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March 29th, 2010

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One thing I always miss since I left home like a decade ago almost (omg so ooooolllldddd!) was baking.  I’d make stuff with my mom or sometimes on my own.  I found baking cookies or cakes from scratch greatly relaxing or engaging enough to work off a headache and not even notice.  Plus I love licking the bowl, the beaters, the mixing spoon, even more than eating the final product.  I still haven’t managed to buy many of the necessary baking accessories for my own house, nor do I have most of my mom’s recipes at my disposal. I’m looking forward to making cookies with my son someday, especially the ones you can use cookie cutters for :)

Oh and this arc will finally introduce a brand new character… and it’s a GIRL!


  1. Suzu

    xD I sense some Evil a foot.

  2. Likeacupcake

    It’ll be interesting to see how the bears react to a member of the female gender. Nerd… Gay… Tanked… I wonder what dysfunction she’ll have =P

  3. MrGiggles

    GOTH let the next 1 be GOTH XD GOTH BEAR LOL

  4. MrGiggles

    ooo i know… anemic bear

  5. Jirako

    a GIRL bear?! i wonder what name she will have ^-^
    HAHA i see Gay and this mystery bear being good friends =D he is cooking for her. B[ even my gay friends dun cook for me….

  6. Heart of Blades

    YOU!!! You tricked us! And I was so excited too! lol Oh well. I really like were this arc is going. Also, every time a new arc starts and Evil STILL has that ear tag, I laugh :D

  7. Namsab

    Ahahaha I was all ‘OMG girl bear yesyes’ and then I saw the vote incentive… but it only took me a few seconds of aww no until I was happy about the cutey again. Also the worrying about her figure is much more funny in context.

  8. Saddust

    Hmmmph I clicked the GIRL link, believing I would get a picture of this girl bear. Not sure they will fight for this one…

  9. Bosn_C_Otter

    A Girl Bear huh? How about Medapaws bear?

  10. Ad

    Evil, with an electric whisk in hand, looking at Tanked’s slobbering face… No good can come of this! :D

    And I’d been wondering when the new characters would appear. If she’s worried about her figure… Ah, it could be either one of the two from the original character panel! I’ll be curious to see how it all develops. Glad to see your imagination continuing on full thrust!

  11. Ketira

    I, too, vote for Goth Bear – Death shouldn’t be the only one wearing black/gray.
    At any rate, things are going to get *interesting*…. I can’t wait to see how this goes! XD

  12. admin

    Click the vote link for a preview guys, I never said the new girl was a bear! :D

  13. Lea

    That girl sure doesn’t look like she has to worry about her figure. Seriously, she’s in perfect shape. She could almost make me envious, if I were an elephant. … let me guess, she’s troubled by her looks, because she secretly (or openly) thinks she’s a bear? That would explain why Gay is baking for her in the first place. Hm.

  14. Bosn_C_Otter

    Hey, that girl bear is as fat as an Elephant!

  15. Ben

    Gay bear, you better take those beaters off of machine because evil is plotting again.

  16. TJ YZ

    Unmolested baking is the best!

  17. squeakybunny

    @admin: I expected something like this but didn’t think Gay would be the smitten one.

  18. Kaos

    Tank Vs. Evil. : D

  19. Glowworm

    Heh-nice trick–I was certain that it was going to be a bear–such as Slut bear or PMS bear–the doodles on your DA account.

    Also, Tanked calls beaters?Oh dear–I really hope Evil doesn’t turn them on!

  20. DetailBear

    Hope you and Mom can get together to bake. I treasure my Mom’s recipes.

  21. TikiCarol

    Gay Bear must be an elephant stuck in a bears body

  22. Crotalus

    Last panel = OH SHI…

  23. ...

    Oh god, this makes me really impatient for book three when you introduce Slutty and PMS in.

  24. Nixiey

    My favorite recipe is sugar cookies and it’s not that hard to do and its perfect for cookie cutters. I usually only put in only 1/2 cup of butter instead of a whole one.
    (1 egg, 1 cup sugar, 1tbsp vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1/2tsp salt, 2 cups flour, 1 or 1/2cup butter.)

