Page 216
October 15th, 2010

Page 216

Count down to Pro-Hulk… sorry not this time :)  I’ve just realized that his arms in panel four are waaay short; it looks like his forearms were hacked off at the elbow and his hands were sewn to the stumps.  But most of the time they don’t really seem to have definitive elbows so perhaps he doesn’t notice any loss of function…

Page 8 of ‘Revenge of the Kraken’ (the last one…poor little Victor jr.)


  1. Hoheh

    Can’t help but think they forgot what happens when Prozac gets mad.

  2. Sterling Rodd

    Y’know, when Prozac said “he is a bear, after all”, I actually had to go and look that up. Are pandas related to bears, or are they just called that because they look like bears? I was really surprised to learn that yeah, they’re not just closely related to bears, they really, really are bears: genus ursus, just like the other guys here. So congrats, Vanity, you’ve really made the grade. And Prozac? You know your bears. :)

  3. EJAK5199

    Awww. Prozac made Crack cry :(

  4. Hikaru

    FINALLY! I was hoping Prozac would blow a little :)

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