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October 22nd, 2010

Page 218

Sometimes I wish I could just tell off people Lech style and storm out…but I don’t really have the nerve!  Being a jerk must feel kind of liberating in a way.  I know sometimes I worry more than I should about what other people think and a bit more of this attitude could do me some good.  Too much and I turn into my turd little brother though… love you Jeffy! :)

‘Balls!’ is of course my tribute to Joss Whedon and the terribly entertaining ‘Dr. Horrible’ (OMG I love Nathan Fillion!!)  I have no idea where/when the first use of that word in that manner came up but I hadn’t heard it before I watched Horrible and I thought it was hilarious and perfectly timed.  A recent ‘Supernatural’ ep also put it to great use so I’m wondering if that’s going to be popping up more often?

And ‘Firefly’ is my favoritist show ever.

I meant to write a fun Halloween comic last year and it didn’t happen, nor is it happening this year.  You can blame the baby, I always do.  Instead, the bears will put on a fashion show of sorts all for you guys starting now and lasting for awhile past Halloween as now there’s ten of them and I didn’t plan this well at all.  Then we’ll get onto the VERSUS round 2 comic as it looks pretty definitively like a win for the pylon.  Poor Tanked.  Anyway, since it is a fashion show of sorts we’ll kick things off with WonderGay.


  1. Gee S

    Firefly’s my fav too! Wish they’d bring it back! ^^

  2. Collision Cat

    I love how Lech looks in the fourth panel!

  3. EJAK5199

    Yeah Lechs appearance is friggin hilarious in panel 4

  4. Billzocream

    love the fourth panel with the flipping tongue

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