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March 5th, 2010

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Considering the ineffectiveness of Nerd’s self-taught nunchucking skills and Gay’s inexperience with anything sharper then a sewing needle I imagine a Nerd/Gay ninja showdown would be pretty lame indeed.

In fact, I imagine it would go down something like this (the continuing misadventures of Cave Pat will return on Monday).

This Friday’s update also marks the return of permanent Friday updates for the foreseeable future (ie. as long as I stay sane despite the lack of sleep and clothing untainted by baby spit up.)


  1. Sora A.K.

    So sparkly! I wish Gay would teach me how to bedazzle.

    I find it amusing that Evil falls on that side of the Pirates VS. Ninjas debate considering the reason I prefer ninjas is because pirates are evil by definition. XD

    (Admittedly ninjas are traditionally like assassins and stuff but that isn’t necessarily evil; plus they smell better.)

  2. Amanda

    I love you, your comic, and permanent Friday updates!! =D

  3. lol

    OMG Evil finally got something right XD
    I love his face in the last panel 8D

  4. Tomas

    nvp ^_^ love evils face

  5. cmo28air

    Bedazzled! xD Brilliant, and totally Gay bear. I love Evil’s face, so happy <

  6. Hex

    How do you copy a ninja suit? They all look the same. Well most. And then there’s Naruto ahahaha yea like they got the ninja thing down.

  7. Tony

    Sweet! Fridays are back.

  8. Nick

    Evil’s expression of limitless joy is priceless.

  9. Kenichi340

    Nothing says ‘stealth’ like a big sparkling G on your stomach.

  10. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    I knew Evil was gonna say that.

  11. Ariane

    I love how off-handed Evil’s remark is. He is just throwing that out to see if anyone bites (my money is on him not actually caring and just saying that for effect…).

    Love the sparkle and the little sketch below! :-)

  12. Tonka

    Evil has seen the rapture, and it is good. Gay’s bedazzeling is so funny. Another great page.

  13. Lucas

    NINJAS ARE BETTER!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Glowworm

    Gay’s outfit lights up in the dark! XD. Also loved Evil’s comment that pirates are better. I’d love to see Evil dressed up as a pirate!

  15. Nicole

    PIRATES FTW!!! :) I can’t believe Evil and I agree on something. :D

    Lordy, LOVE the sparkling “G” in the shadows. What a hoot!

  16. poco

    I agree with Evil. Also with Gay; Nerd is just jealous.

  17. TJ YZ


  18. Kimo

    Evil’s quote is the best line in the comic series. Oh Evil, you little show-stealer. It’s always the bad boys…

  19. Angela

    Pirates are better. HA!

  20. XartaX

    The fanny pack returns?

  21. Yes

    Pirates a better,**** yes :D

  22. herelt

    smiling at the guns is not a good sign!…. but im pretty sure it’s gonna make for a great story! <3 evil!

  23. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    If you don’t stay sane, don’t worry! Sanity is highly overrated!

  24. gothric

    i’d love too have that exspresion on my face lol

  25. Kiggy

    Ninjas VS Pirates heheheh

  26. budle

    Woow… gay bear is sooo… gay… ;)

    LMAO, he bedazzled the suit… XD

  27. BlueNight

    In an alternate universe, the Internet went nuts over Vikings vs Samurai instead…

  28. Libby

    Yay Evil! “Pirates are better.”

    Heck yeah, they are! :)

  29. mjlover

    i Vote Ninjas. Pirates just get drunk and have well… nothing.GO NINJAS!!! ^_^~Mjlover

  30. Plue9

    A Jedi cares not about these

  31. Skykitsune

    Evil’s living the dream right now I think.
    Pirates use underhanded techniques, which work well enough, but Ninjas can strike from the shadows and… Have any of you seen one fight? It’s amazing! Ninjas win, hands down.

  32. Puddingpet

    Sewing needles ARE sharp!!! D: you can scrape yourself and its like a cat scratchhhh D: the painnnn the painnnnnnn

  33. Kitsunekage

    Evil, your father, Lucifer, sends his regards, don’t use it all in one place….

  34. Kam

    xD What about Pirateninjas? o:

  35. mike

    Pirates? Seriously? And I was so fond of Evil.

  36. Cam

    Pirates are better. Good call Evil.

  37. redtoster

    and the naruto fans flip their shit

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