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October 25th, 2010

Page 219

I love a good back-handed compliment (or in this case a back-handed apology?).

It appears little Vanity is trying to fit in and perhaps he’s not all bad… or he’s just really good at hiding it. Another page I really had fun drawing as it’s all expressions and acting (and re-use backgrounds!)

Sam’s first birthday was this past Wed the 20th.  I still can’t believe it’s been a whole year already… and then part of me still feels like he’s always been here.  Like on crappy days when he suddenly decides to stay up half the night for no discernible reason and we all spend his first birthday cranky and tired.  At least he got some cute new clothes for me to dress him in (thanks Jamie & Nikki!), some very fun looking new toys (Faux Nana Pat! Aline & Eric!) and Shark hat! (Diane rocks!)  We also celebrated at the doctor’s with Happy Birthday booster shots.  Jim and I also got a tetanus shot and my arm hurt for two days… fun!

Pro-Hulk in his little purple Pro-pants :) (well black & white for now)


  1. iknewthat

    @ kitsunekage: the environmentalist in me gasps in horror, but in this case, pandas don’t have blue stars on their bellies, so I can calm the inner treehugger with “it’s not a panda!”. and
    @ enigma: I’ll bring the potato salad and corn on the cob! ^.^

  2. SpartanJon1337

    I love how tanked is crawling into the cooler.

  3. Lord Tirion

    I would have thought that evil would drink a beer, not bottled water.

  4. Colleen

    That “common” remark gives away that he’s not really sorry…or just not completely sorry.

    And I love Crack’s expression in panel 9 XD

  5. Enigma

    @Kitsunekage *looks up from the pack* sounds good to me! I could use the cash.

    @iknewthat *grins and points to one of the tables* good deal just set them over there.

    as for the Hammer space and that no this pack is not a Bag of Holding unless you count it having a portal to a pocket dimmention I use as a house off and on as one. *big grin* its just less of a mess this way tho can be a pain when I need to get out some of the larger items like the tank or two I have in there. *goes back to looking for the dart gun and darts* just hope Evil hasn’t found out about it that could get rather messy for Admin.

  6. Big Ralfie

    Gay Bear as Wonder Woman? Ick!

  7. kitsunekage

    @ Iknewthat While my Inner Hippy agrees with your Inner Hippy, I regret to inform you that it is vastly overruled -In orders of magnitude, no less- by my much greater Inner Freaky, Hannibal-istic, Bipolar, Emo, Gothic, Demonic, Animalistic, Pariniod, Skistophrenic, Phsyciatric Ward of a Trickster……. as you can tell, I may have “issues”…..

    Don’t worry, I have excellent control over myself. *Twitch*

  8. kitsunekage

    And who says you don’t learn something knew each day….. Like Hammerspace!

  9. likeacupcake

    @admin: Hammer space is basically the inside of any container, where the volume does not seem to be constant or even physically possible.

    The name comes from anime, where a (usually female) character would pull a large hammer of just about anywhere where anything could fit. And as a side note; I watch a fair amount of anime, but I am yet to see this happen with my own two eyes…

    Like Merry Poppins’ handbag; all objects inside could be said to be held in hammerspace.

  10. Paul

    Haha! I think the best partis when Vanity says “… common” I could actually hear him saying it. Now that’s some good art and narrative if you can hear the character. I just love how over the top you can make these characters. Keep it up.

  11. SpartanJon1337

    WonderGay and Prohulk look awesome. You should come up with a superhero for all of them.

  12. kitsunekage

    @ Likeacupcake I have! But she cheated….. My brother used to say some really sexist things to my sister (Jokingly, of course) and became fed up with it. So she stuffed a rubber mallet behind her back, in her pants, and under her shirt. Then, she came downstairs to where my brother and I were playing Halo in a way that looked natural and hid the mallet, waited for my brother to say something sexist, and hit him over the head with the mallet. It totally looked like she pulled out of her back pocket!

    ….I may also come from a messed up family

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