fully loaded Evil!!

  22. Void Kit

    Hehe Nerd definitely should have known better. Also. the dark roast coffee appears to be heading for Death Bear’s lap… I sense a bad coffee experience in the next comic. Yikes.

  23. samus x

    xDDD figures evil would do something like that just cause he can

  24. Jamie


    Really thought he was gonna do some good finally :'(

  25. Clairey

    OMG i really laughed out loud at this one, nerd bear hasnt got a clue. i still look at this page and laugh my fave so far and i do love them all!!!

  26. Kimo

    Man, Evil has looked extremely elated throughout this whole episode. It’s a little unsettling.

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