Page 160
April 2nd, 2010

Page 160

Our new character Madge the elephant will soon appear.  I’m having a blast starting to draw more of the other zoo animals, besides the crazy monkeys and snotty giraffes.

Obviously Gay isn’t the only bear to befriend her; Tanked (in his semi-sober state) can get along with most anyone, if they can get past the occasional incident of course.

Book two will also include some more carnivores, but you’ll have to speculate for now on who they might be (not the lions, not yet at least… they’re A-holes.)



    Was that female character thing from the last page supposed to be an early April fool’s joke?

  2. ...

    You need a forum so I can yell at the people who didn’t get the jok– I mean so we can discuss how great your comics are! :D

  3. SinisterTwist

    I love that even without Evil’s help, Tanked still managed to get his tongue trapped in the beater!

    I can’t wait for Madge to make a formal appearance!

  4. Bavette

    Of all people, it’s Gay who’d bring a Female into the bear’s lair? Lech is going to be his new best friend for life.

  5. Kamino Neko

    Nerd’s been around Gay way too much.

  6. Fen

    female bears!!

  7. Ketira

    Awwww…. and here I thought we were going to get a *female* goth bear, but this should be just as good!

  8. Nicole

    Guys…vote and you’ll see who the new character is!

    There is too much goodness in this one to list! :D …but I’ll try! LOVE: Evil demanding a muffing and huffily licking the spoon, Tanked’s mouth hanging open in panels 1-3 and his complete cuteness when he starts licking the beaters, Gay to Tanked’s rescue, and his giving of the spoon to Evil. All so great. :D

    I’ve also never mentioned this, but I just adore Tanked’s naturally curly hair. :)

  9. Heart of Blades

    LOL, Nerd said Divine! Well so far this is all going quite smoothly, Gay is managing to keep Evil under control, Tank has only suffered by his own silly hand and Evil is behaving best Evil can…..I get to felling it’s all going to hell in a couple more pages…..most likely Evil’s fault too, lol

  10. Bosn_C_Otter

    ok, what in the world is Evil up to? I thought he would slip the frog juice in the muffins but he couldn’t have because he is licking the spoon. Im with ST, leave to Tanked to still get his tongue tangled.

  11. Sora A.K.

    I love the chibis in panel 4!

    You know I’m still amused by the fact that Evil still has that tag on his ear. I wonder if he’ll ever take it off. Or is it stuck on, perhaps? *ponders*

  12. almo

    aw, I love how it’s obvious Evil wanted to turn the beaters on for Tanked, but really… Tanked didn’t need the help :D

  13. TJ YZ

    Gay is on it today

  14. TJ YZ

    XD He totally out moved Evil out of the kitchen

  15. Ren

    …Good call by Gay there, I could totally see Evil turning the whisker-thing on whilst Tank was licking it.
    Hi-larious. (As ever.)

  16. Loophole

    I imagine Nerd to be alike George Clooney’s character in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”. Not a know-it-all as such, but talking advanced and with a similar voice.

  17. WittyFoxman

    Hah…. was I the only one who though Tanked would accidentally turn the beater on has Gay not removed the beaters?

  18. Evil2.0

    This reminds me of when I bug my cooking friend for food…her brownies are to die for….or kill for, depends who’s holding the plate

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