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October 8th, 2010

Page 214

As much as I love Nerdy getting the last laugh, or verbal jab at least, he better be careful or he’ll get a tiny panda paw in his face.  Vanity the Diva bear is emotionally unstable, or perhaps just plain unstable… like Sammy when he walks.  Actually his walking is pretty impressive when I think back to what he was like just 2 months ago but it’s still pretty entertaining to watch toddlers stumble and weave like a drunk and waving his hands in the air with fists clenched around some sticky bit of banana or whatever else he found on the floor.

Speaking of Sam, I went shopping for my birthday back in June and I ended up just buying a hat and shoes for him.  At FanExpo con this past August I was behind the table by myself for most of it and got only a few minutes to run around and shop; I ended up with just another outfit for him (it is kind of cool though, he’s so going to be a comic book nerd).  Kids!  They’re insidious.

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  1. Anonymoose

    Soooooooooo….. I guess if Vanity’s not a main attraction anymore, he’s probably moving in with the bears?

  2. MissAlycia

    Yay!! Nerd’s my fav and I’m glad he got a FTW! This is such a great comic.

  3. meh

    in the 5th panel tanked dosent looked drunk REDRUM sorry that part of the shining is stuck in meh head XD
    REDRUM is MURDER backwards

  4. meh

    look i men not looked XD

  5. Shada


    This can only mean Tanked’s booze power is wearing off! Quick! Get some beer in him!

  6. Ms-Luther

    Vanity just got PWND. Your son is really cute!

  7. tahrey

    Wait, if he’s going to be batman, first of all you guys are going to have to get 1/ super rich, 2/ shot to death. Erm…

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