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March 1st, 2010

Page 151

I’m not sure where he learned or how he does it with stubby paws but Gay’s pretty good at sewing.  I can barely put a button back on and have the hardest time threading a needle so he definitely didn’t get it from me.  If you’ve been reading my comments you’ve probably picked up by now that I’m not much of a home-maker! (Jim does all the cooking too!)  I wonder why my husband married me… :D

Bonus comic: Cave Pat page 9


  1. PadawanSerry

    You know I can’t tell if Nerd is gasping at the weird color water water or the ninja oufit of pinkness. Well it works.

  2. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    @PadawanSerry: He’s probably gasping because Gay stole his look.

  3. hehe

    in panely 9 and 11, Evil looks like he is voguing

  4. Sora A.K.

    It really sucks to be Prozac, doesn’t it?

    Is that the Fanny Pack of Evil again?! I love that thing! XD

    And I just realized that ninja outfits look like 10x cuter with a bow tie. SO ADORABLE, GAY, SRSLY.

  5. Unusual

    Awwwwwww…. G-Bear is always adorable. Always.

    Don’t feel bad Alison. I can’t sew or cook, either. I even manage to break things when I sweep.

  6. almo

    is Evil wearing a… fanny pack? >.>

  7. machchunk

    Nerd and Gay’s expressions are always so wonderfully retarded.

  8. Minibit

    probably because you’re an awesome person who draws an awesome comic *fangirl*

  9. poco

    Poor Prozac. Why does he put up with these guys?

  10. Appel

    @almo: yes, yes he does :B
    great page once again^^
    evil, a nerdy ninja and a gay ninja… this will be awesome XD

  11. Ketira

    Heh – My Dad can’t type for anything on a computer –he’s built like a football player, btw — but give him tools and something to fix (even if it’s delicate), and he’s off, happy to be fixing it. ;)

    So don’t knock it if you can’t sew. Any relatives you can barter with for that? :D

    @PadawanSerry – I think it’s not only the color, but the *beads*. ;)

  12. Irma

    Have they been raiding gimpy’s wardrobe?

  13. spinningcannon

    I LOVE Gay Bear and his antics. He’s positively adorable.

  14. tigergulp

    Noooo~o!!! Matching outfits?! So faux-pa! *covers eyes*

  15. Lea

    OMG, it’s… THE PURPLE NINJA! Making you homosexual in your sleep! :o Gay rocks that look. Love it.

    @the author’s question: Because you’re sexy, obviously. :D

  16. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    What is that in Gay’s left paw in panel ten? Brass knuckles?

  17. nia_teppelin

    Woah, he made that outfit HIMSELF? I figured he’d just ordered it online, but … wow! Respect!!

  18. Nicole

    Gay looks great! Love the fingerless gloves. And you can tell he sewed his outfit because the stitching on top of his head is so smooth–unlike Nerd’s. ;)

    Love the fanny pack of Evil! :D This is gonna be goooood!

  19. phDexter

    He’s really a talented ma… bear.
    I think Nerd will either say “Copycat” or “Water! How could I forgot that!”. Or maybe he’ll just be jealous for the special Gay-kind outfit.
    But that bat doesn’t look to well.
    And i almost forget: How could Prozac let Nerd kepp those battlestars?

  20. phDexter

    Sorry, shurikens. After what happened with Gay.

  21. Guus

    Awesome as ever.
    By the way, why do you have a katana in the best ninja accessory poll? And why is it the most popular vote? The katana is a japanese weapon… Ah well, I guess a ninja could also use a sword, but if we are going for japanese weapons I would choose a wakizashi. Short weapons are more useful for someone who needs to sneak through small places etcetera..

  22. Mr_Molotov

    magenta ninja is fail ninja.

  23. Kiggy

    Nerd’s pose in the last panel reminds me of Jack Kirby’s art for some reason…

  24. Sweet Dea

    ya i sew up a hole and then a week later all the thread comes undone and the hole is even bigger, so huzzah for sew failure! gays adorable in that ninja outfit! plus hes got a water bottle! totally reminds me of batman and robin for some reason….

  25. starcat

    uh-oh i wonder if cave pat is gonna hunt the T-REX! *gulp*

  26. Alexander

    Evil’s pose in the third to last panel reminds me more of Gay than anything else. Maybe the two are closer than we realize… :P

    Also, its sometimes amazing to see Prozac’s patience with the rest of the bears. I’m amazed he doesn’t fly off the handle more often. He must be on some really good s@#$.

  27. Kimo

    Fashion dud for Gay here. It’s clearly not raunchy enough.

  28. G-ret

    Hah, love gay’s outfit, along with the return of the fanny pack of evil! Also enjoying having 2 comics per update! :P

  29. carebearshmarebear

    There should be an Ego Bear. That’d be so funny.

    Uh-oh…what’s Nerd going to do…?

  30. lol

    nerd has a gap between his teeth <3

  31. HyperDarkness

    Prozac got it right in the seventh panel.

  32. dragonreborn

    what is the comic in the voting thing? another web-comic yet to come?

  33. Kookaburra8su

    Suspence is fashionable again.

  34. Dubael

    I’m enjoying the comic, and vote as often as I can, however, I’ve missed a few of the Cave Pat installments, is there any chance on catching up on them?

  35. Xuncu

    A fanny-pack, and two ninaj outfits.

    “This infiltration mission is simply [i]faaaaaaaaaaabulush![/i]

  36. Xuncu

    Also, is Nerd handling Shuriken without his glasses?
    …. or does he switch to contacts sometimes? ^_~

  37. admin

    @hehe: lol… I don’t think he’d be caught dead.
    @Sora AK: I agree, more ninja should wear bowties.
    @Minibit: awwww, you’re so sweet :)
    @Ketira: I have a friend I can wheedle pants hemming out of :)
    @WhoIAm…: wait till next update :)
    @phDexter: I think Nerd’s pretty resourceful at replenishing anything that gets confiscated.
    @Guus: To be specific, a katana actually goes with the samurai (and the wakizashi is the short companion sword I believe) I know the ninja carried a short sword as well but I think it had a different name.
    @Kiggy: seriously? lol… that’s a new comparison!
    @carebearshmarebear: hold that thought :) It’s in the works.
    @dragonreborn: Cave Pat is a short I did from Popgun volume 3… maybe a soon-to-be webcomic as well… when I find the time.
    @Dubael: I have plans to do something more with that comic at some point so they will be up again hopefully soonish.
    @Xuncu: I don’t know if they make contacts that will fit Nerd’s eyes :) I guess going without the glasses sometimes may be safer.

  38. TekServer

    The traditional sword for a ninja was called a “ninja-to”. Its length was comparable to the wakizashi, but it had a longer handle comparable with a katana so that it could be wielded two-handed if need be.


    (Yes, I’m aware that I’m several months behind the conversation … )

  39. Denoyelle

    Hahaha I love Gay Bear. XD

  40. EJAK5199

    Why would Prozac send Gay and Nerd outta all of the other bears?

  41. J.C.

    If I were Prozac, I would totally be like him in the 7th panel. *Facepalm*

  42. TheFabulousEli

    Nerd looks cute with his suit…
    Reminds me of a time as a kid…when I pretended to be a superhero…
    Good times…

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