    XD I make cookies so much I’ve memorized a dozen recipes.

  25. Evil2.0

    ….so is G saying that he has baked while being molested?… Wouldn’t that have been hard…wonder what he baked

    Or…is he refering to the time him Evil Lech and Nerd all did the group arm over other person thing to keep Prozack from going bonkers ( cuz I suspect since Evil shaved an E into Gay’s behind he could also have accidentaly groped Gay in the chaos of it all, just look at the angle of his arm >.> <..> just saying)

  26. Stryde

    The girls are PMS and Slutty, right? Oooh, I wonder which one. >3

  27. Maark30

    Maybe to a bear gay means interest in other species lol

  28. Theodore

    A girl? Which character is she? I couldn’t believe how she can live with Lech?

  29. Astragali

    I just hope the new girl’s name is Nellie :)

  30. Almo

    I can’t wait to see the new girl! :D I hope her and Gay get along

  31. Almo

    I hope she’s not pink

  32. Valancia Girl

    but why isn’t it a bear?

  33. machchunk

    There’s still a Morning Squirtz ad…*sigh*

  34. TikiCarol

    If you zoom your web page to 125% or 150% all the ads go off the viewable area. You’ll have a full screen of Bear Nuts! (you could do it under the view tab on most browsers)

  35. Nicole

    Heh…love Evil in panel 7–all disgruntled as if he’s being misunderstood. WE KNOW YOU, EVIL!!!

  36. Maark30

    I just love how so many people jump at the message without checking the preview

  37. Tehbob

    Tanked has the BEST FACE EVER on the last panel. I want it as a poster. But instead of beaters, can he be staring at beer? I’d so buy that

  38. Queen of The Ducks

    =D im sooo excited ive been waiting to see the girl bears

    ooooo cant wait till Friday!

  39. Kimo

    I was all confused when he was referring to she. WHO’S DA GAL-PAL I MUST KNOW

  40. admin

    @Ben: You’re gravatar is so cute!
    @DetailBear: Thank you, I feel the same.
    @…: Sorry, but it’ll be a bit of a wait!
    @Nixiey: Oh I love sugar cookies, and shortbread’s the next best. Thanks for the recipe!
    @Stryde: Shhhh! You’ll ruin the surprise for anyone who hasn’t seen my DA account :)
    @Almo: What’s wrong with pink? I am going for stereotypes and all :)
    @Valancia: Why does it have to be a bear? I want to draw other animals too (and I already have the girls’ arrivals planned)
    @machchunk: Sorry but the ad revenue is the only way this thing makes an income for me right now and that particular ad wasn’t as offensive as some I’ve blacklisted.
    @Tehbob: That’s certainly a possibility…
    @Queen of The Ducks: You’re going to be waiting for awhile, sorry! Check the vote incentive!
    @Kimo: Check the vote incentive :)

  41. HybirdZerro

    Gay Bear: Like Martha Stewart, only much, much better.

    Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  42. ...

    Yeah I figured, for now I’ll just be happy with the new Asian Elephant char… it’s an Asian elephant, right?

  43. Dreamless

    Ahaa….But molest when baking is fuuuun xD
    I cant wait to see the next pages and see the entering of the female. Im sure gay bear will be happy to have someone to share fashion tips with ;D

  44. Justin S.

    Why do i have the feeling its going to be prostitute bear.

  45. Tia O.

    I wonder if that girl bear
    was an *cough* emo,
    That’ll be cool for Death Bear^^


    Wait, was this supposed to be an early April Fool’s Joke?

  47. Kitsunekage

    lol, Gay’s afraid of being molested in the kitchen when he only lives with other male bears.

  48. Ayla

    “I agree that’s probably the best way to bake” made my morning. Ha.

  49. Ratapoil

    I think technically you shouldn’t use an electric whipper to mix muffin batter.

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