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October 18th, 2010

Page 217

I had a lot of fun with this page, I love subtle interactions and drawing these two in particular, plus the coloring didn’t take very long thanks to the re-use backgrounds.  I do notice now how big they both get by the last panel and it makes the animator in me cringe (ack!  Poor volume consistency!) but then I wasn’t doing these on a light table so that’s my excuse.  For all you Flash and etc. only animators who’ve never had to hand animate anything more complex than a bouncing ball let alone a 90 second multi-character beach setting girl-fight with lots of secondary action boob flapping (it’s a long story) then you may not quite understand… you see, I’m old.

Someone mentioned earlier that Gay should be happy that his good friends the elephants managed to procreate (Madge’s bad moods were totally hormone induced) and I agree.  He was just caught up in the anguish of his inner diva when he realized the limelight would not be coming back for awhile.  Once over that, Gay quickly took up the role of ‘Uncle Gay, Advisor on all things Gucci’.


  1. Nicole

    Gay and Ella = PRECIOUS!

  2. DizzyV


  3. Steven Kang

    Sorta makes you wonder how long they’re gonna take to drink all of that beer.

  4. Saiyza

    Tanked could make friends with anyone and anything. =P

  5. # 1 fan

    Triss….what a way with words! I love this page too….

  6. Cokekitty

    Oh, Tanked. Ping Pong is so young, you can’t peddle alcohol to minors like that…

  7. Metaldude

    Extending an olive branch, so to speak.

  8. iknewthat

    If you give a panda a beer…



  9. TheGnome

    beer make everything good

  10. Ren_chan

    i get the feeling that vanity is gonna react to beer the same way toddlers react to pixie stixs……..should be entertaining *evil smirk*

  11. Angela

    Awww…Tanked has a friend. And Vanity can now chill out. Everybody wins.

  12. Akiko_Miyahara

    haha, how cute.

  13. Shadow

    at least he’s trying, vanity has yet to meet death yet……>=D that will be a great moment in life

  14. Enigma

    Ya thats Tanked for ya all right ^_^ lol I think other then Gimp he is the only bear that the lest prone to out right violence.

  15. D.Durand

    How can not love Tanked ?

  16. michal


  17. Solario the Visored

    Yay, acceptance! I still don’t like Vanity Bear, but if Tanked likes him enough to share a beer-toast with him, he surely can’t be all bad, huh? :D

  18. Kitsunekage

    Ya know, Alisan, you’re one of the few web-comic artists I know about who convay so much info without dialogue.

    ……I wonder how pissed Prozac’s gonna be when he finds out Tanked, unintentional (Possibly, maybe), got Vanity drunk….

    @Ran_chan I remember the first time I got drunk, went and saw a fireworks festival afterwards and one of my friends kept thinking we were being shot at! *vacant expresion* Good times…….

  19. Glowworm

    This is absolutely adorable! This is why I love Tanked so much.

    The picture of Gay and Ella was really cute.

  20. TheTBBNo1

    I just love Tanked in the last picture, he looks so cute!

  21. Georga

    Where in the world does Tanked keep getting the beer? Maybe Vanity will be a bit easier to get along with drunk.

  22. Hoheh

    Woo Tanked!

  23. SinisterTwist

    Awww… Tanked is great at making new friends!

  24. Scruffy

    Beer. It brings us together.

  25. Teguso

    I love tanked.. but I gotta know.. where does all his beers come from?

  26. kaijuchan43

    Aww, Tanked is so cute.

  27. qtsushigirl

    Tanked is such a good friend! He’s adorable.

  28. Lu

    Aww, Tanked has a new friend lol

  29. Lerasai

    A magical place.

  30. ThatVocalist

    Holy crap Tanked! Beer for him already?! Dang.. Surprised that I didn’t see Prozac or someone else stopping him..

    In other news: Love the new Bear Bios page! Can’t wait until the two mystery bears at the bottom come out. (I already know who they are but I won’t spoil it for any of you. ;) )

  31. Soundwave the Unchresomatic (formerly known as YIPPEE KI YAA HE YAY KYA~H KAYO)

    @ThatVocalist: Prozac left the area, so he wouldn’t know what Vainity was getting in to. Besides, do you really think the other bears would stop him?

  32. DJ Koopa


    Tanked + Ping Pong? BEER PONG!

  33. Shada

    What will be Vanitys reaction? Find out on the next exciting episode of Dragon Ball- I mean Bear Nuts :3

  34. Lori

    awww i loved tanked. I agree….gimpy should join in. The two bears would be great friends with vanity.

  35. An Apple

    I figured. See, Tanked’s nice to everyone, so naturally it would be very hard to hate him. Friendly Tanked!

  36. Anonymous

    i wish there was an easier way to go through the pages i accidentally closed my chrome tab so now i am having to flip all the way to the page i was on its taking a while im still not there yet :/

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