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March 26th, 2010

Page 158

Welcome back to cooking with Gay!  This episode also reveals a bit more of the zoo, such as the fabulous reptile hut full of many exotic and useful little critters.  There’s a small mostly reptile zoo near my house that also has large insects and interesting fish like pirana.  Feeding times for those are like clockwork and there’s a row of benches so you can watch them eat their weekly rabbit/big fish/hunk of mystery meat.  I knew that they’re disturbingly fast but man, they are freaking scary to watch.

And now the conclusion of Cave Pat (for now at least!)  If you missed any of the installments you can find the whole short in Vol 3 of Image’s Popgun anthology, or wait until I can get the comic continued and hopefully online sometime this year :)

By the way, you can also check out Popgun Vol 4, now available and even bigger and badassier then 3!  Check out the contributer list, it’s huge!!  And by virtue of my last name, I’m first! :D


  1. vacuumal

    If i was that frog when he was looking at me like that i would have hopped away. Oh and first.

  2. IBeCrazy

    I like the title… Gay’s Muffin adventure of “Pain and Agony” :D…. so exciting… lol…

  3. Dafrety

    Poor cane toads, what did they ever do to deserve that!

  4. cmo28air

    I can’t wait to see what happens next! and poor Gay, xD Love your comic <333

  5. Kaos

    poor the frogs. xD

  6. Alectric

    POUR the frogs’…juice. XP

  7. anon200

    Bufotenin, one of the chemicals excreted by the cane toad, is classified as a Class 1 drug under Australian law, alongside heroin and marijuana. It is thought that the effects of bufotenin are similar to that of mild poisoning; the stimulation, which includes mild hallucinations. wikied!

    Sounds like fun times ahead!

  8. Valancia Girl

    poor frogs :(

  9. budle

    Uhmmm….. I don’t know what kind of creative pranks he’ll do… :o

  10. Irma

    Is it a well thought out bought of evil or are the two unsuspecting bears about to become the butt of random evil. Either way I feel sorry for all those involved (and evil as he usually ends up in trouble)

  11. Moxie Man

    I’m concerned for Gay and the others ’cause even though bufotenin is hallucinogenic. Cane toads are also highly toxic and excrete more toxin than bufotenin. What if what Evil harvested is mostly toxin rather than bufotenin?

  12. Tigris

    Okay, I live in Australia, and Cane Toads are a bloody menace here xD they aren’t small and cute, they’re massive and fat (and still cute, but a massive pest). They don’t have big heads and little necks! they have big BODIES and NO necks xD goddammit. But these ones are so darn cute <3 just like Evil :D

  13. Nick

    This story is going to be awesome.


    Two words: Uh-oh.

  15. Bosn_C_Otter

    The zoo’s security sucks badly.

  16. David

    Well it seems like Evil is always up to no good.
    But did Evil have a green tag on his ear 6 months ago?

  17. Nicole

    You said it, Bosn_C_Otter! And, er, this just shows how evil Evil is. Poor lil’ toads!!!

    And Cave Pat better run for it now. I might have to run for Vol. 3 of Popgun! :D

  18. Glowworm

    Ooh–Evil’s gonna add a secret ingrediant!

  19. Hex

    AHAHA What a toad kill

  20. SinisterTwist

    Gay’s Muffin Adventure?

    Bwa-ha-ha! You had me laughing with the title alone!! Love the innuendo!

  21. satin

    when r u going to do one about gimp bear

  22. Bamith

    hehehe, seems evil found a way to use more overly useless toads… i spent da last 10sec checking cane toads, apprently they were used to kill pestering beetles, they sucked at it, spreaded, and now most people probably shoot em on sight in Australia since they poisen pets n’ people, also id just spit in evils eye then he would… actually i didnt check what da poisen did…

  23. £Ø§Ð

    Drunk looks TOO Happy. I think that that is Going to be Fixed soon. :p

  24. Bellistner

    and now most people probably shoot em on sight in Australia since they poisen pets n’ people,

    Actually, we traditionally play Cane Toad Golf (9-Irons preferred, as you can loft them over the fence and into the pool of that annoying neighbour), The RSPCA gets in a tizz every Summer, and suggests we kill the Humanely by putting them in a plastic bag in the freezer.
    Some people have enterprisingly launched CTs with a Potato Cannon.

    Ugly, useless little creatures.

  25. HyperDarkness

    This…will not end well. I forsee much hallucination-induced insanity.

  26. Evil2.0

    Numbah one, I love your frogs they are adorable, and the fact that they are cute make them a perfect thing to chuck and posion your friends

    2. I foresee hallucinations, pain, and a lot of Gay stuffins’ goin’ on.

    3. Will you be mad if Evil bear becomes a shirt?

  27. hehe

    I forsee evil spiking a batch of muffins and causing everyone to trip mad balls.

  28. Evil2.0

    Oh..what if Tanked accidentally spiked the muffins and all the bears go loopy !! :)

  29. Likeacupcake

    Dafrety, obviously you are not Australian. Over here they are considered a worse pest then the rabbit was, and if left unchecked there is a distinct possibility they would wipe out all native animals in Australia.
    And what the hell? Tanked went an entire frame without A) Stumbling
    B) Throwing up
    C) Drinking
    or D) preparing to do any of the above.
    … wonder how long he can keep it up =P

  30. Tusk

    Pity Evil didn’t have a golf club with him when he went to visit the cane toads. For all the Aussie’s out there that know what im talking bout ^_^

  31. Nerve-


  32. lol

    Tanked looks so cute there :D

  33. Wentil

    Hopefully Evil’s not planning on feeding the other bears that bufotoxin straight out of the toads… we’d very soon have an exhibit full of dead bears! (although maybe Death could do something about that!) :) On the other hand if he extracted just the bufotenin out of it, he’s going to have a lot of trippy bears. Not a tenth as bad as LSD but they’ll definitely be seeing weird things. :)

  34. Mef

    Small blooper: toads are not reptiles, they’re amphibians.

  35. Shoubi

    Nay, no blooper. Amphibians are usually always kept in reptile houses! I know they are here.

  36. Coffinshaker

    The look on that little frog in panel 2 is just priceless! Love it!

  37. budle

    ?You got it right, baby! :D

  38. BobisOnlyBob

    Is this building up to a non-punchline or what? XD

  39. Kitsunekage

    This will not end well…..

  40. Denoyelle

    Nuuuu not the littl’ froggies! ;3;

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