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October 1st, 2010

Page 212

Oh oh.  Is that the heavy tread of karma approaching?  And to anyone who hasn’t seen ‘My Name is Earl’ do yourself a favor and check it out.  If Tanked could talk I’d imagine him to be a lot like Randy.  A pity that show didn’t last very long.

Anyway, it is definitely the heavy tread of something and next update will bring yet another NEW character and it’s also a GIRL!

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  1. Zakurei

    @Kitsunekage I agree about the foxes but zoo’s don’t generally have game preserve animals (to my knowledge) At least throughout my childhood i’ve never seen a fox in the zoo…maybe it’s just me.

  2. Sora A.K.

    Wait… Did Nerd just name Vanity Bear…? I’m trying hard not to follow that thought with wondering how all the bears got their names (and symbols…). I really need to stop over thinking silly cartoons and such.

  3. Lerasai

    A zoo would definitely have a Fennec or Artic fox, but, yeah, not many would have “common” foxes.

  4. Kasuten

    I hope you bring in PMS bear or Slutty bear! I’ve wanted to see them since like, forever!
    I’m leaning towards PMS though, cause I want to see her be all bipolar with everyone!

  5. Beachbody

    Well, all of the pandas that you see in zoos are actually owned by China, and the zoos have to pay $1 million per year to rent each panda. They even have to pay for any babies born, and have to sign a contract that all of the pandas belong to China. It’s just too expensive…

    No wonder there’s no steaks.

  6. Dylan J.

    i bet its going to be a new creatcure and panda is gona kill him self :3

  7. FTS

    So wait if thats true then is there…nvm anyway I didn’t know the internet had so many rules.

  8. Thirteen

    Nooo! I’ve finally caught up in this comic! I love it so much x3 This is now one of my favorite web comics now, and I can’t wait to read more! :) Keep up the awesome work

  9. Zakurei

    I wouldn’t call them rules so much as facts or guidelines. It’s not like you HAVE to follow them in order to use the internet and it isn’t preventing you from doing anything, so calling them rules really is just silly.

    (oh and i think the kid in the last panel is missing fingers, looks like silly putty for a hand.)

  10. Anime fan

    Mobs are a fickle thing, my ancesters learned that the hard way, they were con-artists.

  11. Tocho

    Gimpy’s new bio pic has done nothing to help my obsession with him. If anything, it’s only grown stronger. (He’s so freakin’ adorable! :D)

    and @Zakurei: I think that’s his elbow and wrist :P

  12. I Like My Chips Tasty

    The suspense might kill me ; _;
    Maybe it’s a dinosaur or a unicorn….
    Something with wings maybe? Thats NOT a bird.

  13. Zakurei

    Oh like he’s leaning…yeah I guess I can see that lol.

  14. Fylisfe

    Lol! I haven’t commented in soooo long!xD
    :3 but I’m SO excited forthe new character!
    I hope its a bear and not someother animal again lol
    A polar bear girl would be amazing, one that is devious and sneaky haha
    a nice rival for evil ^^ and it would make sense that she took the attention away from Vanity,
    Polar bears are endangered too!

  15. FTS

    Needs dr. octogonapus to BBLLLAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH at vanity

  16. Cosmic

    Hehe, I came here from The Meek yesterday and read this whole thing….
    It’s so cute! Can’t wait for more, keep it up~ 8D

  17. Jeanette

    I love the Bear Nuts stories, and the drawings are amazing. They are so cute, even Evil, though he doesn’t want to be … ;D

  18. Kitsunekage

    @ YemYem, Thanks for the correction, i slept through that Bio lecure…. and maney english classes, so i have bad grammer.
    @ Lerasai I think the Vancouver zoo had a few Red foxes and Kit foxes, but, yeah, mostly Artic foxes.
    and Finaly @ FTS Good, good…… now look up Evil Overlord List on Tvtropes, and you will never stop laughing!

  19. FTS

    @Kitsunekage.. Rule 100 of Overlord list…lol

  20. Axiluvia

    I’d vote for Red Panda if possible. Those things are SUPER cute, and I think there was even a news article that called them ‘one of the cutest animals on the planet’. It’s also an Asia animal, so it would make sense for it to be nearby Ping Pong.

    Also, supposedly each zoo has to agree with China that it doesn’t OWN the pandas, they’re just RENTING them… for the tune of about $1 mil a year. And any panda babies are also property of China.

    So not something a discount zoo would have in reality, but eh!

  21. sneakers

    Heh heh heh…

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