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October 11th, 2010

Page 215

I want to draw more Ella now as what’s on this page is it for her for the rest of this arc.  Vanity needs to find his place which is not in the limelight anymore though he’ll still probably be the biggest draw in the bear exhibit at least.  I doubt this kind of mash up could ever happen in a real zoo, the passive and delicate pandas seem to need way more coddling than (THAN mom! THAN) the average winter equipped brown or black bear… but then those bears deal with winter by taking a giant nap… lazy beasts these.

Anyway, zoos might be a bit more interesting if they mixed up the animals on occasion, say throw the small screechy monkeys in with the lions and see what happens.  Crocodiles and polar bears together at last.  Koalas in tiny thrones riding elephants… I’m just annoyed that every time I’ve been to the zoo it’s been really hot and all the outdoor exhibits are sleeping :)

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  1. meh

    i made a tanked costume

  2. Fylisfe

    AWWW TANKED<3 So cute haha
    And Vanity defntly got wat he deserved now he has to live with the craziest group of bears in bear history xD
    btw the pic of Sammy in the previous page is adorable he is so cute <3 <3

  3. Kitsunekage

    @ Enigma *pulls up a chair and sits down* I brought pop. *gestures at several coolers* Trade some?

  4. admin

    @Lupinseesyou: It kinda reminds me of the bucket of water thing in Pirates of the Caribbean (Z for zoo)
    @meh: She’s coming! (eventually) You actually made a Tank costume?? Can we see it?
    @Kitsunekage: sleeping on keyboards is bad for your neck, and face, etc :)
    @FTS: I have no idea why your gravatar wouldn’t show up :(
    @Lax: Eventually! But really, what female would want to stay with these losers?
    @tsophies: sorry! wittle kraken not so good…
    @MNIDJM: Nicole is totally spot on.
    @Stitchpunk1: It’s taken him that long to fully recover :)
    @Mandah: Sure I love animation but I definitely don’t have the time to pull one off
    @Erkthecrux: Thanks!
    @YaoiBear: ha! allergies to panda dander could be hilarious

  5. meh

    ill try to uplode a pic of it im still puting the finishing touches on it

  6. meh

    hear we go with crack again

  7. Kitsunekage

    @ Admin So that’s why I wake with a stiff neck and a bruised face in the morning…… and see a drooled on keyboard first thing in the morning. I often have to deleate comments consiting of kbgyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukuyguuygkbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb, to

  8. Erkthecrux

    @admin you are welcome. <3

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