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September 24th, 2010

Page 210

I am really not a horror movie fan so I can honestly say I’ve never seen any of the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ franchise and I don’t plan on changing that either.  I have however seen ‘Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood’ (I have no idea what number that one is??) which was also apparently a direct sequel to ‘Leprechaun in the Hood’ but I missed that one and therefore might have missed some of the key plot points.

Did some SITE UPDATES:  I changed up the Bear bio page a bit and added Vanity.  I also threw up a few new wallpapers of all of the individual bears and added an archive page instead of listing the chapters on the side (that list is going to get looong).  Sharp eyes will notice some new chapter titles to come :)

Page 2 of ‘Revenge of the Kraken’.



    Ooh, Freddy Kaugar! I love the flames in Evil’s eyes!

    Speaking of Freddy Kaugar, who loved Scarecrow’s appearance in Batman: Arkham Asylum?

  2. Lupinseesyou

    I’m starting to think either evil has been drinking Tanks’ booze, or he’s getting insane-er from the situation. And even if Nerd is near/far sighted and only needs reading glasses, in the begining of the comic, he wears them alll the time. I think the conclusion is he either grew out of them, or Tank ate them.
    Poor poor crack, I think he’s getting worse……

  3. Likeacupcake

    LOVE the last panel.

    Love the new Gimp wallpaper; literally laughed out loud when I saw it.

    And a random thought to top everything off: Just had a mental image of all the bears doing the Caramelldansen.

  4. Kitsunekage

    Once agan, the facal expresons are halarous. Loved Crack’s face ‘n panel 5. Evl would also lke ths comment, as there are no I’s ‘n ‘t at all XP….. except that one.

  5. Lody

    Wow, Evil’s eyes look awesome in the last panel.
    gotta love his persistency with the de-eyeballing ping pong plan. and I like his use of nightmare on elm street for further inspiration on what he’d do after the de-eyeballing.

  6. Colleen

    Ping Pong without eyes scared me :(

    And Evil is being his creative self as always…and everyones so use to him they’re bored XD

    I wonder what Nerd’s idea will be.

  7. Glowworm

    Evil is obsessed with gouging out eyes–and setting people on fire.

    Actually I’ve never seen any of the Nightmare on Elmstreet franchise either.
    Leprachuan Back to the Hood is the sixth(!) installment of the series.

  8. animenatex

    @Likeacupcake :

    OMG Someone needs to make that and put it on youtube!

  9. alicia

    Man, awesome updates to the website! I love the new wallpapers and the idea of the new chapters. I did see the bio page, really like how that is put together. Lookin forward to the next page! :D

  10. Tonka

    Evil really is a can short of a six-pack sometimes. Looking forward to Monday’s installment. BTW, nice site changes.

  11. Shadow

    I love evil ^^ <3

  12. Kaos

    Creepy! xD

  13. Nicole

    Whoa! Just like Agent Sands in “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”!

    Lordy, could the bears’ expressions get any better. :D Love Nerd taking care of Tanked in the second to the last panel.

  14. Sunsetfalls

    Poor little Tanked. Evil is using him as a stepping stool.

  15. Khalid Birdsong

    I love, Evil, as Freddy! Perfect fit for him!

  16. Bosn_C_Otter

    Evil really needs meds. He is like Dick Cheney in bear form.

  17. Ani

    So… I went to see the Bear Bios page and have to say it looks wonderful!! All clean and pretty…. However, are those two bear silhouettes at the bottom a preview of possible new bears?? If so, the right one looks FANTASTIC (and fluffy!)!! Keep up the good work! This comic is awesome!!

  18. Larissa

    I’m a bit of a movie buff, especially with horror movies, and nightmare on elm street is one of my favorites, so I think this is my favorite page!

    The bear bios and wallpapers look great!

  19. HybirdZerro

    Somebody get Evil a steak or something, even I think he’s about to lose his mind on a epic level. Though if he does lose it, it would be the most awesome meltdown, EVER.

  20. Madian

    i love evil , and freddy evil

  21. DHM

    Alison – better start making noises about how cathartic drawing these cartoons is. Otherwise the goody-two-shoes’ at Children’s Aid will haul you in for some long conversations. You have a delightfully scarey imagination!

