Page 153
March 8th, 2010

Page 153

Fickle Evil has a warm gun in his hand and he’s already coveting… I guess some people are never happy :)

Sammy update!  The little man is 4 months old now, he can almost sit up on his own and he very much enjoys the putting of things in the mouth.  It’s those simple pleasures you miss when you grow up!

Bonus Comic: Cave Pat page 10


  1. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    You, Madame, are the 2nd biggest queen of cliff hangers I have ever seen!

  2. cmo28air

    Wonder how Gay bear will fair.. probably get something in his ass again :p

  3. Safalo

    That’s false! I’m 17, 18 in June, and still put plenty of stuff in my mouth!

    … Probably sounded wrong. Ah well!

    And lawl, Evil with tazers… Be afraid!

  4. Kaos

    Well i won’t trust Evil too much.. he did say he will take a shot. but he never said WHO he will shot. :B

  5. XartaX

    Why distract something that’s already distracted? I sense ulterior motives here.

  6. midnightlost

    aww, such a cute baby.

    and evil looks a bit too excited with that gun, maybe he’ll opt for the taser instead :D

  7. Meep

    wow your baby is so handsome :3 looks pensive he he he. I love evil hahaha

  8. Irma

    I sense a disterbance in the farce….hmmm….evil+taser+tranc gun/two bears that are not looking at evil with said hardware = pain and suffering

  9. phDexter

    I think Evil just want to get rid of them. Soooo… they shouldn’t leave alone him.

  10. Stryde

    Because I have nothing mature to say at 8 in the morning, OM NOM NOM NOM NOM.

  11. Jeremy

    I like where this is going.

  12. Crotalus

    Absolutely, positively, NO doubt that nothing pleasant will happen next.

  13. NateBBQ

    We have those same pajamas for our youngest. The putting things in the mouth thing goes on for awhile. It’s ok, as long as you aren’t as neurotic about germs as we are. :)

  14. Lea

    D’aaaw! Quel joli bébé! …though I have to say, I’m grown up and still enjoy putting things in my mouth. (Food mostly) I must be an exception.

    So, do we get an Evil/Death showdown while Gay and Nerd are put to sleep? The tension!

  15. Nicole

    Sammy is so beautiful!! :)

    This comic is perfect. Lawdy–Death’s just eating the beans now…this cannot end well.

    And for Cave Pat, I love how her friend supports her but is also happy just being who she is. Hopefully she didnt’ just cut a digit off, though!

  16. Alex

    Oh! Sammy’s growing so much! =D

    And I love death. He looks like me when I eat something I like. xP

  17. Glowworm

    Sammy is adorable!
    So is Evil hugging his gun.

  18. Kitty_cat84

    Lol, my baby bear is 7 months old now and is starting to roll over and grab things towards him… things in mouth gets worse when they can pick up ANYTHING ;)

    and don’t do it evil, just trank him and take him home… tazer guns are bad!!!!!

  19. mr.clueless

    haha, aww I’m glad sammy is growing up well into an adorable boy.

    Like I mentioned before, he was born around the same time as my niece, who I love very much, but rarely see because she lives so far away!

  20. Sora A.K.

    Being the distraction is never a good thing…

  21. TJ YZ

    Awww! Sammy’s so cute!
    Can’t wait for the bear nuts plushies to come out.
    Question? Do you use a program to create bear nuts? If so, which one? Thank you!

  22. dragonreborn

    ummmm, what is the comic in the voting thing about? where can I go to read more?

  23. Luke

    Hunter around here! (at least, death hopping around like a hunter)

  24. Ben

    He’s getting prettier with every photo

  25. Gwenhwyvar

    What I am wondering is why on earth does a ZOO have a rack of tazers? Honestly!

  26. admin

    @NateBBQ: Aren’t they the cutest! Except for the way the push all the diaper bulk to one side and make it look like he’s got elephantitis. His nickname is also mimu which is greek for monkey :)
    @Kitty_cat84: ooo 7 months! What’s his sleep schedule like now? Is he sleeping through the night? Having regular nap times?
    @mr. clueless: That’s too bad, I hope you get lots of photos! They change so fast.
    @TJYZ: All the coloring/letterting is done in Photoshop, the rest is by hand.
    @dragonreborn: Cave Pat is a short I did for the Popgun anthology (vol 3) from Image comics. It may eventually become more as I’ve written past the initial 14 pages…
    @Ben: Thank you!
    @Gwenhwyvar: Why not?! :)

  27. Tigergulp

    Eesh. Coffee

  28. Almo

    Sammy is looking adorable! :D

  29. MasterVayne

    I can picture a Wallpaper Evil in the second panel. All it needs is the caption “This is my rifle, there are many like it, but this one is mine.”

  30. Bosn_C_Otter

    er…. just one thing. Tasers have only one setting, “Shock the crap out of em”. You cant set a Taser to something like, oh I donno.. “Kill”.

  31. kaijufan

    Tanked looks like he is going to have an accident. Poor guy.

  32. Orgadude

    IU sense a death tingle/stun gun fight approaching…

  33. reccaman

    it’s gun and taser time

  34. Kitsunekage

    @ MasterVayne I’d caption it “Show the beans the coffee pot, let them scream in terror, and bring them out to me.”

  35. J.C.

    Panel 7: I can imagine the sound effects- “OM NOM NOM NOM!!” XD

  36. sneakers

    He is so adorable!

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