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October 4th, 2010

Page 213

It’s unfortunate that zoos and their patrons get so worked up over the births of popular animals and then after they grow up and get uncute they’re all but forgotten.  Or go crazy like poor little Knut the polar bear, which is apparently common for zoo sequestered polars.  Wow, that means this comic is based partly on a true story!  At least we can all take comfort in the knowledge that Evil’s unwitting good deed definitely brought the elephants back together!  Kudos to the couple of people who guessed right about a baby elephant and to all those that wanted to see polar bears… well I haven’t forgotten about you :)

Page 5 of ‘Revenge of the Kraken’

SITE UPDATE:  Christmas is rearing it’s festive and garish head once again and this year I’m more excited as it will be Sammy’s first!  Technically last xmas was his first but he was 2 months old and slept through most of it.  This year he’s old enough to rip the paper off his presents by himself, stuff it in his maw, and then play with all the empty boxes and ignore his actual presents.  Plus there will be cookies :)

I was crazy busy last year adjusting to motherhood (like that ever stops) but this year I’ve tried to get some Bear Nuts related stuff up in an online store for anyone who likes buying rather weird web comic related stuff for loved ones.  I was hoping to have some t-shirts available but I’m not too sure if that’s going to come together.  I do have tons of original art clogging my old office/baby play room so I’ve added a STORE tab above and made all the original comic pages available for sale. They’re on a first come basis so if you have a favorite just let me know right away.

I’ve also added an ETSY store for all kinds of sketches and inks related to the making of the comic plus eventually other stuff by Studio Dooomcat.  I love how Danielle Corsetto has fun originals up in her store that have nothing to do with ‘Girls with Slingshots‘ so I’m totally copying her!  I’ll also have mini prints available through there too starting with the first in a series inspired by fine art paintings and periods: Tanked Nouveau, because why not? :)


  1. Alisons more successful and stalwartly handsome younger brother

    That is one sweet assed pen the father has in his pocket. I could write down all sorts of things with that. One question though. How is the pen poking out from behind the flap on the pocket? I could understand if it was sticking out the side, but this pen is coming right through the middle. Did the man drive his pen through the top of his pocket? That seems very unlikely. Surely you must understand the dynamics of the pen in the pocket ritual. I don’t know if I will be able to let this oversight go. I think I may have to stop reading this comic and turn to heroin now. Unluckily for me, the poppy harvesting season is over, but their is always hepatitis water!

  2. Viciousmakeout

    aww XD i was so hoping it would be a bear.
    Speaking of buying things, I’d really like little stuffed animal plushies or vinyl toy series. Hmn…
    If I find a vinyl toy maker with good products and decent prices, would you be willing to design a vinyl toy series?
    XD I’m slightly addicted to getting surprise miniature toy boxes at comic shops like Tate’s in FL haha
    My boyfriend and I have a whole shelf full.

  3. Yu Huo

    I love all of your artwork, but a part of my brain exploded from the sheer impact of cuteness. OH MY GOODNESS CUTE. Ella! I must, must cuddle you!

  4. Kitsunekage

    @ Allison’s…Brother 1) Yeah right. You just wish you were more sucessful….. 2) The pen could be pokin’ thru a button hole?….

  5. Ren_chan

    aaaaah, poetic justice and karma do my heart good and replenish my soul :3

  6. # 1 fan

    Alison’s younger brother ….please put your “drug” comments in their proper context ….by explaining your present environment …ie: Afghanistan ….

  7. meh

    @admin i can take a good guess but it starts with s and ends with x
    @ fylisfe who says it would be a poler bear?

  8. meh

    meh name meh was supposed to be shadowarrow

  9. Colleen

    admin@ Well on average a elephant calf can weight around 120 kilograms (260 lb). I don’t know how much an adult female elephant weights. But males come in at 3,500 kilograms (7,700 lb) on average and the females are suppose to be smaller then the males.

  10. Anime fan

    When I read this and saw the look on Vanity’s face, I loled till I nearly died.

  11. Kill2Survive

    i just thought of something. if the next bear IS lust and she IS a polar bear. THEN lech and lust will be in seperate exhisbishes-something-like-that-that-i-can’t-remember-what’s-called-in-english-thingabob-Bing O_0 i think i just fried a circuit in my brain

  12. balognasheep

    where the black kids at?

  13. FTS


  14. FTS

    AWWW where is it?

  15. FTS

    one more time…

  16. Kitsunekage

    @ FTS I gave up trying….

  17. TJ YZ

    Very true, but my imagination+excitement might have carried me on a bit. X)
    Mustn’t get greedy

  18. Fylisfe

    She doesnt have to be a polar bear but it would be awesome if she was lol
    I love polar bears, I have a collection of polar teddys lol :3

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