  22. Angela

    Awesome. Just awesome. No eyeballs. Haha.
    I also do not watch horror movies. Unless I am looking for insomnia and nightmares when I finally do fall asleep. :)

  23. FTS

    Coulda gone all day without having to see an eye gouged panda… Anyway THE HELL WITH THAT CARAMEL DANSEN MEME…oh and great job Allison.

  24. storm


  25. tsophies

    @ Lupinseesyou the amount of times they’ve been smashed/mangled maybe they’ve become ‘inside-and-unlikely-to-be-punched glasses?

    EEEEEE I RECOGNIZE THE NEW SILHOUETTES!!!! I think. Muahahaha! Love the new character bio pics as well, and I think I’m in love with Lech’s ears. And Lech in general. Lol.

  26. Nicole

    Lordy…those of you who know who the new characters might be, please don’t tell us. I really want to be surprised. Thanks!

    Also LOVE THE NEW WALLPAPERS!! Death is gracing my computer at this moment and got quite the comments from visitors to my cube today. :D

    @tsophies…you’ve got the Kraken as your avatar! Cutest kraken EVER!! :)

  27. tsophies

    @Nicole, I do feel slightly worried for him in the incentive, he was just hit on the head, and all he wanted to do was have some funs! :(

    And it’s only a guess who the silhouettes are, but I won’t spilDUMBLEDORE DIES!!111!
    Hahahaha :D

  28. reccaman

    evil freddy that was so awesome to tie that in i loved that

  29. Anime fan

    Once again I agree with Evil. lolololololol

  30. Nachtwolf

    Please let evil gouge out his eyes… PLEAAASE

  31. James A. Donald

    I love the way evil starts out with a plan that is practical, though excessively evil, and proposed with inordinate evil enthusiasm, and proceeds to a plan that is evil and insane.

    Evil and madness go together like ham and eggs.

  32. Loving Evil

    I am so with whatever Evil choose. He is the favorite one out of all the bears. POWER TO THE EVIL SIDE

  33. lol

    … so THAT’S his obsession with the scooper…

  34. Nicole

    lol @ tsophies! :D

    Oh, and yes, I’m worried about our wee kraken, too!

  35. MorganaV

    Ok, just wondering, if maybe when the last two bears appear in the comic you’ll make wallpapers of them to?? Like those you just posted. Gotta say, I’d love that when the time comes to complete the collection.


    I say that Evil should break out the Magic marker and go all out on Ping-Pong’s face!

  37. NEMO

    That would be the sixth movie in the leprachaun franchise.(may it please be the last, lol) The disturbing irony is I came online to read this after buying all six movies in a two movie pack at the store. Not even ten minutes ago.

  38. Kitsunekage

    Just checked out the bear bio page (Finally!!). Very well done.
    My computer wouldn’t let me acess the site for a couple of days thou…
    @ Likeacupcake Great that thought is going to huant my dreams for a year…. would be neat thou….

  39. Evillover

    I’ve just realized that now I love Evil even more! death to Ping Pong the panda! XD

  40. Michelle

    Crack looks so freaked out when Evil says without eyes, it’s great.

    Oh, and I like the bear bio for the panda! Assholery. :D

  41. Hex

    NEW POLE! Freddy evil is better the ninja evil or pirate evil or even both combine.

  42. Sandra

    Whoa, wait, is that Nerdy coming up with a plan? This should be good.

  43. Likeacupcake

    I would do it myself, but I’ve got the artistic talent of a hyper-active, adhd suffering monkey, that’s had a course of Tank’s daily drinking.

    Back I can picture a few moments: Gay enjoying it a little too much, Death standing on the sidelines, and of course, Tank; *Drools**faceplant**drools*

  44. Hoheh

    Evil likes fire a bit more than is healthy. And the new guy being a jerk probably is making him crazier. He is fairly food-deprived, since their food barely counts as edible. Heh punny.

  45. J.C.

    Another flame set without a visual source.
    Is it cartoon physics??

  46. Urago

    How Vanity run from Evil in Evil’s imagination when he doesn’t have eyes anymore?

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