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September 27th, 2010

Page 211

Hopefully Nerd does know that a poorly made wooden catapult will not launch objects fast enough to reach escape velocity. ¬†Perhaps another Star Trek marathon is needed…

Page 3 of ‘Revenge of the Kraken’


  1. Nicole

    Still and all….gotta love his big, golden eyes. :D

    I also like how his eyes don’t have the central pupil that the other bears do. Just one more element of uniqueness for Ping Pong.

  2. Kat

    I love the facial expressions in this one!
    They could just convince Death Bear to help… But what fun would that be?

  3. Delakando

    I have a feeling he’s going to regret leaning over that fence to say “Give it your best shot!”.
    I know I’d grab him right then, pull him into our side, and start beating on him first thing. Then we’d think about what to do with him after he’s unconscious.

    Then again maybe it’d be a good idea to give the little panda bear some drugs! Make him a frofthing rabid panda bear they’d shoot on the spot!

  4. ThatVocalist

    Haha! I love Nerds idea for this. Seems Evil does to. xD
    If this ever becomes an animated series, my life will be complete!

  5. pierceli000

    death sorda creaps me out

  6. Auryn

    Simple statement, probably stated above –

    Hopefully one of the bears figures out the following:
    a) Zoo has insurance on ping
    b) If ping is injured, zoo therefore gets much money
    c) Zoo cannot show injured ping until ping heals
    d) Zoo will therefore devote money to other exhibits while ping heals
    e) STEAK!

    Really, sharing information about that insurance policy was not the smartest move on ping’s part…

  7. Ren_chan

    im soory, i know ping-pongs a butt-munch but he looked so cute in the last panel! <3 ^_^

  8. Ren_chan

    yes i know i miss-spelled “sorry” im tired so sue me lol ;)

  9. looc64

    Knowing the discount zoo, they’d probably do nothing if Ping Pong got injured. They’d just cash the fat insurance checks. Seriously, isn’t there an inspector for zoos? Because feeding bears moldy fruit violates something.

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